5 Things to Do Around Campus This Valentine’s Day

For those on campus, single or not, and looking for something to do this weekend, do not worry because there is plenty to do to keep you occupied this Valentine’s Day. College Park has a variety of options and ideas all close by and less than expensive.

bowling picture
Picture courtesy: https://www.amf.com/location/amf-college-lanes/
  1. Bowling at the AMF College Park Lanes

Located just 1 mile north on Route 1, AMF offers $3 games, $3 shoes, and $3 PBRs (for those of age) available anytime after 6pm. This is a great activity to do with friends, or a significant other. It is also easily accessible by walking, or by bus.

ice rink pic
Picture courtesy: http://www.eya.com/
  1. Ice Skating:

With friends or a date, head over to the Herbert Wells Ice Rink located on Paint Branch parkway nearby the green line metro, College Park station. For those who cannot drive, the rink is also bus and metro accessible. It costs $3 for a student to ice skate, and only $2 for shoe rental. There are specific public times available to skate, so checkout the Herbert Wells Ice Rink for more information.

movies picture
Photo courtesy: http://hyattsvillelife.com/
  1. Go to the movies:

There are plenty of new movies coming into theaters this time of year! The Regal Cinemas in Hyattsville is right up the road. fairly new, the movie theater always offers student discounts on tickets.

wrestling gymnastics pic
Photo courtesy: @TerpsWrestling
  1. Beauty and the Beast – Maryland Gymnastics and Wrestling teams joint meet:

The Maryland Women’s Gymnastics team and the Men’s Wrestling team will be hosting a joint meet against Rutgers and a dual meet against George Mason. The event will be Sunday from 2:00pm to 4:00pm in the Xfinity Center, and admission is free. Both teams will be competing simultaneously against each other. You can check out UMTerps for more information.

route 1 pic
Photo courtesy: http://www.hercampus.com/school/maryland
  1. Dinner date:

There are a variety of restaurants all along Route 1 to satisfy any food cravings. Ranging from sushi, to Thai, to Italian, to plain old bar food. Whether you want to dine somewhere a little nicer, or just go grab a more casual bite to eat, College Park has a full assortment of restaurants available. Everything is in walk-able distance, but the bus is also available if you’re looking to go a little further off campus.