“American Horror Story: Roanoke” Fans Compare Season to 2016 Election, Voice Opinions on Twitter (Spoilers Ahead!)

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As American Horror Story is nearing the end of its sixth season, things have taken yet another turn in this week’s episode. The season started out as one of those true-story paranormal shows with reenactments, but now it has turned into a reality show; a mix between The Blair Witch Project and The Hunger Games. With only one more episode left in the season, this week’s episode, “Chapter 9”, drew various reactions from fans on Twitter. The show trended under the misspelled hashtag, #AHSRonoake, and fans were quick to relate the show to election night events from less than 24 hours earlier.

While some fans were not happy about the election results, they were ecstatic that Taissa Farmiga finally made an appearance in the season as a girl who was trying to go viral with her friends by going to the Roanoke house during the Blood Moon and live-streaming it. Farmiga’s character, Sophie, an avid fan of the Roanoke series, explained to her friends why the events in the show are so terrifying. “Racism is scary. Patriarchy is scary,” she said. These words certainly hit home with some of the viewers.

Unfortunately (SPOILER ALERT!), Sophie and her friends did not survive long, after Lee (Adina Porter) became The Butcher 2.0. Let’s just say there was disemboweling, impaling and burning at the stake involved, and it certainly wasn’t pretty. After the innocent youngsters met their demise, the only known survivors were Lee and Audrey (Sarah Paulson). Audrey, who saw what Lee had become, tried to kill her when the police came. When they saw her pulling out a gun, they shot her, leaving Lee as the sole survivor. Fans were less than pleased with this outcome.


Courtesy: Twitter
Courtesy: Twitter

This season of AHS has certainly been different from what fans are used to. The reality element has been a turnoff for some, seeing as it has included a great deal of handheld camera footage, which is not always the easiest thing to watch. Let’s not forget how audience members suffered from motion sickness when they saw The Blair Witch Project for the first time. Fans are also left wondering what will happen in the season finale now that Lee is the only main character who is still alive. One thing we do know is that Paulson is not gone for good –  she will be reprising her role as Lana Winters from American Horror Story: Asylum.

Roanoke has been an interesting ride, and even more so now that fans are comparing it to current events. Some fans have loved this season, and some have hated it, but they will have to see what the season finale delivers before they make their final judgements. It’s possible that Ryan Murphy and Co. could pull out one last slew of relevant topics for audience members to ponder, along with, of course, some more nightmare-inducing scenes.