5 Outfit Essentials for Spring Semester 2016

With Maryland’s unstable ever-changing weather conditions, it has become more difficult to figure out how to dress for class each morning. Checking the weather on your phone has not been very reliable and the view from your window can also be a bit deceiving when determining how cold it actually is outside.

I’ve created a list of five outfit essentials for this winter season to help students come up with the perfect outfit that will work for any weather throughout the day and avoid mid-day outfit changes.

  1. Quilted Coat/ Rain Coat

L.L. Bean Quilted Riding Jacket photo courtesy of L.L. Bean, Pintrest

Quilted coats are better suited for this unpredictable weather than wool coats because many are insulated which can help accommodate to both cold and warm conditions. They also protect against rain and snow unlike like wool coats, which soak up the water, take longer to dry, and can get damaged when wet. If you’re not into the look of a quilted coat, you can always go for any rain coat.

  1. Blanket Scarf
BP. Colorblock Blanket Scarf photo courtesy of Nordstrom.com

Scarves are always a good idea. Not only do these scarves act as a blanket, but they are also a stylish compliment to any simple outfit. If it starts to feel warmer throughout the day, you can easily take it off and continue on without changing your entire outfit. If you’re not into carrying a blanket-like scarf, you can always opt for a smaller version or even an infinity scarf.

  1. Boots
Hunter Boots, courtesy of Pintrest
Chelsea Boots, courtesy of Pintrest
Men’s winter boot, courtesy of Pintrest

Boots are essential for this mixed weather season when dealing with snow some days and rain on other days. Hunter rain boots, Dr. Martens or Chelsea boots all get the job done in protecting your feet from getting wet. They’re stylish, comfortable, and come in various colors for both men and women.

  1. Sweater
Women’s sweater, courtesy of Pintrest
Men’s sweater, courtesy of Pintrest

Sweaters are the safest go-to’s for this kind of unpredictable weather. You can go with a light sweater and jacket, or a chunky sweater and light jacket. No matter what you decide to wear, you will be comfortable and remain stylish at the same time.

  1. The Basics
Photo courtesy of Pintrest

The basics should not go overlooked during any type of winter season. They are essentials because of how perfect they are for layering. Basics include – a plain long and short sleeve shirt in multiple colors (or stripes), leggings/joggers, a simple cardigan, and anything else you can mix and match with! You can never go wrong with them.

Finding an outfit for this season does not have to be daunting, it’s fun to mix and match warm and cold weather pieces. With these essentials, you will be prepared to stay comfortable in any climate change.