Applaud Yourselves For Potentially Ruining Janay and Ray Rice’s Marriage (Opinion)


Can we talk?

I want to start this article by giving you a warning. Most of you who read this will not like or agree with my opinion.

Now since that is out of the way, let me say this: The conviction and sentencing of Ray Rice by social media, TMZ and ESPN was one of the most gruesome, horrifying debacles I have ever seen in my lifetime.

But you know what was worse? The excruciating pain that Janay Rice was forced to feel as she re-lived a low point in her relationship with the man she loves over and over and over again. It was a demoralizing, dreadful and despicable ordeal which we should all be ashamed of.


Obviously, without question, what Rice did inside of a casino elevator on that fateful February night was wrong. President Obama said it best when he said, “hitting a woman is not something a real man does.”

But since when did it become the public’s job to determine how a man and a woman’s private problems should be solved? Why do you think you have a right to be involved in Ray and Janay Rice’s marriage?

Many observers of the situation are furious with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell because he only dished out a 2-game suspension. While I agree that the suspension could’ve been longer, based on the facts at hand, a 2-game suspension was the only thing that made sense.


The NFL had previously never set a precedent for how long a player was supposed to be suspended after being involved with a domestic violence dispute (Since then, the league has instituted a 6-game ban for the first offense and a lifetime ban for the second offense).

The prosecutor in Rice’s case accepted him into an intervention program which would require him to seek counseling and clear him of his charges in six months. And to top it all off according to SI’s Peter King, Janay Rice pleaded with the commissioner in a “moving and apparently convincing case” that this was a “one-time event.”

If Rice’s prosecutor and his wife were satisfied that he understood how detrimental his actions were, isn’t that all that matters?

Ray Rice
Ray Rice

The public’s outrage towards Ray Rice reached its tipping point on Monday when video of Ray Rice knocking out his wife was released by TMZ. On Sunday September 7th before the video was leaked, Ray Rice knocked out his wife in an elevator just as on Monday September 8th after the video leaked, Ray Rice knocked out his wife in an elevator. None of the facts in the situation changed.

The only difference is that for the first time we saw what actually happened. My question to everyone who is outraged is if you’re so passionate about Ray Rice, who avoided trial and settled his differences with his wife; where is your passion about Greg Hardy, a Panthers defensive end who was FOUND GUILTY of assaulting his former girlfriend and threatened to KILL HER.

Ray and Janay Rice get a hug from Janay’s father

Where is your passion about Ray McDonald, a 49ers defensive lineman who was arrested and charged with felony domestic violence after allegedly beating up his pregnant fiancé? By the way, in McDonald’s case, this is the second time police have been involved in a domestic dispute between him and his fiancé.

But since we don’t have video of either incident, I guess they can stay in the league and continue to play without consequence. None of the analysts on television will call for them to be banned from the league because it’s not the trendy thing to do. How hypocritical and pathetic.

The most important question here though is as the public made Ray Rice a scapegoat for domestic violence, how many people thought of Janay Rice?

How many people thought that by continuously bringing up this subject you’re hurting Janay more than you’re helping? How many people realized that taking away Ray Rice’s income changes their financial situation, their ability to help and support their family and the dynamics of their marriage?

It’s sad that the public chose to ruin a man’s career because they were thinking with their hearts and not with their brains.

Of course what Ray Rice did was wrong and pathetic. Of course as a father, a brother or a son; you should be moved in some way after seeing that video because you would never want something like that to happen to a woman you love.

But the beauty of the United States of America is that everyone is treated fairly and given their due process. Once a punishment has been served, no matter what evidence is presented afterwards, that individual gets a second chance at proving that they are indeed a worthy and valuable citizen of society.

Before Chris Brown assaulted Rihanna, he was the happy-go-lucky music sensation that everyone loved. Afterwards, he become a villain of society and was never given the chance to move on from his mistakes. These two pictures, side-by-side, show the transformation Brown went through as societal pressures increased in his life.

Instead, everyone from social media to TMZ to ESPN etc. has demonized Ray Rice to the point that they’ve built a demon. Rice may have avoided jail but the public has trapped him in a prison of guilt which could forever result in a lifetime of bitterness and unhappiness. If you don’t believe me, just look at Chris Brown.

Once again I’ll ask, why do you think you have a right to be involved in Ray and Janay Rice’s marriage?

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  1. Hmmmm….depends on who your audience is for that question. Domestic violence is a topic most people never understand, & believe me the person who does is never a bad person in reality. However, if a man or woman can be able to repeat the same act especially within the same year who knows what he/she can do next. You know the term once a cheater always a cheater, well once an abuser always an abuser. Of course he’s going to try to avoid trial & try to work this out with his wife, & in the end the wife will be on his side. This is how he keeps her under his control. & since the wife loves him she will protect him, as long as he continues to sweeten her up.
    Do we have a right to be in their relationship, no we do not, but then again we didn’t ask them them to be in the public. As long as they are in the public, their relationship will be scrutinized. Did the other athletes deserve severe punishment? Maybe, but that’s dependent on each team.
    As for Janay, we are not the ones ruining their marriage. The fact that a man/woman can lay a hand on their spouse without consequences, the abused will never be safe. Things might seem okay now, but a couple of years down the road & the abused will be looking for a way out. So the question I have for you, what should have been done differently since you never stated that???

  2. Most people don’t have videos of them committing the abuse and that is what dug rices grave.

    He should know cameras are everywhere watching especially in a casino, pick and choose your battles.

  3. as far as i am concerned all players should get the same as ray and maybe you should get hit like janay and see if you feel the same way. they are all wrong for hitting woman period. the men are bigger and stronger. they can stop the women without striking them.

  4. Best got dam article/opinion and blog on this ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kudos to you. I need people to realize it isn’t like the NFL cares. As a couple of officials said they saw the tape before hand–all they care about is the image of the sport and sales.

  5. Kudos on your commentary and very true indeed. Unfortunately, because this particular story is and has been trending more than those other players and situations mentioned (except for Chris Brown) ppl in social media are giving their opinions. This Ray Rice story is every where – blogs, tv, coffee shops, and even sadly on an elementary school playground where I dropped my daughter this morning. With this story trending….everyone, everyone is giving their unsolicited opinion. It’s social media and it’s what we do. Your excellent commentary is no different. We are no so much so in their marriage, we are talking about what we’ve been shown in their relationship and how their actions have effected and affected their current marriage. Again giving our unsolicited opinions, supports, objections, and the like. If those other cases mentioned had as must media play as Ray Rice…because of a video or audio tape….I’m assuming the backlash would have been greater.
    Excellent commentary again. Thank you.

  6. I have a right to my opinion as you do yours. The NFL & Baltimore ravens made the decision. Domestic violence is a horrible concealed matter but you are bringing up the same things as you are accusing the public of. I believe when a man is paid to hit & be hit & gets paid millions he needs to be aware of his temper. It needs to stop somewhere where highly paid role models are forgiven publicly for crimes against humanity. Janay made her own decisions as did the Baltimore ravens & the Nfl. What about all the ppl that looked up to Ray? What about all the ppl Ray let down. People should be punished for threi crimes not by who they are.

  7. Who cares about their marriage being ruined? If they were satisfied with how things were why are they worried about what people say now. Also that video was released months ago so it’s nothing new. Ray Rice and his wife made poor decisions that was caught on camera which is enough proof to prove guilt in court. Also which angers me the most is you talking about how this will affect their financial situation and how they live…. Are you fuckin kidding me? Who cares about their financial situation her husband was PRIVELLEDGED to play a professional sport that he loves and get paid to do it. But let’s throw this into perspective every male who is a fan of the Ravens, Ray Rice, or the any team in the NFL what kind of negative message he is sending out there to our young men&boys who want to be like these men when they grow up. That’s what we need to be concerned about not Janay or Ray Rice they are adults made a mistake and now they have to live with it. They’ll be alright and she’s insane for marrying him after that incident. In my opinion nothing is more weak or low than to marry the man who struck you down disgusts me completely.

  8. Have YOU ever been a victim of domestic violence? Have YOU ever lived in fear that if you spoke out about what was happening and didn’t “forgive” your attacker that one day you wouldn’t wake up? None of the public lives inside the walls of the Rice home. I am sure you don’t either! Well guess what? Educate yourself about domestic violence! I was a victim for TWELVE years!!! My very own family had NO CLUE I was being abused! I sat at my sisters table EVERY Sunday for our weekly family meal with my attacker, in FEAR TO THE POINT I WAS SO SICK because I knew if anyone found out it would get worse. But I couldn’t leave. He made sure I had no financial way to leave him. Made sure he secluded me from my friends and tried to make me hate my family. Our son was three weeks old when he kicked me down a flight of steps and shattered bones in my face and it took my SIX YEAR OLD DAUGHTER begging me in the back of an ambulance “mommy please leave him, he’s going to kill you” to wake me up! But I lied to everyone including my daughter and said I tripped going down the stairs. You don’t know what is going on behind the scenes of the media portrayed Ray Rice, neither do we. It may very well have been an isolated incident. But he was looked up to by many young children, he was an idol and icon against bullying. If he gets away with it, these kids will think they can too! The children from this generations violent families are the next generations victims and abusers! All it takes it ONE time to end someone’s life, not just their career!

  9. I believe it is a bit of a stretch to say that the public ruined or may be ruining their marriage. (It implies that their marriage is based solely on Rice’s status and income as an NFL player.) I completely agree that the NFL, and many people are only reacting because there is video, but I believe that he should have been suspended in the first place. I am also, perhaps one of the few, that certainly believe that too many of our institutions protect abusers who commit acts of violence against women and express outrage every time.

    Regardless of what the public thinks though, that video is not what a healthy relationship looks like, and it’s hard to believe that it only happened once. I will not judge whether or not she should have married him, but if their marriage were to dissolve it certainly cannot solely be blamed on the NFL taking some kind of a stance on domestic violence. It is an unfortunate circumstance for them, but it is one that Ray Rice created.

    Also, let’s not pretend that this won’t turn into some kind of “redemption story,” more than a screw up, Americans love a come-back.

  10. Beautifully written and to the point. No one agrees with what he did but at the same time, no one deserves what the greedy media a-holes in every venue did and are still doing! The ravens suck, the NFL sucks…it is sad what this one incident created and even sadder what they did to save face. Granted he screwed up but the Ravens and the JFK made a mockery out of their own organization or lack of! Disgusting liars too! God help the a-hole thst sold them the tape…karma is a bitch!

  11. No one has the right to be involved in that situation…..but tell that to the media outlets who keep bringing it up! If it’s brought to the public, don’t be surprised by the reactions.

  12. In my opinion, Ray Rice choose to earn his income by convincing the public to pay to watch him perform. There are countless young men out there who would love to have his job, but he was selected. We who pay his salary absolutely have the right to control who we support. The NFL’s decision shows that we the public find his private behavior so offensive that we don’t want to support him with our dollars. If his marriage suffers,that is a private act and the choices of the two parties. Lots of marriages survive job loss. Whether his wife loved him for him or his money will be quickly revealed. If she were in it for the cash, she should leave him before he kills her. Money allowed him to think he could get away with hitting her. Rage will place her at greater risk. Now he understands that money and fame can not protect him from bad behavior any longer. If he chooses to continue to be violent, he does so knowingly and willingly and should suffer the full brunt of the law.

    [I argued that he should have been arrested and tried for his crimes when the first clip was shown months ago.]

    Karen M. Rozier, Harvard Kennedy School’1995

  13. When a prominent public figure carries out such an act of violence, the public will always comment. The public is not who ruined their relationship here, Mr. Rice can claim that responsibility all by himself. And in case you missed it, the NFL has given Ray the opportunity to re-apply and prove he is a valuable citizen of society.

  14. I think if the Ravens suspended ray for 6 games from the beginning…this would not have happened. For it was an insult to all women that a football player could get suspended for 6 games for smoking pot….and only 2 games for punching a women. Which led to the public outcry. The Raven’s doing damage control …..from the standing ovations…and asking NFL for light suspension ,for Ray, added fuel to the fire. The problem is with the Front Office of the Ravens…..for they threw Ray under the bus….along with us…the fans. By not doing the right thing from the beginning…for most fans would have been ok with a 6 games suspension….

  15. I actually agree with your opinion, which is you are full of garbage. You clearly state in paragraph 4 that a suspension is warranted, thus negating any claim that prosecuting Ray is a horrible debacle. You also indicate other more severe cases of domestic dispute by sports players and should receive the same outside interference(or whatever word you prefer to call it). Based upon how you claim domestic dispute is wrong, and how it is ok for Obama to say it is wrong, but not for social media, TMZ, and ESPN indicate you are not focused on doing something for improving the situation of domestic dispute. Please take this opportunity to reevaluate your position and effect a positive change towards domestic dispute and the individuals involved.

  16. Where does anyone think it’s ok to hit a woman. Ray’s incident had been all over the media since it happened. If there are other NFL players that have been involved in domestic abuse issues they should be banned from playing in the game as well. Who cares that he isn’t getting his millions. He went to college, he can go get a real job! Can’t he work for what most of us do? I have been abused before and money or no money isn’t going to change the fact that he will hit a woman again! Maybe his present wife maybe the next!

  17. He’s a public figure who did a terrible thing. Abuse of women is a major problem. Of course people are going to judge and be vocal about it. Its how we establish what’s acceptable as a society–discussion.

  18. Umm no – thought was given, to the fact what was initially presented was the outside of the elevator which made it seem a lot less damaging. The ease by which he swung on her was with comfort, that was not a first time blow that was a familiar path that his hand had traveled many times before. The kicking of her to get up like she was just anybody, no compassion for his wrong or care that the women “he loved” was out cold. Oh and by the way Yes I would like the NFL to do something about the other players I would like them to go back and get rid of Roethlisberger for his 2010 and 2008 actions but I bet that won’t happen either however it wasn’t the NFL that made the move it was the Raven’s organization that made the move and then the NFL swung back around to correct their move. Now if Vick can go to jail for not being on the property when dogs were harmed/killed and then given another chances. (cause from where I stand it would almost seem that animals are more valuable than women) I say Ray go get your counseling get your head together and come back and get back in the game. However to say this ruined their marriage then they got married for the wrong reason. Cause “Hello” they got married days after the event, you are in the lime light, either you have thick skin and you are the team you took vows to be – the two become one – and you ride or die together, through thick and thin, rich and poor, sickness and health. Or when the money and fame goes so does your so called friends, family and loved ones. I thought about her in two separate was 1) she swung at him too, my momma always told me don’t put your hands on anyone male or female unless you are prepared to protect yourself – every man wasn’t raised to be a gentlemen 2) she choose to still marry him days later so she a-choose to forgive him b-was use to it c-loved him more than herself d-all of the above 3) with all this being considered young up and coming athletes need to know that there will be kids like themselves watching TV and on social media just like they are who will see into their lives and no it’s not fair but if it’s the life you choose then know that it’s the ENTIRE LIFE YOU CHOOSE so govern yourselves accordingly (as they say in church). Sorry he’s the one that had to be the example but hopefully it will set a tone moving forward and if nothing else some of the rookies coming in wise up I will be happy. As to McDonald that was 9 days ago – wait for it! The other is in appeal however the actions on the field still boil down to the organization cause again the move that made the difference that stood up against domestic violence was by the Ravens. Now what I would like to see is him work through it and them invite him back after he has gone through counseling. However to let him play and get paid is like when you crasher mothers car at 16 then she goes out buys a new, let’s you drive and gives you gas money but says you can’t drive it for 2 weekends. That’s not punishment that’s vacation.

  19. Whether anyone cares to admit it or not it’s about jealousy! People don’t like that a person making millions playing a game has the temerity of being a human who gets pissed off beyond control. I would hope that I personally, knowing how difficult life is not being a super star, and suddenly being endowed with a multi-million dollar career, would show more appreciation and be able to check myself. Something of which Ray and apparently many other rich athletes are incapable.

  20. I don’t think any public figure (role models) should be able to sustain that role after something as horrific like domestic abuse is committed.

  21. First I would like to say they were not married at the time. The marriage was to lessen his punishment. The public has every right to involve themselves in these situations. Abused women often do defend their abusers. They are belittled for so long they start to believe they deserve it. No one can imagine someone they love hurting them this way so they rationalize the situation into something they did, even justifying the behavior. The public needs to stand up for victims that are not able to stand up for themselves. I am worried that Janay will continue to blame herself and also Ray will blame her for the lose of his career. I don’t care if the marriage survives, it was doomed from the beginning, I hope Janay survives the backlash.

  22. Double Jeopardy is a procedural defence that forbids a person from being tried on the same or similar charges following a acquittal

  23. The NFL , the media , the world … you all are wrong ..But one thing I’ve learned the people in this world live to take , brake, destroy and ruin the world and the few good people in it … I learned yesterday that the NFL is a joke , make a mistake and they ruin your life .. but it’s ok to abuse and kill dogs , it’s ok to drink and drive and kill a friend , it’s ok to be a 3 time felon , but it’s not ok to make a mistake … all I can say is Way to go NFL .. you’ve destroyed a mans life for a drunken mistake … and I got the pleasure of explaining to my son last night why it’s wrong to make a mistake but it’s totally ok to torture abuse fight and kill dogs … Great fucking Job ..

  24. If she stays with him she stays with him. The relationship is their business. Arguing for him to be kicked off the team or out of the NFL is not the same as wrecking their marriage. There’s nothing wrong with not wanting him on the team after what he did. I’d rather him not be playing, just as I would rather McDonald and Hardy not to be playing. As a Ravens fan, how would I cheer for my team when it also means cheering on Ray Rice, a man who knocked his fiancee unconscious?

    As for ruining his career and leaving his family in financial duress? Please, that is offensive that you even suggest that. Sure, they might not be able to live a $4 million dollar a year lifestyle, but I am sure they can find jobs somewhere, just as most American citizens can. THAT is one of the risks of being a public figure, whether a professional athlete or a teacher, one should try his/her best to be a role model, because they are always in the public eye, and their actions outside of work can effect their work. They all know this when they are hired.

  25. Thank you for being such a rare reporter. I appreciate knowing that someone in the reporting industry wants to offer your hand and not point the finger.

  26. The fallout from all of the media attention has to be difficult for them. I have compassion in that regard.

    But do note that beating ANYONE, including your spouse is a crime.

    And when you commit a crime, there is often employment consequences. We live in the land of employment at-will; companies can fire you if your character tarnishes their brand.

    Though I am sorry the couple is experiencing this, I will not share the responsibility. Ray and Janay are the sole reason for the incident, and it’s consequences.

  27. A couple of things. Firstly no it is not all that matters. This mans job makes him a public figure, meaning children will look to him at a role model. By allowing this man to get off what does it say to those young men growing up, or the future women who are hit by those men?

    Secondly there are media reporters calling for the banning of the other 2. the problem is it is much harder to become passionate about it when you cannot see it actually happen, or there is a question as to if it happened or not. In this case there is no question that it happened.

    As for Janay, she should have known that by getting involved with a public figure there is more going on in their lives than just themselves. You cannot expect to have all the good that comes from fame without any of the negatives.

    Lastly, who cares about their income in this case. You should not hold back on punishing someone for their actions, especially this inappropriate of actions, just because they will lose their income. If you cannot do the time, dont do the crime.

  28. These opinions just are using common sense. Almost Any employer can fire an employee of they are failing to represent their company in a manner they approve. Public outrage to violence did not get Ray Rice fired. His actions did. Actions have consequences. He could have complied with court orders and his wife still leave him or that hotel refuse to service him again or whatever. Those would be consequences to his actions. The public does get outraged but contrary to your belief they don’t have a lot of control over what is done in the nfl. The bosses and owners and sponsors do. I’m still outraged to see Ben R playing with the Steelers after what was alleged that he did but I as part of the public have no say in him keeping his job just as the public had no say in Ray losing his job. His poor wife you say? Well sometimes when we do bad things those we love get hurt. That’s also in Ray. This world needs to realize this very important fact that we can’t keep blaming others for our failures and the fall out that comes with it.

  29. Don’t make your boss look bad, Ray Rice hurt the Ravens brand and the NFL brand, making them both look bad. Period. The amount of money the NFL, and teams, spends in advertising, marketing, outreach etc. to help the brand image, and then you have some nobody (in the grand scheme of things) cause a PR issue like this? This isn’t about domestic violence. This isn’t about their marriage etc. etc. Nobody really cares about that. This is about a guy who in two blows, cost himself, his former team and his league millions of dollars. She made herself part of the story when she took center stage at the press conference. Sorry, but you don’t get to go public when you think it will help, then cry foul and “invasion of privacy” when it suits your needs. He gone.

  30. I don’t think this article is looking at both sides of the issue. I believe that this issue should be brought to light whether or not the person is famous. Hitting someone during a fight is never the answer. Yes the public is butting in on the relationship, but that is what happens when you are famous. Your life is out in the open for everyone to see and of course people are going to be angry/mad/outraged about what happened. Most people don’t believe that hitting your partner is a good life choice in any form. The general public should have a right in this persons well-being if it is caught on video and shown to the world.
    Would you still have this much compassion for the person if they weren’t famous and it was some random woman and man? Probably not. Your whole issue is that he is being shamed out in the open. He should feel guilty about what happened. He should be noticed by the public for this wrong actions.
    I personally have not forgot what Chris Brown did (the example that you provided). I still don’t support him or listen to his music. He has done nothing in my opinion that makes me believe that he has changed. I still think that what he did is terrible and tragic.
    Yes it is terrible that his wife has to relive this event that happened, but so do other victims of abuse…especially if they stay with the person abusing them. It changes the way that society looks at her: The helpless victim or “she deserves it if she stays.” I’m not saying that either opinion is right, but you seriously need to consider the whole issue not just the fact that this video came out and not that the internet is taking to public shaming. It’s about the disgust that most people would have against a person who beats up another person. I’m sure the same outrage would be present if it was two men, two women, or if a child was involved.
    Yes the public butts into things, but that is how society and culture change.

  31. I don’t follow the lives of sports players. And the little stuff that does make it to the surface with these NFL and NBA players…isn’t a good look. As far as I’m concerned….any NFL player that has committed domestic violence should be suspended, PERIOD. His family doesn’t have to suffer. If they really “love” each other like they are saying, than he can get a job and so can she just like regular people and live. You don’t have to be a millionaire to enjoy life. Both of them need to grow up and learn that sh*t not sweet! Assaulting anyone can have drastic results….as to which, now they know!

  32. I agree wholeheartedly. This is a young man who made a big mistake and; unfortunately, people are rallying at his demise instead of having mercy and forgiving him. We all need forgiveness and none of us are without sin. God bless Ray Rice; he will rise above this like the champion he is. He needs our prayers not our judging.

  33. Oh sure, it’s a one-time event…until the second one happens. For all we know, she’s probably terrified of leaving him. No, you sir are doing more harm than good by sending the message that once is apparently okay and that we shouldn’t hold professional athletes to a higher standard of conduct.

  34. Wait a minute here, what about all of the women who suffer from domestic abuse, who time, and time again ask for help, and never receive it, until it’s too late for them. Just because he is a famous football player, does NOT exclude him for feeling the raft of what he did to a women !!! That is the problem in this world !! Why does the man only get a slap of the wrist for beating up a women. She is the one that chose to marry him anyway, with what he did, if he does it again, and which most women abusers do, then who is she going to blame then ??

  35. interesting view point but still wrong. He’s the one who gave the public the right to determine his fate when he chose to take an employment opportunity that made him a public figure. Beating the shit out of his wife is what will “potentially ruin his marriage” not the public’s backlash and opinions.

    • I totally agree with everyone’s opinion here. When are we as human beings , going to finally make a last stand against ALL domestic violence., no matter who you are, or how much money you make, or who you work for. The NFL is just another corporation, like any of the other corporations, who only care about lining their own pockets with more money, and they do NOT care who they hurt to receive that money. It is no one Else’s fought, but theirs, if the marriage doesn’t last., and who the hell cares if he looses his millions, because of his own actions. Let them get real jobs, like the rest of us poor folks. If they REALLY love each other, then the money won’t make any difference anyway. They will still have each other, as long as he never lays a hand in anger on her, ever again, but, once a abuser, always a abuser !!! Just stating facts here folks.

  36. Outstanding article anyone working a normal thankless job would not have been fired if they did this why should he

    • No they wouldn’t have because I know police officers who beat their wives and they are still on the job… Still able to redeem themselves and earn a living… The only reason this is made a big deal because Rice is a football player… I don’t think a man should beat a woman but I don’t think the NFL should have more power over this than the law… Mr Rice had his day in court and a sentence was handed down… He and his wife should be left to mend their lives as they see fit… And something else people don’t like to talk about on the tape… His wife landed the first punch and just before she was knocked out she was on the attack… But go watch it again… Just like men shouldn’t hit women; women shouldn’t hit men…

  37. This is silly. You don’t understand business. The NFL is business. Its bad business for them to be associated with and endorse a domestically violent man. So, although they should have sought out proof earlier, once they had the proof they did what they needed to do for business. If they’re smart the Rice family will find a way to put food on the table out of this situation. Its unfortunate, but that’s the way it goes when you’re a public figure. What you do in a public elevator that’s recorded affects how you get paid. Janay knew the pros and cons of that when she chose this man. I feel very sorry for her, but we as the public don’t deserve scorning over it. Sometimes things just are what they are. What this is, is sad. That’s all.

    • Wait, what about the football player on the pits burg team who RAPED2 woman and beat 2. ? Yep that different, ray was convicted 1 and found quilty 4x. That is bs. Have to say he has rights and as a woman if someone treated me like this we would be back in quart with a law suit

    • You’re missing the point man. It’s not fair to single out one person when their are other players in the league who have committed the same action towards their spouse. If their going to ban him, might as well ban the rest of the criminals in the league.

    • My take on the situation it happened and both Ray and Janay seem to be equally responsible. Punching were coming from both of them in all directions. I lived through domestic violence but you can’t expect a man to stop when the woman keeps going, not like he could walk away from her in an elevator.

  38. You’re right, the public did hurt her. She’s gonna lose out on all that football money she married him for… shame on us.

  39. this is easily the dumbest shit i’ve read all day. you sound like you are a victim of domestic violence yourself….

  40. I’m assuming the person writing this has not been the victim of domestic violence. I was, for many years. Being punched out, yep. Bones broken, yep again. Tortured and terrorized for years with zero help, no family, no friends, no organization willing to deal with the complete psycho who was my husband. It was only when I stopped being afraid of dying. I decided one day I’d rather die than live one more day with him. I feel it is society’s job to scream NO!! to this. It’s not ok. To normal ppl, what he did, hitting her, was deplorable. But in my opinion, his actions after….He was ice cold, nothing. No shock, no oh crap, what did I do, nothing. Drug her around like a bag of trash. But right now I’m more disgusted by Mrs. Ray Rice. Abused women want to leave, they often can’t for a lot of the reasons I mentioned, and believe me, no one wants you at their house when your husband keeps showing up threatening to kill everyone. They’ll put you out fast. She’s not in that position. She can leave. He’s a public figure. She could be safe. I can only imagine it has to do with money, bc coming from a place of former abuse, she is not exhibiting any normal signs of a woman afraid of her husband. I’m just confused at this point.

    • I agree. Most children are taught fundamental values that there are consequences to all your actions. Abuse is abuse and when a person viciously hits another & then almost remorselessly watches them pull themselves back together after getting knocked out there are consequences. Some say that the public Shouldn’t be involved but this was done in public, on cameras and based on the video people witnessed the after effects. It’s unfortunate to that this family will ultimately suffer, however, every decision lends a result. For Mr. & Mrs. Rice poor decision making ended his career and will forever alter the course of their family.

    • You have been very courageous to speak your truth. Thank you and we do as a society need to stand up and say this is not acceptable ways of treating each other, not turn a blind eye that this is personal in a marriage between two people. They made their marriage public in an elevator ~ there was no love in that video. That is the only thing they have private in their marriage now, their true motives for being together. We must stand up in society on behalf of all women who are abused and controlled and say in collective consciousness, this is not acceptable. This gives power to the seeming powerless that they do have a choice as you say to get away from a twisted reality of love which is simply pity….

  41. Everyone has an opinion. Unfortunately we hold celebs and politicians, etc to a different standard and we shouldn’t. However, Ray Rice and his wife made this public as they engaged in the horrible behavior in public. I feel what Rice did was horrible and could have been handled differently. Pushing or a slap may would have been better if she wouldn’t stop going after him. But punching. Wow! But what Janay was doing was bad as well. Women should stop putting their hands on men and expecting that man “to be a man” and not hit her back. Society is wrong for that. Regardless of them whom unfortunately I do not feel sorry for. I feel sorry for the innocent child that will have to endure the ramifications of their actions for years to come. This is a legal issue not a NFL issue. He should be allowed to play.

  42. Well I’m clapping because the tape got out for a reason and his wife need to be herd and set this issue straight so it won’t be so judgmental if anyone feel as though the world bringing Ray Rice down but what if that was your daughter……..

  43. I must say i agree with you 100%… it is sad that in the eye of public opinion that his wife now has to re live this and view this. That his daughter has to deal with this to. One thing Ray Rice said in a press conference ” his daughter no matter what can go to Google and type his name and see this tragic episode. Why are we so quick to destroy the life of people that are not us. He was wrong and he should have to deal with what he did. But how do you after 6 months give him a penalty then come back and say no i am sorry that was not good enough because we have new evidence we are going to throw the book at you know. If i was Ray Rice and his wife I would Sue TMZ and the NFL>.

  44. My roommate also brought a good point to my attention. Much of the use of this publicity has been to advertise to raise funding for these so called research funding. house of ruth campaigns. The court knew what happened as well as the nfl. This video didn’t change what happened that day. It only puts a visual. All people make mistakes and the publicity over this one is insane. The marketing for funding to organizations using this to boost contributions is sickening. and the fans who have been giving away their jerseys and dropping their support of a great athlete should be embarrassed.

  45. The obvious fact is it WAS CAUGHT on tape. Chris Brown as well as the other NFL players had and WILL pay dues for what they did. Ray McDonald hasn’t been charged YET and that’s still alleged so you can’t even comment on that. If you’re a public figure EXPECT the media aftermath. I dunno…how bout you don’t knock out your woman? He’s just sorry he got caught and she married him so she wouldn’t have to testify the TRUTH about his character. Now he lost it all and people want to feel sorry for them. She needs counseling and he needs anger management clearly.

  46. She sounds like a typical abused and the article sounds like an enabler. Ignore it and don’t pay attention and let it go away because god forbid this guy gets held accountable for what he did. Hardy and McDonald as of right now are accusations regardless of what is being said that is how the rice situation was treated which is why he was suspended 2 games. Thanks to the video and the public outcry he was suspended even longer. If she is embarrassed and hurt by it then she should have never married him after the incident. Most people that are abused don’t realize what they got themselves into and that’s what it sounds like with her. So it may not be my right to tell him how to live but its my opinion, just like your article.

  47. hope whoever wrote this has a daughter who gets popped like she did and then lets see your tempered reaction idiot !!

    • I completely agree! The comments on here are simply BAFFLING me!

      Are people really saying “Why is he getting persecuted like it’s his second offense?” I dare someone to tell that to me if someone hit my daughter. He knocked out his wife. If everyone person that got caught beating up another person had their hands cut off, I bet there wouldn’t be first offenses. All I can think of is that Ray Rice is lying in the grave he dug himself. ‘it was caught on camera’ doesn’t change what he did. Other people didn’t get in trouble is insignificant. He knocked his wife out. I don’t think we need to cry injustice for any reason by comparing it to other cruel humans. I do feel for his family and the media circus that surrounds them, but I’m not sure how accurate “If Rice’s prosecutor and his wife were satisfied that he understood how detrimental his actions were, isn’t that all that matters?” is……This statement almost passes off domestic violence as a one time get out of jail free card. I certainly don’t want this attitude to be rubbed off on the easily impressionable population of society. I wonder about the families that are victims of domestic violence watching the news and Ray Rice getting off on a two game suspension and wonder if they too agree that domestic violence is something to be tsk tsked about.

  48. Your entire article is utterly ridiculous!!! Are u serious?! Allow me to say this…every single person you mentioned deserves to be fired from their jobs! When you’re paid the amount of money that they are paid the public eye and opinion does matter! They are paid to behave!!! As silly as it sounds it’s true. After watching the video it was reminiscent of an episode of SVU or any ID channel murder show! If that gentleman wasn’t outside of the elevator he would’ve dragged her to the vehicle and did God knows what! What truly bothers me is how indifferent everyone wants to be. No one ever wants to get involved unless it happens to someone close to them and that is true cowardice! Ray Rice actually spit in her face and i couldn’t care less how hard she hit him! He gets hit by men weighing 250plus pounds on a regular basis! Her “tap” didn’t hurt enough for him to not only put his hands on her but knock her out!!! Then you have the audacity to say we should feel bad because he might not be able to provide for his family?! Shouldn’t he have thought about that before he knocked her out?! As I stated before money and fame has a price and it’s called the public eye so anyone who has accomplished both prepare to be scrutinized and punished for these kind of acts!

  49. When I watch the video I don’t see an aggressor I see a reactor. He continually backed himself in a corner.
    He shouldn’t have done it
    It was fucked up
    But do I think he should be hung for that no
    Should he have criminal liabilities yes, as should she

    Now as far as the public role model bs
    I am from the mentality that my kids shouldn’t follow a celebrity
    It’s MY job as a parent to teach them how to be a good person
    It’s my job to guide them
    It’s my job to instill morals
    It’s my job to shape their character

  50. Nearly any company on earth would fire you if video surfaced of you punching your wife/gf/fiance in the face and knocking her out. No matter when it came out, no matter if they “thought” you did it before, and reprimanded you. 100% evidence = 100% fired.

    There’s no way around it. Don’t want to get fired, don’t punch a much weaker person in the face EVER…let alone on camera.

    The fact that you excuse the end punishment with “Well now they don’t have money and a financial leg for their family” is a sick way of looking at it.

    You don’t assault a loved one…guess what???!…you still have a job. Hopefully she leaves him, if she’s a gold digger….and/or….if he is still physically (or verbally) abusive.

    Money and financial stability doesn’t EVER make up for physical abuse. It blows my mind anyone would try to excuse it. He should have been terminated the first time…it took too long for them to realize it.

    In fact, it is sad he wasn’t let go the day the evidence came out without that new video.

  51. We you watch a 300 pound man hold your mother against the wall with his hand around her throat as he is punching her in the face, then you might think a little differently. I think he deserves all the pain and suffering that he receives….and then some. And that’s all I have to say about that.

  52. Ah thoughts nostalgic of Clarence & Anita the high tech lynching or Mike Tyson on the Barbara Walters interview or even Michael Jackson interview with Brasher. Those were the good old days!

  53. No one is to blame except Ray Rice. His actions caused this, no one else’s. End of story! Yes, Janay may be embarrassed, but at the end of the day, what is wrong is wrong. Do we have the right to be involved in their marriage? No. But how many women who’ve experience domestic violence are currently still with the man who beat them? Too many! As in adult, we are told to make our choices wisely and deal with the consequences. That’s what he needs to do. A lifetime ban from the league may be extreme, but when someone is bringing a lot of negative attention to the business, why would you keep them employed? That goes for the National Football League to the family owned corner store. You act up in public, don’t be surprised when the public speaks out.

  54. Let me start by saying you were right when you said that people would not agree with what you said. Because I do not agree. I am a school teacher. You have no idea how many of my students have told me they want to grow up and be like different professional athletes. (Like Ray Rice). I can only hope that now they aspire to be more. There is no way you could pay me to watch that woman beater play football. He made a mistake, and he needs to pay for it. Forever. No man should ever hit a woman. Period. And I am glad this video came out because it gave viewers a real glimpse at what he did to “the woman he loves”. It showed him as a monster-anyone who hits a woman is a monster. You mentioned being concerned about his family’s financial status. ARE YOU SERIOUS? I think he had made plenty of money and should be fine. I have children in my class that are only able to eat when they are in school. At home there is no food. I wonder what happens in the summer when there is no school? How do they eat? Who is worrying about them? Maybe all that money that professional athletes are paid should be put to better use. So no I do not care about what his financial status is. Perhaps he will have to work a 9-5 (like most Americans) and learn what the struggle really is. And lastly…no I am not concerned about his wife and how she feels about the video leaking. She should be reminded of what he did to her, and maybe she will realize she never should have married him after that! And coming from experience, you never forget when something like that happens to you. She will be reminded every day when she looks at her husband what he did to her. And she willing chose to stay with him. So i have no pity for her. The NFL influences so many children and young adults, and what kind of message would we be sending if a simple suspension was all that came of this? Unfortunately something like this had to happen for rules and guidelines to be established when it comes to domestic violence. It’s too bad it took this long for someone to think about this issue.

  55. and????? I dont see your point? His actions were caught on tape for the whole world to see, he was penalized and their extravagant lifestyle was taken away. Don’t act like savages towards someone you love and you wont get ridiculed by ppl in the media. I don’t see what the big deal is that he lost his spot in the NFL? These men are suppose to be athletes that young boys look up to, especially those from broken homes because of abuse. Those men don’t deserve to be on a pedestal for young men to imitate when we already have so much violence and abuse in the schools and on the streets. Boo-hoo that the money has been taken from him and his family, now he may have to work another job that is more fitting for an idiot like himself.

  56. I totally agree. What happened was terrible, but it is between the two of them and they are working towards making sure it will never happen again. I do not in anyway condone what Ray did, I believe he should have been suspended longer than 2 games, he has also had his day in court and received his sentence, but I do not feel his career should have been ruined. They are making an example out of this young man and letting other NFL players off the hook. This has affected not just Ray, but his whole family. They should sue TMZ.

  57. Seriously!!! WTH!! I grew up in a violent abusive house, watched my own mother continuously forgive and not only live in it herself but pure shame & fear kept her from getting the Hell out! When she finally cried for help due to her own covering up for years there was no help available from those who should had been pulling her away! Why is it so difficult to see this women acted out of fear & shame possibly because he threatened her!! He deserves his punishment & she needs help!! Women are screaming for help and the ass hole men get all the forgiveness!!

  58. First let me ask Jessie, are you married or ever been in a relationship? Next you must think it is ok for a man to hit a woman although you state in this article it’s wrong–really? I feel no sympathy for Ray Rice or Janay– if a man hits a woman it’s just not a one time thing; it’s been an on going thing! Janay — money–super star football player. There are no words for your comments except you better seek help!

    • Clearly, you did not get the point. This whole incident is riddled with hypocrisy and double standards. With the NFL, we are talking, not about a group of cub scouts, but a group of men, a lot of whom have a long history of violence towards women and others, a lot of whom have habits and affiliations they shouldn’t. Why is it just now that we are seeing actual sanctions in place for behavior that has always been and never stopped being unacceptable?

      With this incident, we are not talking about a woman just walking with her man minding her own business before getting sucker-punched. We are talking about a couple who had been engaged in an altercation, with a woman who was caught on tape hitting and charging at a man she should have known not to. She also admitted to SPITTING in his face, something very few people, let alone men, could walk away from. Am I saying, is anyone saying, he was justified? Absolutely not. But am I saying that both parties were wrong and both should have kept their hands to themselves? Yes.

      There are people right now commenting on this and expressing outrage over this incident who thought that the whole Solange and jay-z thing was funny, and would have called him a punk if he had pressed charges. A woman can beat on and assault a man and get a fistbump, but a man caught on tape hitting a woman who married him after the fact gets legal and public judgement, losing his career to boot??? Tell me you don’t see the big time double standard at this.

      People who are in a normal loving, relationship need to keep their hands to themselves. PERIOD. Not “but especially if you’re a man/celebrity/athlete/role model/happen to be caught on camera”!!!

  59. First of all no one is involved in their marriage. When you are a celebrity and you are out in public and you hit your wife then you have involved everybody around you. You were at a casino where there is cameras EVERYWHERE and you are fighting and fussing, what do you expect? Then you at like it was nothing. When the Chis Brown and Rihanna situation happened, everybody wanted to burn his CD’s and support Rihanna. Nobody wanted to forgive him but they did and he even paid for it. Now I am not saying that he should be suspended indefinite, but it should be a more lengthly sentence. What is making me upset is that she is acting like what happen was not serious. Yes, I would hate to have to keep reliving he moment but at the same time he should be punished for his mistake and recover from it.

  60. No one outside his marriage ruined his marriage. They can stay together until Hell freezes over if they choose to….more power to ’em…..BUT he’s a public figure in the entertainmment business (sports IS entertainment) employed by a corporation that has a public image to maintain. He’s catching crap because there’s a video of him coldcocking his wife and the NFL didn’t want to look like they condoned it. We didn’t screw up his marriage….such as it is…..HE did. Gimme a break.

  61. “But since when did it become the public’s job to determine how a man and a woman’s private problems should be solved? Why do you think you have a right to be involved in Ray and Janay Rice’s marriage?”

    Because it took place in a public building!

  62. First of all Ray Rice is being demonized by the media because he is just that, a demon. Domestic violence and abuse are deep-seeded issues that do not resolve over-night. He knocked her out and dragged her out of that elevator like she was nothing. This act of violence is a representation of someone who is evidently mentally disturbed and it is not something that was created in that 5-minutes taping. This is a symptom of a bigger problem that’s already been making way into existence for a long time. The cliche that once an abuser always an abuser, isn’t put to use for no apparent reason.

    Second of all, most people who are caught committing domestic violence will lose their title of employment. If it were me, you, or the average Joe, we would be going to jail and become unemployed.

    Third, other NFL cases of domestic violence are irrelevant to this one. These are totally separate cases and just because one got off with little media attention or consequences, doesn’t constitute a similar punishment for Ray Rice. They all should’ve been jailed and expelled from the NFL.

    Finally, HE is the one who has brought the scrutiny from the media upon him. Of course it’s being glorified. That is the medias fault. Blame them.

    It’s unfortunate that the attention is making it more difficult for Janay to cope with the situation and mend her marriage. It’s unfortunate that she has to see countless replays of the incident, but she did marry someone with fame and what is MORE unfortunate is that she’s setting a horrible example as to what is acceptable treatment by a man for millions of women. This is not the example women should lead by. Ray Rice is merely a representation of her lack of self-worth and self-respect. I hope one day she says herself more deserving.

  63. I understand where you are coming from, and I think the video should not have been made public. But the problem is, this goes way beyond two people. First of all, domestic violence is a serious issue that is still a major problem. Whether or not this is the first time, I can already see the vicious cycle of domestic abuse taking affect in their relationship. ( As to why this has garnered so much attention (2 reasons), I think it is because of our society’s recent trend towards gender equality in the media. People are beginning to take note of just how poorly women are still being treated. Also, Ray Rice is a public figure. It’s just more of a hot issue, I’m sorry. But along with that, more people look up to Rice. With great power comes great responsibility. Too many people (including several NFL players, as you mentioned), fail to pay the price for their actions, and this truly is a horrible crime. Janay and Ray’s marriage stopped being private the moment Ray hit her. Men must realize that this problem is ONLY solved when they realize, like a child, that what they did is wrong. Why are we involved in their marriage? Because we want to stop domestic violence. Oh, and by the way, I’m a college aged guy who loves football.

  64. I agree with you 100%. TMZ is just a glorified National Enquirer and they don’t care how they ruin a person(s) life. If I were Ray and Janay I would sue them. I will continue to pray for Ray, Janay and Rayven.

  65. this is the most uneducated article that I have ever read. I am not sure how I even got to this website, but I will never waste my time reading another document of yours again.

    Thank you.

  66. Mother of Yeardley Love urges students not to ignore signs of abusive relationships

    Looking back, almost four years to the day Yeardley Love’s former boyfriend killed her at the University of Virginia, it is clear to Sharon Love that her daughter was in an abusive relationship.

    Because sometimes letting abusive relationships “work themselves out” hardly ever ends positive.

  67. Why do “I” have a right to voice an opinion on this??? Because I am a part of society, and as a society and culture, we get to decide what constitutes reasonable behavior and what is criminal behavior. Because yes, he received pre-trial adjudication to a counseling program, but how many “regular Joes” would get the same deferential treatment. Because you see, we do NOT in fact have an equal “due process of Law”, but rather a tiered system that greatly advantages the rich and the famous and the connected, and I for one want to move away from that type of system so that everyone is afforded EQUAL protection under the Law. And just to be clear, the public did not ruin his career, and the victim did not ruin his career, Ray Rice did that all on his own. I am a big fan of second chances, and I believe that America is somewhat justifiably famous for “second acts”… BUT, that does not mean there are not consequences for your “first act”, and sometimes those consequences are severe, especially if you are not a rich and famous pro football star.

  68. So you def have a few good points, but I would like to take the time to point out a few things myself. First, Ray & Janay’s situation became a public matter when Ray Rice struck her in a public place. In result, everyone had a chance to see WHAT took place (somewhat), before Sunday.

    Secondly, the up-roar of the 2 game suspension was more about the contrast in discipline against someone who was suspended an entire season for Marijuana (Josh Gordon). So the perception the NFL gave out was, Smoking dope is far worse then domestic abuse.

    Third, in the case of Ray McDonald and Greg Hardy. What they did is equally as bad; there is no justification.
    But their also wasn’t video footage of them taking course in those actions. Yes, the crimes are the same. But a visual hits more then someones words. Hearing something and seeing something is two different things; it sends a different level of emotion. For the ones who lived through 9/11, what we saw will NEVER resonant with people who are just hearing about it, as much as the ones who live it.

    Finally, majority of women who are being abused, fear the abuser. Just look at the trend #WhyIStayed and it gives you insight to what women go through! Janay could be a person who is in denial about her situation.

    PS: And look at that video again, Ray Rice doesn’t seem to be in a state of shock, there’s no panic. He’s calm, almost as if he had done it before. Jaynay’s statement following the incident, was an apology for HER actions. Wait, since when does a victim apologizes for their role?

    But hey, you have your opinion and I have mines. But by no means is my aunts murder by her abuser in any way affecting my thinking…I’m lying…it is

  69. Why should we be more concerned about this than his wife? if she isn’t worried then why should we be worried.

  70. You ask when does it become a public issue? When the crime is committed in public! A crime is a crime…this wasn’t a marital spat! If your next door neighbor was physically abusing their child in the privacy of their own home and you knew about it, would you keep quiet and continue to let it happen? Be real! He is a public figure and should be held publicly accountable. He chose this public career so deal with the fallout. And you must have your head in the sand if you think this is a “one time event”.

  71. Ray Rice needed to go. No man should ever hit a woman. 2nd, Ray Rice was an employee of an organization whose revenue is dependent on public dollars. If Ravens fans decided to stop going to the games and buying the merchandise that would be the end of the team. Fans were going to boycott the team if he had stayed. Ray’s income is dependent on the public. Therefore the public has every right to voice their opinion when it comes this issue because they’re spending the money that enables the team to be sustained. Therefore the Ravens made the right moral and business decision.

  72. It is sad that this has happen to HER..But what would u say if she did not get not get off the floor and she was not with us anymore NOW.. Or if it was a men.. He would be in jail for that…But I think people are mad that he WAS getting away with this.. But it is sad that the public has changed that for him…He should get what the league rules say now ( 6 games)..But if anything they all need to get some counseling and help..and pray for them all …but he is a public figure always will be looked at as a role model.. and there are other jobs where you would lose your job if you did this…

  73. I agree with you, and I applaude you! And everyone here is forgetting their daughter. It is possible that is is a one time event, some people learn from their mistakes, but double and triple jeopardy has occured here, and I agree with the person that said if this is his first offense why is he being treated like it is his second?

    • The “Home of the Free” affords us the right to speak on anything we wish whether you like it or not. Check your Constitution. Now, as you said, that that’s out of the way, let me address why the NFL was absolutely within its rights to terminate Ray Rice’s contract and why they should have….

      NFL Personal Conduct Policy

      All persons associated with the NFL are required to avoid “conduct detrimental to the integrity of and public confidence in the National Football League.” This requirement applies to players, coaches, other team employees, owners, game officials and all others privileged to work in the National Football League.

      For many years, it has been well understood that rules promoting lawful, ethical, and responsible conduct serve the interests of the League, its players, and fans. Illegal or irresponsible conduct does more than simply tarnish the offender. It puts innocent people at risk, sullies the reputation of others involved in the game, and undermines public respect and support for the NFL.

      While criminal activity is clearly outside the scope of permissible conduct, and persons who engage in criminal activity will be subject to discipline, the standard of conduct for persons employed in the NFL is considerably higher. It is not enough simply to avoid being found guilty of a crime. Instead, as an employee of the NFL or a member club, you are held to a higher standard and expected to conduct yourself in a way that is responsible, promotes the values upon which the League is based, and is lawful. Persons who fail to live up to this standard of conduct are guilty of conduct detrimental and subject to discipline, even where the conduct itself does not result in conviction of a crime. Discipline may be imposed in any of the following circumstances:

      Criminal offenses including, but not limited to, those involving:
      The use or threat of violence; domestic violence and other forms of partner abuse; theft and other property crimes; sex offenses; obstruction or resisting arrest; disorderly conduct; fraud; racketeering; and money laundering;
      Criminal offenses relating to steroids and prohibited substances, or substances of abuse;

      Violent or threatening behavior among employees, whether in or outside the workplace;

      Possession of a gun or other weapon in any workplace setting, including but not limited to stadiums, team facilities, training camp, locker rooms, team planes, buses, parking lots, etc., or unlawful possession of a weapon outside of the workplace;

      Conduct that imposes inherent danger to the safety and well being of another person; and

      Conduct that undermines or puts at risk the integrity and reputation of the NFL, NFL clubs, or NFL players.

      • With that being said, why is Ray Rice alone being criticized & ostracized while his peers..current NFL players..who have been charged with the same offense, not suffering any consequences?

      • No one–including the author of this post–is disputing that the Ravens or the NFL acted hastily by releasing him and lengthening his suspension. Their hands were forced. There was too much pressure from the media and the millions of armchair judges out there. The real culprits are all of the sanctimonious, grandstanding Puritans out there who’ve never seen an act of wrongdoing without agitating for a “throw the book at ’em” type reaction because their pasts are so pristine.


  74. U MAD BRO: Cause I am. All these other NFL players taking drugs, drinking , fighting. I’m keeping my ray rice shirt. I don’t condone fighting, but she did hit and jumped in his face. He should have gotten maybe another 4-6 game suspension but cut. C’mon. Another team would and wish they could take him. As a person from a domestic violence family , he has taking all the right steps to better himself. If this was something that was going on for years, where are the people lining up to get paid and tell these horrible stories about their violent relationship. They said this was a one time incident. It is not fair for him to be the new domestic violence policy “.Test Dummy ” and the policy should go for DUI, drug abuse as well.

  75. Oh you silly, misguided author. The reality is (as many other people have mentioned) not only should Ray Rice be fired and sent to jail, but so should Floyd Mayweather, Ben Roethlisberger, and every other rapist or wife beater on a professional sports team. You blame the media? Maybe point your vitriol at the cult of celebrity that puts these pieces of shit on a pedestal and allows them to earn millions of dollars while conducting themselves like common criminals. The lack of accountability or personal responsibility these people display is repugnant, and people like you Dear Author, who are so quick to forgive abusers and thugs, and think that this kind of behavior should be private, even when it’s done in public, are part of the problem – not the solution. Shame on you.

    • I forgive because I’ve been forgiven…….by the big guy upstairs. It’s ok if we’re all mad at the situation I understand. But we shouldn’t be mad for our own selfish reasons in wanting to promote awareness for domestic violence. We should be mad for Janay who is the victim. And if the victim isn’t mad, then we have no reason to be as mad either. I’m sure if the lowest point of your relationship was shown publicly, you wouldn’t be looked at in a positive light either.

      • Sorry but your “if the victim isn’t mad than we shouldn’t be mad either” just doesn’t wash. Anyone who knows anything about domestic violence knows that the person who has been abused often have been conditioned that the abuse is their own fault. They tend to side with their abuser and don’t want charges pressed. This is a standard pattern with abuse victims.

      • No cause I am not perfect nor have I ever knocked a child out of mine nor anyone else but what does that have to do with anything?? Sin comes in different forms so are you saying it’s ok that he did this and because she stood up for him in the media that it’s ok? what is she teaching her daughter?? I have three and I be damn if someone would get away with that with any of mine. Don’t matter if it’s once, twice or 50 times it is NOT ok…

    • Totally agree… If he didn’t punch her in public and “publicize” his abuse himself, the public wouldn’t be all up in the business…

  76. Are people really saying “Why is he getting persecuted like it’s his second offense?” I dare someone to tell that to me if someone hit my daughter. He knocked out his wife. If everyone person that got caught beating up another person had their hands cut off, I bet there wouldn’t be first offenses. All I can think of is that Ray Rice is lying in the grave he dug himself. ‘it was caught on camera’ doesn’t change what he did. Other people didn’t get in trouble is insignificant. He knocked his wife out. I don’t think we need to cry injustice for any reason by comparing it to other cruel humans. I do feel for his family and the media circus that surrounds them, but I’m not sure how accurate “If Rice’s prosecutor and his wife were satisfied that he understood how detrimental his actions were, isn’t that all that matters?” is……This statement almost passes off domestic violence as a one time get out of jail free card. I certainly don’t want this attitude to be rubbed off on the easily impressionable population of society. I wonder about the families that are victims of domestic violence watching the news and Ray Rice getting off on a two game suspension and wonder if they too agree that domestic violence is something to be tsk tsked about.

    • How many people out here would want to see their daughter or mother beat like this?? Knocked out, dragged on the floor and he acted as though she was a piece of meat or shit! I’m sorry but I don’t give a damn about Ray Rice and his wife is a fool as far as I am concerned she needs HELP with self esteem plus would he want someone hitting his baby girl I doubt it very seriously!! On top of all of that he could have killed her then what???? I have been beat before and it does not feel good and I guarantee you I would never stick up for any man hitting a woman. He knocked her out cold and dragged her. He needs his hand chopped off. I commend the NFL get all of these punks outta the limelight and send these fools to JAIL damn abusers aint shit!!!

    • Thank you. From a women who was conditioned to believe it was her fault, Thank you. I am so afraid that all of the comments regarding Janay are going to reinforce victims of domestic violence thoughts that they provoke it and they are at fault. It’s a frightening cycle that many people do not understand. A man abuses you, the man that is suppose to love you, the man that you love. Then tells you how much he regrets it, that he will never do it again, that if you hadn’t provoked him he would never have done it in the first place. Then the honeymoon comes – your in love, he is extra nice, things are going to be fine. Until they are not and it happens all over again. And you begin to blame yourself for provoking. You believe what they tell you. So many of these comments are perpetuating that belief. How many women will now stay longer?

      Even if it is his first offense as people like to say, what happens the second? He kills her? not saying it would be intentional but the man is a professional athlete in his prime physical shape. One more punch could be the end. RR is a professional athlete paid massive amounts of money. He is a role model and he gets paid a lot of money for that as do all of the other professional athletes. They should be fired for doing anything immoral. Caught on tape or not. The reality of it is – If a teacher was found guilty of domestic violence, they would lose their job. If a police officer beat his wife and was found guilty, they would lose their job. They get paid shit compared to a professional athlete. Why shouldn’t someone who is so highly rewarded for their profession and seen as a role model for our children experience the same punishments?

  77. No, what I thought about was I hope TMZ helped Janay Rice get into a safe place before they leaked this video and Ray Rice blames her for everything and decides to end her life. Because that’s where unchecked abuse ends, in the morgue.

    • Please shut the hell up, people like you is the reason why this world is full of hypocrits and judgemental ass hole. You hope TMZ helped her hide becasue he would kill her, shut the fuck up please. ?

    • You are damn right Lotso!! and I hope we don’t read later that he KILLED her. I know a couple women that didn’t make it out of an abusive situation as well as I know a couple that are scarred for life physically and mentally. It just aint cool for no man to hit a woman nor visa versa a woman to hit a man either that is dangerous! we have one Mom and Dad we can’t raise grown people.

  78. What gives is the right is that when you sign the contract, accept millions of dollars and step onto the field and walk proudly into the spot light, you paint the target on your own back to be judged in the court of public opinion. If you don’t wanna be judged step out of the lime light or at least don’t do anything to dishonor yourself in public. Don’t enjoy the spotlight when you want it but compline when you don’t. I would tell Ray Rice to be a real man and suck it up but as President Obama said, Real Men don’t hit women so I guess Ray Rice can deal with that he brought on himself AGAIN!!!

    • When an athlete decides to become pro and make millions of dollars, they are “knowingly” stepping into a public arena. If they wanted this “issue” to be kept “private”, then they should have considered that before being a public figure in a public place and doing something immensely stupid. Just another reason why athletes, actors/actresses, and musicians should NEVER be role models. Otherwise our children think this behavior is “normal” and “acceptable”.

  79. So you’re suggesting there should be no consequence for one’s actions, as long as its kept private? Tell that to the police that kill unarmed civilians. There was a time, not very long ago, when a man and woman like Ray, Janay, and/or Chris could be hung with no trial no jury, and the law was satisfied if no one was punished. Jim Crow laws made it legal to do a lot of things that were not deemed unacceptable until “the public outrage” forced those laws to change. What is the difference between suggesting the public be satisfied with what the legal system (and the NFL) prescribed for Rice and suggesting the public be satisfied with the Ferguson shooting, or any other case of civil rights violation?

  80. It’s absurd to allow a punk the means to remain a punk !

    A two or even 6 game sit out can in now way afford him any real life problems feeding his wife or his kids. Let’s get for real.

    If you hit your wife. You should be beaten.

    He should not in anyway shape or form be allowed to remain as a public figure that kids should look up to.

    He proved himself with his actions. You can have all the words to you want. Arrange them as clever as you want as in this bleeding heart article. But this guy shouldn’t be able to sell shoes after a display to someone he loves so much and has kids with. Or anyone else for that matter. This little cry out is nothing but an attempt to brain wash it’s readers into thinking it’s ok.

    • Abuse is abuse. They were abusing each other. She got up in his face he push her back. She came again and spit in his face. Where I come from spitting in the face is knock out time. Does it make it right? They both went to counseling and a perhaps still attending. He was suspended and I believed had to pay a fine. Public opinion if it is going to play a role in this, should be consistent. Yes he is a public figure, yes he is a role model for our youth. But so is John P Que citizen. He or she who is abusive with their partner and have children. They set an example for their children. Do they loose their jobs. Come on folks, stop the name calling and if you are going to address abuse be consistent with both the male and female abuser. We are not therapist and do not know the therapist’s assessment of both their actions. Abusers establish a pattern and the abuse presents a certain behavior which both a trained therapist can recognize. Let us leave the diagnosis and the treatment to the professionals and not a blog, face book or twitter. They are human beings.

      • Are you insinuating that women have the right to abuse men because they’re women? If you truly mean that, then it really is easy to believe you’d be dim witted enough to read too far into the statement that someone who beats their spouse should be beaten. Regardless of the wording, the objective here is that people who carry out such actions deserve to be punished, without any attention to be paid to race, gender, financial background, etc. To say that only men should be punished for domestic abuse is exactly the kind of gung-ho, feminazi malarky that exacerbates the entire issue of domestic violence. That being said, our country is founded on the principle of due process, and it is a nationwide belief and right that someone should not be tried twice for the same crime. It is hypocritical as well as unconstitutional to continue to chastise a man who has already received a verdict as well as taken measures to atone for his wrongdoings. The most disgusting part of these circumstances is that the general public, who had a full understanding of what went on in that elevator, chose not to address the matter until it was right before their eyes. Nothing changed. Ray Rice did not unravel the fabric of space and time to return to that elevator and beat his fiancée just so TMZ could release footage. So before you call him a monster, why don’t you look in the mirror?

  81. 99% of the people voicing their opinion think Janay should throw the bum out. I would agree. She should have done it months ago. But, it’s none of my business. It’s her business and the authorities business. This case is closed until he hits here again or injures their child. Most people in social media want the government out of their lives. Well, I think everyone on social media should stay out of Ray and Janay’s life. Let them move on, albeit with great difficulty. We all have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That’s what America is about. That’s what Janay wants for herself and her child, even if you disagree with her motives and actions. Did you forget this when you posted your opinion?

  82. Such a shame.I’m disgusted im society.Blaming the media for running a marriage, you say? That fight should say enough about their marriage. Point blank, the guys does not just get paid to be a footballplayer but someone a business can promote.You sure as hell won’t say anything if your boss fires the guy who he saw knock his wife out in public.Its a business.If they’re marriage doesnt work out it because they couldn’t make it work.They agreed to marry each other.Not the media

  83. Everyone that agrees with this article is stuck on two kinds of stupid! We are the ONLY race that embraces trash and all its trashiness and be proud of it! All of y’all AND the Riches earn the gold plated Turd of the Year Award!

  84. The most gruesome, horrifying debacle you have ever seen in your lifetime? Seriously? Seeing children dying of starvation, mass murders of babies, Hurricane Katrina, Just two days ago a mother killed her two babies with plastic bags. The man is a multi millionaire. Please don’t play the violin for him. And start watching something else besides ESPN. Horrifying and gruesome things are happening everyday in this country.

    • I think we are losing all our senses of humor ; how do we appreciate good deeds from bad deeds? For example Solange and JZ , she hit him several time but he never react or touch her back…Now one should wonder why the media did not pick up on the JZ beating or why some big societies did not come up with some kind of appreciations to uplift good conduct in our society? that would have been a better lesson to our kid…not so?
      On this other side , it seems that we are so hypocritycal and pathetic and cannot make good judgement at all….
      OUr kids must not only know the bad fruits of deeds but also the good fruits of good deeds.

  85. Absolute disgrace!! Nothing redeeming about his actions or apology! Her views of love are so distorted….she needs help! She is sending a horrific message to young women. How could anyone be defending his actions??? Our youth looked up to him. So disturbing!!

    • No one is redeeming his actions. I thought the author made that clear. Who are you to say what her love is? Who are you to say that she needs help? The message she sends to women is a fantastic one. Instead of running away, you work to fix your problems. That’s a powerful message.

      • That’s the type of thinking that keep many women in abusive relationships. I’ve seen it first hand and it’s ridiculous. She stood by her man as he kept knocking her to the floor. Just wonderful!

    • Hey T I could not have said it better! I don’t want to see this a-hole again he is a poor excuse for a man and she is a sorry woman that needs help. I feel for her daughter.

  86. It’s no ones place to be involved in their marriage. She made a choice and however their lives play out she need to deal with it, as does he. HOWEVER the NFL is not required to employ a player AKA role model for our children who has been shown in the media all over the country not only being a piece of crap fiancé, role model, and person; but BREAKING THE LAW. It is under THEIR disgression that they let people be one of the faces for their business. I for one can’t blame them for not choosing to let a domestic abuser be the face of their business or a role model for their children and the children of this country.
    Do I believe it’s fair that he is punished while those who did similar if not worse things get off easier due to a lack of video evidence being leaked? No. Those who have done the same or similar should be punished equally. But that does not excuse his actions.
    Their marriage is their business. And by agreeing with the NFL’s decision to terminate his contract I (and I’m sure I speak for many others) do not intend to judge or try to hurt that marriage. However, I do not fault, but applaud, the NFL’s decision to protect the image of their business and football as a general rule by standing up against this kind I behavior.
    The two are not the same. And Rice knew when he signed with the NFL that he had an image to uphold, if he didn’t than he was a fool. He failed to uphold that image. He must pay the consequences.

    • Absolutely. But they made it the media’s business when he hit her in a public place! He made it the media’s business when those 5 to 6 people gathered around her until she came too from being knocked out! He made it the media’s business when HE became an NFL player and I’m glad cause this is the stuff we don’t want our daughters to get involved in for I have 3 and I hope the hell I never find out if a man knocks my daughter out God help him and I mean that shit. God forbid if a man knocks me out as well he better hope I don’t ever wake up!! I have been there done that and like I said yeah I have a personal think about men that hit woman. Please it was an ugly sight. I don’t care about what the hell happened he knocked her OUT cold….

  87. I absolutely disagree, he may have dealt with his LEGAL issues, but that doesn’t mean he gets a second chance with the people. That just means he doesn’t go to jail for aggravated assault like most people would if they had this kind of evidence for a domestic dispute. He didn’t even have time to fume, he simply struck her down. This guy is huge, she is tiny. Did you notice her head slamming into the wall of the elevator? He hit her so hard she bounced of the steel wall. The law gave him a second chance but that doesn’t mean we have to accept him back like nothing happened, and surly not glorify him as an NFL star. They were right to cut him, he should have thought about that before he did this, it is a consequence most felons face. Oh and this is our business because he brought it into PUBLIC, this was not an at home, private domestic issue. He knocked out a woman in cold rage completely nonchalant. Society does not consider his actions something you can just forgive, he needs to earn it back. He should apologize to fans, his wife, his team every man in this country for representing us so poorly. Then maybe society will give him respect, until then he keeps his freedom and due process has been fulfilled. Doesn’t mean the rest of us have to be quiet about how we feel, just as you in this article have shared how you feel.

  88. Wow, very nice and honest article. Glad someone can take a step back and look at this whole debacle pragmatically rather than emotionally.
    The only thing I would add/change about this article is that technically Ray didn’t knock out his fiancee, or at least we don’t know for sure. The rail that she hit her head on is what knocked her out. I think that’s a big difference considering all the facts (they were both tipsy and she motioned towards his face right before the 2nd hit). Although Ray’s hits were horribly wrong, excessive and uncalled for, I wonder how the whole situation would’ve played out had she not hit her head.

    • You must be a damn fool!!! the rail jumped up and hit her head really??? He socked her and she bounced off the rail!! You sound like a damn fool or retarded. He socked her and then she hit the rail. I have nothing else to say to you but goodnight…

  89. I’m glad to see both men and women sharing their thoughts even though it’s not popular because we appear to “looking the other way” for Ray’s actions. The point is, nobody should: yell at, hit, spit or disrespect another person! The NFL suspended Ray even though he wasn’t even convicted by the court! They also handed him his punishment. Then after viewing the video he get’s a new punishment (double jeopardy) by the NFL. More crushing is, he and his WIFE JANAY get socially, financially, emotionally, and publicly crucified. Well, the last person crucified that I know of, was hung on a cross by a bunch of hypocritical socially accepting sinners. Sounds familiar!!!

    • Are you seriously trying to compare ray rice to Jesus? Did someone punch you in the head before you decided to write that comment???

  90. Same ole….same ole thing I have been reading all along. Well I am or was a huge fan of Ray Rice….but after the very first video of him dragging her out of the elevator (which obviously with his brute strength) he could have at least picked her up after what he did to her. Second…..the NFL made a mistake in the beginning as with all players with criminal activity. They SHOULD HAVE A CODE OF CONDUCT AND BE HELD TO MUCH HIGHER STANDARDS!!! ALL OF THEM!!! They are all looked up to by many many children. Especially with his Anti Bullying campaign. I am a shamed and disappointed being a Ravens fan and a huge fan of his. This is a mistake and he needs help with aggression as well as Janay. They should not be allowed to profit in anyway after this. I speak of all celebrities and athletes. I mean Paula Dean lost her show and livelihood after she admitted she made racial slurs many years ago…..apologized…..and still lost her livelihood. Many people everyday make those kind of slurs unfortunately but she is a public figure and paid the price with bad publicity and loss of money.
    All should be punished accordingly period!!!!!!

  91. I wonder how many would be taking his side if it were their daughter, sister, or mother. He put himself out there as a public figure. He did not mind the fame when it was making him money, but now it is none of the public’s busy. I have 2 daughters and the last thing I want to teach them is if he only hits you once it is ok. Is that once a day, once week, once a month or once a year..

  92. I feel its no ones business this happened in Feb and a month later they were married. She didn’t call the cops nothing so why care more than she does. Yes there are women being beat everyday and like in most situations nothing will change unless the victim decides on their own that they are tired and don’t want to be beat anymore so leave it be. until she is calling out for help nothing is going to change and no I don’t think its fair that he lost his job when there are other celebs that has done the same or far worse with no repercussions take beyonce sister for example was she not beating on jay z what was her punishment both were caught on tape and both were wrong for putting their hands on another but hey I guess its ok for a woman to hit a man.

    • NO it is not ok for anyone to hit man or woman but it is the public’s business now they are public figures. True personally naw not our business personally but it is horrible to see the shit!! He is a big ass male hitting that woman regardless if she perpetuated it or not he knocked her out and will do it again trust that crap!! Leopards don’t change their spots now he bout to be broke too??? this fool married this asshole now it’s really going to be on and cracking right upside her head next time may be fatal!!

  93. Victim? How the hell is she a victim?! Am I the only one who’s pointing out the fact she was ENGAGED when this happened and now she’s MARRIED (present day) to the man who did this to her? Victim my ass! One thing… $$$$

    • Sarah now you sound silly!! She is a victimn of Violence what does $$ have to do with it ?? She can’t take that with her if she dies!! what is your point??

    • That is such a ridiculous statement….she was attacking him but she is still a VICTIM OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE just cause she married him does not mean she is not a victim. There are so many women who are victims of this crime who cannot or will not get out due to fear or other reasons as stupid love or children (which they do have a child)…..I am not saying it is right she stay with him but I am saying people that stay with a person that does that to them have many emotional problems such as low self esteem and think they do not deserve better. She was absolutely at fault for going at him….and it may be money she wants…but nobody deserves what she got PERIOD

  94. We should be involved in their marriage because this example of domestic violence can help save another woman’s life who is living in an abusive relationship. It is Janay Rices choice to stay, agreed. But what message does this tell all other young girls? If you have children , a girl, sister or even your mother how would you feel? You can’t say media is ruining her marriage when RAY RICE ruined the marriage with his actions.

    When you are a public figure , hate to say it but your life is no longer private in this society. To whom much is given much is expected.

  95. I would like to say, where we as the public should be doing right now, is listening to Janay. She married Ray AFTER this incident. I hope that she puts out a statement or something to the public. We need to be giving her our prayers and support. As a woman, in her position, I would want this to go away. She has already told us she intends to stay with him by marrying him. Let their counselors be the ones to aid their marriage. That isn’t our place. Thousands of domestic violence cases come up in America every year. They are just as guilty as Ray is. People just seem to be putting all their frustration on Ray Rice. Personally, I do hope he gets a second chance. But this suspension may be good for him. He will get time to work on his marriage and to figure out his life and his choices. Maybe he’ll become a better man. At the end of the day, we have all done something that we wouldn’t want on camera. Ray deserved to be punished, and he has. Now leave him alone so that they can repair their marriage. Give them a chance. Think of their baby and their marriage.

  96. The problem isn’t if we should get into what happens in Janay and Ray”s marriage. The problem is that everyone, including the NFL, colluded in keeping this video a secret. Secondly, Rice is not the first nor the last man to commit domestic abuse, but he is in the spotlight. I understand all the arguments against this, but isn’t domestic violence the same in every case? Also, Rice’s situation is different, he is paid by the Baltimore Ravens and in turn the NFL, who expect their players to act differently based on the fact that their paychecks are written by endorsements and the ownership. However, I do not believe his contract deserved to be terminated. He should have gotten an indefinite ban when the entire ordeal began. His contract with the Ravens should not have been affected. His standing in the league, including his indefinite suspension is another subject altogether. Look, Rice committed a heinous crime that many other NFL players are guilty of, that doesn’t mean that because they were let off easily he should be too. It is a problem within the NFL and should be handled accordingly. Your argument is solely based on the invasion of privacy of the Rice matrimony, and comparing it to Hardy and McDonald you are completely missing the point. Yes, the incident was exactly the same before the video as it was after it. Yes, Rice is being used as a scapegoat for domestic abuse in America and the NFL. Yes, it is wrong for the media to pick on them. However, you are basically saying that because Ray Rice was not found guilty, he should be free to assault any woman he chooses, especially his wife. Just because it’s his business and no one should interfere if the woman refuses to press charges. This is the negligent and apathetic attitude that keeps domestic abuse alive in the USA. Of course McDonald and Hardy deserve severe punishment, but that does not diminish the seriousness and importance of Rice’s involvement in the discussion against domestic abuse in the NFL and America. Rice is guilty, no matter if his fiance says so or not. The NFL is guilty, because they are lying through their teeth saying they never saw the video before, as well as for handing out a two game suspension, which was a complete joke. Lastly, we are as guilty as anyone else for making it a headline story. If it weren’t for the fact that the suspect in question is an NFL superstar who helped the Ravens win the Superbowl two years ago, he would have been placed behind bars as soon as the conflict arose. I (we) cannot expect Janay Rice to act rationally when her entire life is turned upside down and her livelihood is at stake. I do not blame her at all. I will not say anything remotely close to what Stephen A. Smith said about “the elements of provocation.” Yes, she hit him first, but are we really supposed to take her slap on the chest as an excuse for Rice to launch a hefty left hook at his fiancee? Lastly, many people ask, “why did she marry him afterward?” Would you marry an NFL superstar player that made you a millionaire? Would you just let that opportunity go? If you answered no, you are either very brave and independent or you are full of shit. If you answered yes, then you are propagating domestic violence as an excuse for providing such luxuries as economic stability and a lavish lifestyle. Either way everyone loses, as is the case with this situation. The Rice family, the NFL, the fans, and the American public. This is not an easy situation; however, everyone that played a role in it screwed up.

  97. You are missing the point. It’s not all about Janey. It’s about a job he had that has consequences for breaking rules. It’s about women who should never be assaulted, physically or verbally. Ever. Period. On a personal level however, your point is valid, but that isn’t the issue. We all hope they do well and move on, and those of us who have forgiveness in our hearts will stay on his side – on a personal level.

    • Exactly Dana……the point is he is a public figure and kids look up to him and he promotes anti bullying ….am I wrong or isn’t what he did abuse/bullying…..he is much stronger than her. Restrain a woman you love who is out of control or punching you. With his strength he is lucky she is not dead

  98. Am I wrong or did she not hit him? She was the aggressor. What he did was not right but If you hit me you are gonna get a beat down.

    • Lol Valerie yeah she probably did hit him but obviously she did not shoot, stab, crush, or knock him out!! People say he is a big man I’m not familiar with this punk but I do know when she hit him(and I feel she should not have hit him either) he should maybe pick her up and sit her somewhere I have seen real men restrain women when they are upset. I feel she should not have hit him either though she did he knocked her Out Cold!! then dragged her…. girlfriend that aint cool.

      • Thank you I have said this all along….he is strong…not big as in tall but he is a freaking football player….he could have at least picked her up and carried her out of the elevator instead of dragging her unconscious body out of the elevator. Yes he reacted from her attacking her…he could have restrained her in a small elevator or at least picked her up after the so called “mistake punch in the face”

  99. “The conviction and sentencing of Ray Rice by social media, TMZ and ESPN was one of the most gruesome, horrifying debacles I have ever seen in my lifetime.” Not afraid of ridiculous hyperbole it seems…

    The marriage between Ray and Janay Rice is none of our business, you’re exactly right, but the release of the tape had nothing to do with their marriage it was a crime being committed that up until that point Ray Rice was not punished enough for.

    That moving testimony from Janay Rice also had Ray Rice in attendance in front of the commissioner, you do not put victim and perp in the same room and expect truthful testimony.

    Ray Rice has made millions of dollars already playing a in a league that is a privilege to play in. If he comes back that’s fine, but if he doesn’t then oh well.

    Name one Fortune 500 company that would not fire you after being involved in something like this….to act as if the NFL would be any different is not reality.

    The marriage is none of our business, but that doesn’t change the need for consequences. If Ray Rice didn’t care about all the goodwill he built up over his career and how he threw it away, then why should anyone else?

  100. The most ridiculous piece of “journalism” I’ve seen on this topic. The author says, “It’s sad that the public chose to ruin a man’s career because they were thinking with their hearts and not with their brains.” So much for individual responsibility. The ‘public’ is not responsible, Ray Rice is. The public would not have had much to say had Rice not made the individual decision to PUNCH HIS WIFE SO HARD HER HEAD SLAMMED AGAINST THE WALL AND SHE WAS LEFT UNCONSCIOUS. The author’s argument is so ill-conceived one must wonder if it was written more to get a reaction and website traffic than to represent her views. There are always consequences beyond what the justice system offers.

    If the author feels so strongly that we should be as outraged at other domestic abusers, where is her outrage at an ex-con being unable to find a job as soon as he checks “Yes” to the “Have you ever been convicted…” question on a job application?

    Cherry picking, sensationalistic ‘journalism.’ Congratulations, you got a lot of people reading and sharing this post. Then again, so does grumpy cat and Miley Cyrus twerking.

  101. Thank you. You have said what I’ve been saying. Did anyone see the rail in the elevator that she hit her head on that knocked her out? He hit her one time, how does that equal a beat down. As a woman who has felt with domestic violence I think its a shame they are trying to paint him as the face for domestic violence when we clearly see he hits her and she hits her head. I’m in no way backing this guy but the truth is just the truth. I’ve been knocked out for real from a hit. Its just not setting well with me for this guy to now be the face of it when this is nothing compared to what real battered wives go through. No one thought of Janay. I’m so sick of this silly world thinking they have the right to ruin peoples lives for a good story. All the people commenting are probably abusers. The ones with the disgust are usually the ones abusing their family members. I think he is a horrible guy to hit her and to drag her but I’m not about placing the title abuser on someone from this case.

  102. Instead of worrying about Janay’s finances, we should be worried about if one day she’s going to end up beat to death. It wasn’t a slap in a face, this man knocked her unconscious and dragged her out of an elevator. What if he wasn’t a famous football player? Then what would everyone be saying about it? The fact that celebrities and athletes are put on such pedastools is what’s wrong with our society in the first place. When she ends up like Nicole Simpson, then no one will worry about what this video has done to their financial situation.

  103. John 8:7 “So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.” Even though Ray Rice is a celebrity and yes what he and his wife did was wrong, how many of you who are ranting and raving about it ask your God to forgive you of your wrongdoing? How many of you seek mercy for your actions? Would you be ranting and raving with this much emotion and conviction if YOU were in the hot seat right now?

    • In order to be forgiven you cannot lie to God or the rest of us. They both lied about who did what and the gravity of his actions. THAT is why this is so bad. Ray Rice knocked her out cold. She did nothing on that level to him. He wasnt defending his life. She wasnt stumbling out of the elevator drunk. He then without feeling, walked over her body and then dragged her.

      When he tells the truth and stops letting her share the blame then he will be forgiven for his actions. She’s a typical domestic violence victim taking up for her man. She’s putting herself in more danger. Only Ray Rice can fix this. That May press conference is disgusting to watch back now after seeing the truth.

      You can’t be forgiven when you are still lying about your sin.

  104. As a woman who is a survivor of an abusive relationship, this article is actually disgusting. It is our business because it’s not a “marital problem”. It is a crime that affects 1 in 3 women in the United States. This culture of victim blaming needs to stop. You really think that all people are treated fairly under our justice system? Clearly not because the only reason Ray Rice is not in prison right now is because of his celebrity status. Most domestic violence incidents are NEVER reported. Most abusers never spend any time in jail at all. Ray Rice is a public figure and his actions speak loud: that we don’t care about women being abused unless it’s captured on camera. So thank you for reminding me that it wasn’t anyone else’s business that I was being abused even though the reason I was able to leave was the strength others gave me when they confronted me about it. Thank you for reminding the reason why I thought it was my fault was because of ignorant people like you. Keep spewing your bullshit, I hope you feel great about yourself.

  105. This post is pathetic on a number of levels. Firstly, domestic violence is no longer a simply a private issue, dictated by private means. It is a serious gender-biased offence and that is why there are numerous regulations and legislations guaranteeing protections from domestic violence at a national and international level. So for you to actually make such an ill informed statement in asking what business the public have with their private life is plain stupid. Domestic violence is a crime and therefore a matter for the public. When he decided to violate her rights in such a horrific way, the matter immediately became a public matter. Secondly, Ray Rice himself is a public figure. That in itself means that he will be a token of the media’s wrath in any eventuality. You cannot be a public figure, who is probably revered by numerous people, then commit such a heinous act and expect not to get ripped to shreds. It is the price you pay for being in the public eye. He deserves every punishment and negative press that he is getting. Thirdly, you mention something about him being aware of how detrimental his actions were. Maybe we watched different videos but what I saw was a man who punched punched his wife and watched her hit her head on the railing, and behave so indifferently. The woman was completely knocked out and he didn’t even try to see if she was alive or had suffered extreme injuries. He was extremely indifferent and even carried and dropped her body like someone handling a rag doll with much contempt and complacency. Is that the image of someone who is aware of what he did wrong? Or are his crocodile tears and apologies all due to the fact that he got caught. Judging from his indifference there is a high possibility that this man has done this before, and will do this again but will be make sure it is not done where there are cameras. The man has not learned his lesson in the slightest. And thr NFL has not punished him stringently enough in my opinion. Next time you have the audacity to make such ignorant statements at least try to be better informed.

  106. Your post is perfect and the haters know it…In fact, the truth will be the reason the haters come here to slay you even more. Very few people in this world should bother to comment on other people’s lives, but they do. Look at the trolls who come to bury Ray even more. You wonder how we had the Salem witch trials in America? The RR virtual pile on is our home-grown ISIS trolls; virtual terrorists out to slate a blood-thirst. Just read the comments above. Miserable people with no lives of their own hiding bravely behind keyboards, seeking nothing but schadenfreude in another’s failure. Janay Rice asked people to leave them alone; she said it was a first and only time event; she says she loves him; he says he loves her; they both have apologized. Who am I to question that? Who are you?

  107. This is IGNORANT! Ray & Janay Rice NOW Have plenty of time to work on their relationship!! Donald Sterling, a WHITE BILLIONAIRE OWNER, just lost his team, for something he SAID!! Only an IDIOT would think Ray Rice would succeed after seeing this video! All of you who co-signed this article are just as sad as the author!

  108. BECAUSE and Janay read closely… You both lied to us all about what happened in that elevator. You downplayed what he did. You apologized YOU APOLOGIZED for what HE did. You are a VICTIM of domestic violence. Even if you hit him too or spat on him, you didn’t punch him, stab him, hurt him… BUT HE DID.

    Ray Rice made his version of the story sound like you were so drunk and that’s why you were on the floor. That you both were equally hitting each other. NO NO NO NO NO

    He knocked you out cold. Then (and I’m not sure which is more disrespectful and stomach churning), he stepped over your body. He dragged you unconscious. He never showed remorse. He lied lied lied. He treated you like a piece of trash. Not a fiancé. Not a mother of his baby girl. He didnt go… “Oh My God, what have I done?!” He didn’t cradle you in his arms and carry you out. He had no guilt on him. He blamed you. “You deserved it.” YOU COULD HAVE DIED when he delivered that blow. He’s an NFL player. You ARE NOT!!

    Because as a domestic violence victim you choose to forgive and apologize as if your actions were equal or deserving of that punch, drag, lie and disrespecting moment, the prosecutor had a duty to do MORE. That’s NOT the first time. Don’t lie to yourself or us. No first time domestic violence incident ends with a man knocking out his wife cold. You didn’t threaten his life Janay. In fact you didn’t do anything at all. This was the first time he was caught on camera and charged.

    The NFL and Ravens MUST punish him for lying. You also DESERVE the Ravens help if you want it to get out of the marriage, get counseling, and truly understand the gravity of what he did and that it is NEVER ok. In fact, the Ravens should have apologized to you Janay for putting you up on that stage. That press conference was a show of lies and disgusts us further. To watch it now after watching the TRUTH that he and he alone was the aggressor. That you were not a drunk staggering person who fell out of the elevator or equally delivered blows and he defended himself. HE IS A VIOLENT MAN. He needs at least a year off. He needs to PUBLICLY apologize for what he did to you and how he has disrespected all women by trying to cover it up and hide how bad his violent actions really were.

    Watch that press conference again. He should say “first and foremost, I apologize to my wife and beg her forgiveness and I vow never to lay a hand on her again” BOOM He’d still have a job.

    The mistake you both made and still are making right now is that you don’t get it. It’s not something you both did. This is something HE did. Until you both acknowledge that, until he apologizes to you, until he apologizes for letting you ever get up on that stage and apologize to us, until he apologizes to the NFL, the Ravens and the fans and comes FULLY CLEAN and owns what he did and how seriously violent it was, you have no chance to win our respect or support or certainly get another job.

    Respect yourself Janay. Make him read this. That video makes reasonable people disgusted and literally sick to the stomach. He punched you in the face and walked all around your body, dragged you, dropped you, didn’t check to see if you were even alive, didnt hold his wife and mother of his daughter in his arms, he lied, he blamed you, he said he was defending himself, he is still lying to himself.

    If you do the above and stop continuing to defend him on Instagram, then and only then will the repair begin. After that, he must do weekly counseling for anger management and any mental illness he may have. He must do something each month to show he is against domestic violence, you both are still not getting it. Maybe just maybe with this comment, it will click. But you have to be willing to accept first that how you are still reacting is typical of a domestic violence abused victim and honey, YOU should be outraged. YOU should have stated that his punch wasn’t a little shove or slap on the arm but a violent act and he could have killed you. You’ve got to respect yourself. Then you will get the respect of everyone. Do it for your daughter. Do it for all abused women and girls. Please.

    Praying God helps you through this and you both find a closer relationship to Him. Then, there will be no more violence of any kind.

  109. I agree with this article. Yes, it is wrong to hit a woman. Sure, there are cases where domestic violence is cyclical and happens more than once in a relationship. But how does the public, not knowing any of the details of their relationship, begin to say that Janay is afraid and just in the relationship because of what a few textbooks say? Janay has had plenty of opportunities to leave Rice in the last 7 months, especially now with the national drama going on. If she was really terrified and afraid of Ray she could go into witness protection or something along those lines.

    The NFL handled the situation very poorly. They should have upped his original suspension so there wasn’t as much national outcry to him only getting a 2-game suspension.

    I feel bad for Ray, Janay and their daughter. As always the media blows up a situation and f***s someone over.

    Also for those of you claiming “you’ve never been in domestic violence you don’t know what its like” you’re right, I haven’t. My sister has though. Her and her ex had gotten in a few fights over the course of their relationship. Her take? “Yeah it was messed up, but I also relentlessly pushed his buttons. In a way I kind of deserved it.”

    The new social norm, due to the feminist movement and gender inequality, is to basically allow women to do whatever they want, whether it be spitting in someones face, punching a man, or whatever their heart desires without paying for it. I don’t condone spousal abuse (or any abuse for that matter), but there were two people in the altercation. If women want to have the same rights as men then they should be charged the same way as well.

    • Last point: women aren’t held responsible for any of their actions. Everyone is right, Ray Rice is an NFL football player. Guess what football players are taught to do? If someone is coming at them their REFLEX is to get physical. It wasn’t right, but Ray Rice is not deserving of the public crucifixion he has gotten. Bottom line: he should be suspended for 10 games.

  110. I’ve never read a more asinine article. “One time event”? I can tell you there’d be no other event if it were my husband. What’s upsetting is that the NFL, the media, and the court let this slide the first time, most likely convincing an extremely vulnerable victim of domestic abuse that this may in fact be normalcy. I ask you, Are you a victim of domestic violence yourself? Was this a “one time event” in your household? Are you THAT desensitized to the real problem at hand? I’m glad this “one time event”, which really wasn’t a “one time event” is finally being handled and that this woman can hopefully move on to find someone with zero events.

  111. Does it matter if it was a one time event? The event happened not even 10 months ago, if you can forgive and forget that easily then there is a problem. It wasn’t a minor little hit, it was a brutal beat down, she should not have married him so soon after and the fact that she did tells me she is either crazy or gold digging. At which point her marriage is over as his career is now over. That is why this needed to blow up, he was suspended for only 2 weeks while players were suspended an entire season for weed.

  112. I don’t agree with the author of this article. The public ruined Ray’s life and career-seriously? His own actions took care of that–he is solely responsible for f-ing up his situation. To say that the conviction of Ray by social media etc. was gruesome and horrifying—did ya see the left hook Ray landed on that woman? No, that was not horrifying at all! The conviction of Ray by social media, ESPN etc was completely necessary…after all, the NJ prosecutors failed to take appropriate action, and gave him some form of counseling..for almost killing the woman. I’d say he deserves to be properly convicted and since the justice system failed, then i see nothing wrong with someone else trying to exact some form of punishment–whether it’s shaming thru social media, or anything else–he deserves much worse–poor excuse for a man. And to say that poor Janay should not have to relive this moment over and over again is crap–she has a choice to watch tv, browse the Internet, put herself out in public and risk people saying things to her…to be involved with Ray is to be involved with a public figure–so expect the good with the bad. Lastly, to say that people didn’t consider Ray’s income being taken away, thus hurting his ability to take care of his family–get real! He has been paid around $25 mil since 2012–if he can’t take care of his family with that kinda loot, then he is dumber than we thought…if that’s possible. I truly hope that this was written solely to illicit responses. If not, then this writer is misguided and completely out of touch.

  113. I have a question for all you so called advocates of domestic violence. Who do you think you’re really advocating for in this case? Other women of domestic violence or Janay? Because obviously Janay doesn’t want your support. Just as the author (and Janay) said, rather than helping her, you’re hurting her by forcing her to relieve this painful moment in her relationship, which HURTS her more than the initial event, especially since her and Rice have taken the all the necessary steps to put this behind them. So rather than using all that energy to set an example out of Ray for other victims out there, how about you focus that energy on supporting your local DV organizations and supporting the millions of women who actually want and most importantly NEED your support. Everyone here saying “he’s probably done it before or will do it again” or “It’s only a matter of time before he kills her” or “this is what all victims of domestic violence do” is stating pure rubbish. You’re just ASSUMING. Go with the evidence you DO have and take it as a 1st offense. We all get second chances, why shouldn’t Ray? I do think 2 games was too short a suspension but for the NFL to come back and suspend him indefinitely after they missed the mark the first time? Pure BULLSHIT! I know it, you know it , we all know it That’s double jeopardy and the NFL shouldn’t be excluded from that. Even if Ray never plays a day in his life again, I hope he sues the living bullshit out the NFL and is paid for this travesty. *drops mic, exits stage*

  114. I am a fan of Ray losing his job. HOWEVER, I’m not a fan of him accepting his punishment, getting halfway through it and then punished again more harshly. My opinion (and guess what, we’re all entitled to one, just because it differs from yours makes it no less important) is that he should have been fired when the first video surfaced showing him dragging her out of the elevator.

    If my husband, who is your typical average man, knocked me out cold what would happen to him? He would be arrested. His employer would get word of his arrest one way or another and then he would lose his job for being involved in a violent crime. How does a football player, musician, actor, dog poop picker up or secretary make a difference? It doesn’t. I’m sorry his wife has to ‘relive it’ I’m also sorry it could potentially ruin the rest of his life. He wasn’t thinking of that when he knocked her out – or immediately after he knocked her out. He was more concerned with picking up her shoes then he was with picking HER up from a dirty floor.

    To the original poster – good for you sharing your opinion. However, that’s all it is my friend. An opinion. Some will agree, some will disagree. Those that cuss you out and call you names don’t know how to handle a difference of opinion. Life will move on for all of us. Even the Rice Family. I refuse to feel sorry for someone that was abusive to his wife no matter what the circumstances.

  115. It’s pretty clear that the media attention isn’t the first thing threatening their marriage, but that’s not the point. At some point, a marriage is no longer worth protecting, and that’s when the marriage itself starts threatening one of the people involved. Fuck the marriage, protect the victims.

  116. The reaction of Janay Palmer appalled me. Either she is a hostage of Ray Rice, like many abused women are, and should be treated as a hostage. If that isn’t the case, she is basically defending domestic violence.

    I believe that judges should have the right to automatically dissolve marriages and issue a restraining order. That’s what should be been done in this case, the marriage should have been dissolved and a restraining order issues and Ray Rice should be in jail.

    Many abused women “go back to their abusers” because they have been psychologically tormented or are told to do so by sexist authoritarian pastors who suggest that the victim should “forgive” their
    their husband and “figure out why their husbands are beating them”, you need mandatory marriage dissolution and a restraining order to protect abused wives.

  117. I disagree. I do not believe the public is getting involved in their marriage, i believe we are saying that we dont watn that kind of role model in the NFL. He has a very public job and is held on as a role model adn praised on a weekly basis. the public and the fans are basically the ones paying his salary. there would be no NFL without the public. so when the public comes together and says “we would like him to no longer be help in high esteem adn receive praise for his job becuase he did this” there is nothing wrong wtih that at all.

  118. ARE YOU FRIGGIN KIDDING ME?!?!?! First of all, I’m not breaking their marriage up for having a problem with the way he knocked his wife out and dragged her out of the elevator. He is the reason for their troubles. I didn’t help or hinder. If there was no video, I wouldn’t know about it. Just like I didn’t know about the cases of those other ball players mentioned and am and would be equally as pissed off. It takes a village to stop this jacked up culture of violence against women, children, animals, and men. If you are not outraged by what was an event that did happened and wouldn’t be a situation in the first place if that MFer kept his big burly hands to his GD self. I am sorry she is reliving this incident, I wouldn’t want to watch my behind get knocked out over and over either. I’d prefer not getting knocked out at all. She could choose like I can to not watch anymore of it. They can choose to stay together, and work things out. I have nothing to do with that. No one but them does. It is RIGHT to be in protest of something so horrific. It is RIGHT to get outraged and take a stance. Not happening to me, not my problem. Unbelievable! He doesn’t deserve to keep their matters private because he punched her on camera. He lost his job and I still don’t think its enough. Take some of that money he made, like all those other players and get the help they can absolutely afford to, and learn how to be better men. Millions of dollars and can’t act like anything less than a enraged animal. How far is that argument going to go, just let people work it out themselves. If I see a man beat a woman in the street I’m calling the f-ing cops. Its no longer just their issue. I hear it from my neighbors or see it in the privacy of their home, I am calling the cops. How they work it out after that is not going to be the result of me taking a stance. An assault was committed. He got knocked out. How does it feel! How dare you, Jessie insult everyone by saying we are responsible. F you. Thank god we banned together to take a stance! He raised his hands and is paying HIS consequences.

    • WOW it is amazing how people are in anyway saying anything to be on Ray Rice’s side. People say public hanging or look at the other idiots that have pending cases or you are ruining his marriage. I like this one the best if it was not for this video nobody would be worrying about this. Get a grip, the crazy thing is if it were not for this video Ray Rice would have dragged his fiance back to the hotel room and nobody would know anything about what happened. Would Janey be better off? Would that be better? I don’t get people this guy just straight up knocked a girl out not just any girl his fiance. What the hell is wrong with you people? If the NFL and the Ravens seen this and agreed with a 2 game suspension who ever made that decision should be ashamed of themselves. As soon as the 2 game suspension came out everyone was outraged and could not believe it. It was not just the video. A lot of women that get beat stay in the relationship and are scared to leave. That is a fact. Ray Rice got what he deserved. Ray and Janay should not be worried about his job. They should worry about their marriage. Ray take a year off and fix yourself. WOW PEOPLE!!!

      • Is it out business to know what happened in the first place? As far as you saying him and his wife should not worry about his job is ridiculous, but just concentrate on their marriage??? I’m sorry but I’ve been married a decade and financial stability is an important factor when concentrating on a marriage. I know you will probably say he has millions, but he probably lives according to his paycheck. As far as woman stay because they are scared is a fact, but maybe it’s not her fact. Maybe her facts are it was a horrible isolated event, maybe they prayed about it and she decided if God forgives why can’t I. Every time I have issues I wish I could take a year off and not worry bout income and fix myself.

  119. So what you are saying is that if a man beats a woman and no one knows about it, it is OK, therefore, if someone does find out about it it is OK as well? Are you nuts! This woman has been so badly abused by Ray and probably other men that she is incapable of defending herself. Thank God for public media who has brought the truth to light. The man is sick, the woman is sicker and something needs to be done about it. Unless of course we want to wait until he does permanent damage to her or someone else. Oh yah, if nobody finds out, it will be ok. Maybe you need some help.

    • i agree! what is wrong with these other people??? its not acceptable to hit a woman, never mind doing it so hard you knock her out!! i hope their marriage IS ruined…it may end up saving her life…next time he may hit her & knock her into a table & kill her

    • I think he’s saying if you are this outraged about what Rice did, you should be even more outraged about what Hardy and McDonald did. Don’t just go with what public opinion is telling you to do, hop fully on board and be more disgusted with the guy who threatened to kill his wife and with the guy who beat up his pregnant wife (multiple times). Of course, I could’ve read into it wrong and you could be right.

      • Nah what he’s really saying here is “Because Ray didn’t get convicted and it happened privately, you should not only not care but you should stay the fuck out of Ray’s business”. Which is a foolhardy argument at best.

    • Why respond if you don get the point of the article? Where were you when others did the same to their wife and worse? Dont pretend to be this champion against domestic abuse now. You dont even care about Janay Rice. You just want to see a public hanging of a man with prevention of it happening again. You are silly. Learn to read pass the headlines for change.

    • That misses the point of the article entirely. First, the writer states “Obviously, without question, what Rice did inside of a casino elevator on that fateful February night was wrong”. Furthermore, the writer goes on to criticize the NFL for allowing players to play even though there hasn’t been any video of domestic violence! This article in no way seeks to undermine the crime of domestic violence, and you missed the point. You are justifying the public ridicule of a a couple’s personal matters without personally knowing them or their relationship. How many conversations have you had with either Ray or Janay? Did you sit in the courtroom? Have you read every article about their relationship? If so, then maybe you should publish your own article. The people who set the charges and made the settlements were the professionally trained lawyers who had been fully invested in this case since day 1, not the average person who only knows a few horrific seconds of an otherwise (apparently) strong marriage. I am in no way condoning the actions of Ray Rice nor am I saying what should be done. I don’t know enough about them to make that decision, and neither do the majority of people who saw that video. Thats what the article is about, don’t jump straight to conclusions in a situation you have no business being involved in, nor the knowledge to come to a reasonable decision. Public shaming is barbaric and no matter how hard ray rice tries to remedy the situation he can never recover. Nor can his wife who has to live day in and day out with this video defining her for the rest of the world. And don’t forget their daughter who has to grow up knowing that her mom and dad had this altercation and ruined their lives.

    • Damn that is the most Misogynistic comment I’ve ever seen. Why don’t you just say women are inferior and that they need to be defended from men at all cost

    • I agree with SP…..and frankly, she should not have married him, as a person from Baltimore, we have enough crime in our city, we don’t need it on the football field….and as for the NFL, perhaps Mr. Goodell needs to go as well. When you are in the public eye, try acting like a decent human being instead of a woman beater. Enough said, what the Ravens and what the NFL did was great, in my opinion. Maybe he can get a job at a gas station.

    • So my question would be this…we know what he did was wrong…that’s understood…but why focus on this one incident of domestic violence when there are plenty of other domestic violence cases happening? Is it because they aren’t as financially stable as Ray Rice WAS? Or is it the fact that they aren’t as well known by the media as he was? Either way you look at it…if you’re a high profile, or low profile couple, domestic violence is still wrong.

      Oh…and as the icing on the cake…so there’s a movie coming out called “No Good Deed” starring Idris Elba, and Taraji P. Henson. I bet you, that the ones that are disgusted and apalled by this incident, will go PAY to see this movie, which basically displays the same thing that has happened to Janay Rice. So in other words, and to end here…we can be just so gung ho about demonizing Ray Rice because of what he done…but yet we can be the same people who will go to PAY TO SEE A MOVIE depicting the same thing that you’re against?


    • No not what was said at all. The opinion is saying that neither is ok. And all three are just as bad. Except the one found guilty and the other which has happened twice is not being referenced equally. That’s a problem

  120. “It’s sad that the public chose to ruin a man’s career because they were thinking with their hearts and not with their brains.”

    are you out of your mind? i dont remember the public knocking his fiance out. oh thats right bc it was ray rice, and its ray rice who is suffering for his actions. his wife is no doubt going to be hit again and this is, of course, not the first time. if she stays with him thats on her. why are people feeling sorry for this man? he has plenty of money and the nfl still owes him so theyll be fine. also, lets be honest, he will be back. its unfortunate but true. seen any players who murdered dogs, escaped murder charges or other domestic abuse charges playing lately? so to the weirdo who said he would welcome rice back with open arms, no worries, you wont have to wait too long.

    • I agree with denise too and it sad to think that he will be back. The person who wrote this is nuts….they need to change the rules with the nfl….if I want to watch thugs running up and down a field with a football, I might as well go down to Baltimore City and hope not to get shot.

  121. Just curious…has anyone asked this question?

    If we were to ask this right now, “Janay, at this very moment, which situation of abuse is worse….having one domestic dispute with your husband in which he obviously physically abused you OR having the entire world force you to relive the entire situation through social, traditional and rich media (video, audio) and losing your entire livelihood because of it? Which is worse Janay? Abuse by your husband or abuse by the public and media?” What do you think she would say?

    I think my main point here is that, of course we all agree that Ray should never have hit her and perhaps deserved more punishment than he received, however, isn’t just as abusive to drag her and her family through the torment of having to relive the entire situation AND now punish not only Ray, but her entire family as well by taking her livelihood away from her?

    How is any of this helpful to Janay and their process of healing if society is now going to punish both of them, while at the same time, saying, we are trying to protect Janay and other women from domestic abuse? Isn’t this hurting her more than helping her and doesn’t THAT automatically make society’s campaign to help her a hypocrisy in itself?

    Just something to think about. Thanks

  122. “… Why do you think you have a right to be involved in Ray and Janay Rice’s marriage?”

    Ray Rice is a celebrity. He made $25 million dollars in the last two seasons to catch a ball and run with it. As the NFL pays for his contracts, and the fans pay for tickets, concessions, official gear, etc. that allow the NFL to continue operating, I feel that they have a right to know everything. I don’t care whether or not he plays again. There are children that see what he did and, now, those children have a better understanding of the fact that you can’t walk away smiling and cashing your paychecks after committing a violent crime.

    You’re attempting to blame the public as a whole? Ray Rice’s fans didn’t crowd into an elevator and punch his fiancé in the face, subsequently knocking her out. His fans didn’t drag her unconscious body out of an elevator.

    Hopefully the Rices didn’t spend all those millions within the last two years because Ray Ray might need to get a job, and I’m not about to feel sorry for him. Let me go start punching my significant others in the face and see where I end up. I can guarantee you it won’t be in the comfort of my own home with that much money in the bank.

    Lastly, let me say that my opinion isn’t the best. It is just my own. I care very little about sports or their celebrities, in general. But, the truth is that many children are taught to worship these guys by their parents, who worshiped generations of sportsmen before them. We cannot let our kids think that it is fine to act like an animal or, worse yet, think that we can act like idiots and get away with it. This behavior is tolerated far, too often, and it is NOT okay.


    • You are wrong. Where were you when he played football in high school? or college? Did you drive him to the practices? Did you coach him how to play the game? You play for the ticket to be entertained by the sport. NOT to peek into someones life. Get a grip.

      • I agree that we dont have the right to peek in someone’s personal life. Unfortunately this isn’t a case of us nosey fans prying into his life. He wasn’t behind the closed doors of his house or other private quarters, he did this in a casino elevator where there was a camera.

    • Emmanuel – that’s exactly what I was saying on my facebook post this morning, the NFL should be setting a good examples for the children who wear their jerseys and look up to this guy….agree 100%

    • Emmanuel…I don’t think that anyone is saying that they condone what Ray Rice did in anyway. I read this article from the perspective that we, as a public, need to also take responsibility of our own actions and how they are affecting the outcome of their relationship as well as her ability to move forward from this and heal should she choose to heal with or without her husband. That part is not for the public to decide but we (and the media who is the actual source of all of the publicity this is now receiving) are taking it upon ourselves to play them like puppets. Put yourself in her shoes and assume you are a smart enough woman who deserves the respect of being capable of making decisions that you feel would be best for you and your family to be “forced” into a dark hole of despair because everyone know the dirty details of, what might be a, “one off incident”. We don’t know all the facts…that’s the point…so for us to prosecute Ray AND Janay for their decisions is not completely fair.

      What do you think?

    • Well said Emmanuel. I think people are missing that point. I dont think this about whether or nor we have the rights to pry into someone’s private life because we dont. This is about right and wrong, and Ray Ray was dead wrong. I hope that dude does get his shit together and prosper.

    • I agree, but don’t you think there should be continuity in the punishment within the NFL? They decided on a punishment and carried it out (2 game suspension). They then instituted new rules to cover future incidents and in Mr. Rice’s case they didn’t even follow their own rule. (1st offense 6 game suspension, 2nd offense indefinite suspension) Ray was a first time offense. At worst he should have had a 6 game suspension not indefinite. There are many players guilty of the same offense or worse and they are still playing. Continuity is the issue. We all agree that hitting a woman is wrong.

  123. Can I add one more thing to my comment that I think is important to think about….the situation with her husband is bearably manageable, the situation with the public and her livelihood is not. Everyone has now guaranteed her a lifetime of therapy and now EVERYONE, including me for engaging in this conversation and watching and listening to what happened, has blood on our hands. Any thoughts on this?

  124. I believe what Ray did was wrong and should receive some form of punishment however he should also be given a second chance . Most people have jumped on this bandwagon where he should banned for life and that’s total BS. Why not let him and his family deal with this in private.

    • He deserves the right to deal with this in a private manner. It’s too bad that the world we created doesn’t always work that way.

  125. David, I agree with you. Engaging in these online forums isn’t helping. It fuels the flame. It is our own ego wanting to say, “Listen to meeeee!” But, on the interwebs, you have that option.

  126. Just for some information the Greg Hardy and the Ray McDonald situations are not finished in court yet so they haven’t been found guilty. The nfl said they are waiting for a courts decision before making their own. Just incase you werent aware. Also I that when you become a public figure your private life becomes open. Do I agree no, but those are the consequences. But the public didn’t ruin his career, he did. We all make choices and must live by them. He decided to hit his wife which resulted in his financial loss and bad public image. I don’t feel bad at all. Here’s a scenario, say someone who works for you beats his wife and everyone in the office knows this…..your saying you will still keep him? Let’s take a different angle since u talk about private life. Shouldn’t anyone who smoke weed in there private life not be affected as well? Josh Gordon got suspended for a year for smoking weed. Did he hurt anyone? No but he smoked weed. Should he be punished for a year?

  127. Carol, it should be the same for anybody who does any wrong. Michael Vick murdered innocent animals with his bare hands, did jail time, and got a contract. Although I thoroughly dislike that fact, it would be in the NFL’s best interest to really put together a thorough policy for players who have committed crimes. Let’s not just make it a, “Eh? Well? He’s a good player and he’ll make us money.” thing.

    For goodness’ sake. Between Ray Lewis, Ray Rice, Michael Mick, and Ben Roethlisberger, it’s almost like the NFL is becoming the number one provider of jobs for ex-convicts.

  128. HE did this to himself… It just happened to be caught on tape for the public to see! You and whom ever may have a option on this matter, but he as a well known celebrity should have shown more self control. Hitting a woman is never okay. I don’t care what anyone says.

  129. Just look at Janey’s face in the picture above. That is the face of an abused woman. That, in my opinion, wasn’t the first time he hit her and it won’t be the last unless she gets out soon. Hopefully she will see that she needs to make herself safe if not for her own sake certainly for her daughter.

    • Anne…I have to take exception to, what I feel, is an ignorant comment such as “just look at Janay’s face in the picture above.” Are all pictures of people’s faces have somesort of 100% guaranteed accuracy of what kind of person they are and what they are feeling? If that’s the case then courts should just use pictures of people’s expressions all the time to determine the truth and all those pictures of happy looking people because they smile in the picture should mean they are all happy people. C’mon. You know that isn’t the case and you can’t just say “Oh look at that picture…it tells the whole truth of the story.”

  130. Emmanuel…I think one of the fundamental conflicts with the “we fuel the fire” philosophies and social media is that over time, it’s been proven that the most efficient process in developing knowledge is communication whether that is debating or discussing knowledge and passing that on so as much as we are “fueling the fire” which I obviously agree with, isn’t it, on some level, necessary for mankind to continue to move forward and learn? Not trying to turn this into an evolutionary debate but just a thought. And I guess my main point is that perhaps this situation is exactly the reason many organizations and investigations keep thing PRIVATE until they are able to make decisions and conclude things before the court of public opinion gets its hands on it so perhaps what we need to learn from this is that some situations are better handled without the court of public opinion getting involved.

  131. I completely disagree!! The person who wrote this article is an idiot! Here is why: first, the comment ‘President Obama said it best when he said, “hitting a woman is not something a real man does.”’ is complete BS, ‘hitting a woman is what a CRIMINAL does!! Second, using the argument and comparison to Greg Hardy and Ray McDonald is STUPID! That’s like saying, ‘hey they got away with murder, its not fair that I don’t get away with it too’ and yes they both need to go too! Third, blaming the public for making it worse on Janay and how it’s going to negatively effect their lives is a crock of crap, ANY negative reproductions are 100% on Ray Rice! Fourth, the ‘due process’ argument is crap as well, when you get HIGHLY preferential treatment by the legal system where the prosecutor and judge are going to face removal from their position, it’s equivalent to paying off a judge or jury! You damn sure don’t get a free pass and you should be treated to a FAIR evaluation by a judge or jury and only then does ‘due process’ come into play! The only thing that could have saved Ray Rice and Janay was to be completely honest from the very beginning, not use his NFL status to avoid fair prosecution and show attrition IMMEDIATELY!!

    • Verbal abuse calling people out of their name because they exercise freed of speech!!!!!you should be fired!!!!!!

  132. Yes Ray RIce commited a awful act, but we all knew he hit her, he admitted to it but just becuase there is a video why all of a sudden is he the worst man in America. NFL has had players who commited many crimes, dog fighting, domestic abuse and sexual assualts but Rice is indefinetly suspended, whereas Big Ben the rapist is still playing, Terrell Suggs who had several domestic violence issues is still playing. The media has made this a issue way bigger then it needed to be. The Rice family was working on the issue and the media has invaded their privacy and cost them their future. There is NO ONE on the planet that has NEVER made a mistake, I could see if this was a ongoing issue but it wasn’t it appeared to be a one time thing with liquor involved.

    Unless you’re GOD no one has the right to judge and even if you are judging look in your own backyard to see how perfect you are.

  133. Everything in this situation could have been handled better. The video from inside the elevator should have been released but not publicly. Of course, that’s what you get with a casino on the verge of bankruptcy and a society that allows sites like TMZ to pay the big bucks for things like this. We, the public did not need to see the video, but I think the Ravens and the NFL should have seen it, probably a long time ago. Unfortunately, before this video came out, it was difficult to say anything for sure. Yes, we all saw him dragging her out of the elevator but what led to that, we didn’t really know. It’s easy to say he hit her but why? Did he feel he needed to defend himself for some reason? Did he just decide to hit her out of the blue? The truth of that is, we didn’t really know. His actions, now that we’ve seen them, were deplorable and disgusting but who are you to put him in this box of your “standard” domestic abuse perpetrators? Why are you so certain he is going to do it again or has done it before? Why is she all of a sudden this chronically abuse woman who has been so psychologically that she rationalizes the abuse she apparently endures on a regular basis? Sure, these things might be true in some cases, probably even most cases of domestic abuse but you are not entitled to label the situation how you see fit because you think you understand any of this. Quite frankly, none of this is any of my business but what is my business is his position of leadership and as a role model in the communities I grew up in. I’m glad he was removed from that position for the time being. If he comes back in the future after a period of reform, then so be it. If he doesn’t, whatever. The decision the NFL and the Baltimore Ravens bigwigs made, whether intentional or not, was one of sending a message to those who saw the video that domestic abuse is NOT okay. The message has to start somewhere and this very public case with a video to go along with it was a good place for that. You’re right that other people do similar and sometimes seemingly worse things but the way we ignore that is a problem in every single case. If we keep saying “well you didn’t punish X so you can’t do this to Y” then we will continue a cycle of ignoring things because we feel some false entitlement to protect the well-being of this person you don’t even really know, no matter what. The point here is that the video should not be necessary but the way we turn a deaf ear to these things right now makes it necessary. Not a single person here gave a shit about the other players mentioned above until now and THAT is the problem here.

  134. Sorry but this is one of the dumbest opinion pieces I’ve ever read. The title states how stupid it is….WE (the public) ruined his marriage? How come the punk that punched his wife doesn’t get the blame for ruining his marriage?? The reason this one is getting so much attention is because people are actually seeing what domestic violence looks like. We sort of got a glimpse with the Rihanna/Chris Brown beating but that was the aftermath so people eventually got the image out of their head. This was the actual punch…and I think people who hear “domestic violence’ finally went “holy sh*t!” These people are in a profession in the public eye and there are kids who admire them and look up to them. Why has our standard for those in the public spotlight gone so low that we will give a pass to someone for knocking out his wife just once? How about if he kills her…..does he still get to play – he only killed one wife after all? We’ve seen that torturing animals and raping women get a pass so what is it that would actually make someone go “hmmmm you know that’s just a sh*tty person – maybe we shouldn’t have them on TV every week and kids walking around in their jerseys?” Raping a child? Would that do it? I’m just baffled…and this applies to anyone who goes down a path in the public eye – politicians, actors, athletes, etc. If you can’t handle being a decent person then exit stage right. Just because this woman has such low self worth that she would say “oh it’s OK” doesn’t mean everyone else should think it is OK. It is NOT OK. And why are people assuming this is the first time he’s hit her? His reaction of just standing there while she is laid out and then half dragging her ass off the elevator indicates maybe it’s not his first time doing something like this. I would think the normal response from someone knocking someone out is “oh sh*t!” and dropping to their knees to try to help the person and see what’s wrong.

      • That’s right Misty….that’s all she was thinking about was the money, I don’t feel sorry for this couple, not at all…..when you are in the public eye, behave yourself and as for the NFL, get rid of Roger Goodell for clearly, he’s an ass and doesn’t know how best to handle his business which is the game of football. What they should do is get rid of all the low lifes and thugs and start hiring decent men who live decent lives who want to play football…hell, I can’t even afford to go to a game because I don’t make that kind of money so I don’t feel sorry for this couple at all. Good riddance Ray Rice. Baltimore does not need another low life, we have enough in the inner city and hell, the governor won’t even help let alone the public and we should feel sorry for these people? Let’s focus on the poor of Baltimore City instead of the man who made millions and just lost it. Let’s just hope this situation has given a voice to domestic violences

    • Very much personal opinion. Are you completely aware of what you are doing when you are drinking? We don’t know their level of sobriety but it is fact they were both drinking. Every person reacts differently in a situation. Now, he could have done it before, or he could have had that “oh my god, what have I done” thought go through his head.

      Personally, I don’t care and it is none of my business, regardless of his celebrity status. There is no law that says since you are a celebrity I must know every detail of your personal life. I pay the money to be entertained by the specific category of entertainment you provide. That money does not give me the right to see the casino videos or know every detail of your personal life.

      If you are concerned about him being a role model, educate your children. If your child loves Ray Rice, now is when you stop him/her from being allowed to do anything that promotes Ray Rice and you have a candid discussion with your child about what he did and why it is wrong. The media industry does not educate and raise my child, I do. I talk with my children and do the best I can to help them discern right from wrong.

      All else aside, abuse is horrible. I’ve dealt with it and my wife has dealt with it. I don’t wish that experience on anybody. But, you never know the situation, and TMZ may provide a video, but it doesn’t give you anything else but a visual que of that immediate moment. I’m a man that has been verbally and physically abused by a woman. I put up with it for months before I got out of it. I was fortunate though in my snapping moment that I was not drinking or otherwise incapable of stopping myself from completing the punch when I raised my hand. I put my hand down, walked out, and never looked back. Never assume that you understand what is going in when all you hear or see is what the media televizes.

  135. he made a choice to put his personal life in the media when he became an NFL player. unfortunately, she made that choice as well by marrying him. end of story.

    • I do not agree with this. He chose to make a living playing football. The media part and the rabid fans are a byproduct of his choice to make a living playing football. It is not a choice to have the media follow you around and scrutinize every personal move you make if you become a football player. It’s not fair to link everything together that way. If this was a janitor, no one would even know he was beating his wife because people don’t want to watch and cheer for janitors sweeping floors. Again, it’s fueled by the public and now the public feels they have the obligation to make the judgements.

  136. In response to this, “But since when did it become the public’s job to determine how a man and a woman’s private problems should be solved? Why do you think you have a right to be involved in Ray and Janay Rice’s marriage?” It’s a legal fact that it is the public’s job to solve people’s private problems when they include crimes against the state (ex assault, battery, domestic violence). Especially when committed in a public place (ex public elevator)

    • LawStudent….ummmm…I’m assuming you are talking about a jury who decides the fate of a defendant in specific cases? If so, are you actually comparing that to this situation where every person in world has been given a unregulated platform to express their opinions and submit their verdicts because I don’t think it’s a fact that it’s the publics job to solve people’s private problems in ways such as this, is it?

      • David, what you are missing is that this is not a private problem. When a crime is committed, it is committed against all of society. The “state” can bring charges for many crimes, even if the person or property owner chooses not to.

        This is separate from his legal proceeding. The public can choose to do whatever it wants-it’s not bound by a trial or jury decision.

        I must ask-why do you care that the NFL finally stood up against domestic violence? Do you hit your wife and worry that this sets a precedent? If you don’t, why are you mad that someone is being punished for a heinous crime?

  137. Ya know…if he just wouldn’t have hit his wife, none of this would be happening but ya know….it’s everyone else’s fault.

  138. LOL, @nappynikki, I just read an article on Mayweather’s response. It’s interesting how he’s on Ray’s side. I wonder why?

  139. I personally think it’s a damn shame that he hit her. I also think it’s a damn shame she married him after. As far as I’m concerned, any future ass kickings she may receive she deserves. She should have ran when she had the chance. Now she’s just another statistic. This article is a load of crap possibly written by someone who gets their ass beat regularly by the man they love. Shame on you.

  140. We are a punitive-minded people and self-righteous judgement of others is our national pastime.
    ‘Christian’ America would do well to follow the spirit of the Gospels as best expressed by Edward Wallis Hoch…
    “There is so much good in the worst of us,
    And so much bad in the best of us,
    That it hardly behooves any of us
    To talk about the rest of us.”
    In other words, “Judge not, lest ye be judged.”

    • Are you serious? I am a Christian and am so offended by what you just wrote, in this context. Nowhere does the Bible suggest that someone cannot be punished for committing wrongdoings. Can they ask for forgiveness? Yes. Can they still be punished? Of course.

      Besides, did I miss where Ray Rice apologized? To the best of my knowledge, he hasn’t. To get forgiveness, you have to ASK for it.

      • Thank you for pointing out one of many Biblical contradictions.
        Ray Rice is already being punished, and rightfully so. However, his punishment is a matter for the proper authorities, not you or I.
        As for Biblical citations, I suppose Jesus was mistaken when he said, “Judge not…” Taking your point to its logical conclusion makes Jesus wrong. For those who believe in the Biblical god—which I don’t—only he knows the hearts of people. Therefor, it’s not for us to condemn(a mainstay of Jesus’ message). But, then again, the Bible does contradict itself, doesn’t it?

  141. The way I see it, he deserves a lot of the crow that he has to eat right now. I do agree that it ultimately isn’t our business what goes on between Ray and Janay, and that we shouldn’t ridicule them to level we’ve had. Unfortunately we dont live in a society where your privacy will be respected after a video showing you knocking a woman out is released to the public. At this point he has lost almost everything at this point, and his wife is going to ride with him throughout this so I don’t think that we should waste anymore time condemning him. Let’s let God do that while he works on redemption

  142. As human beings, we would be living through life blindly if we did not use common sense to help guide us. We are not judging Ray Rice. People saw a video of him knocking out his, now, wife in an elevator. By calling him out on his actions, we are not judging. We are saying, “Hey, you punched your wife, and we really don’t want you to represent our city anymore.”

    Religion will keep you blind for as long as you let it. Common sense doesn’t hurt anybody.

  143. Just ONE question for you then. IF you say it is their life and it is PRIVATE what they do in a relationship. Do you feel the EXACT same way about Sterling getting BANNED for life from owning a basketball team, AFTER a private conversation in his own home? NOT in a public elevator, but in his HOME!

    • I feel like Sterling should be banned for life because of his past comments about the players he pays and because of his housing discrimination issues NOT because of something he said in the privacy of his own home. Also, what he said wasn’t racist in my opinion. I wouldn’t want my girlfriend hanging out with other dudes either. It’s unfortunate that no one has talked about how TMZ invaded his privacy.

  144. Harvey Levin, and the people who had control over, and provided that video footage are the ones who Ray and Janay rice should go after with their displeasure. So should everyone else who still supports him. At least that’s what I would do instead of lashing out at everyone else who saw the footage, and has expressed their opinion right or wrong about it.

  145. Everyone knows that what Ray Rice did was terrible and wrong. But when will the public realize the hurt that this poor woman will now have to endure due to social media and the press? I repeat my analogy…

    A woman is raped but refuses to press charges or testify against her attacker. Why? Because she will be forced by the lawyers to relive what is likely the single most terrible moments of her life. She’ll be forced to recount the horrifying details, second by second. Imagine the mental and emotional pain and suffering that she will feel, again, and again, and again.

    Well, this is what Mrs. Rice is feeling now thanks to social media and the media in general. I am making no excuse for Ray Rice, and in fact, my comments have nothing to do with him. But rather to simply and hopefully get someone to understand what she is now going through.

    • This is exactly my point Rob. No one is condoning what Ray Rice did but no one is also thinking about the absolute horror that Janay is going through because of the media and the public’s reaction to the video being made public. I would also make some interesting comparisons to things like reality TV which publicly displays violence among people all the time but is accepted socially as entertainment AND how the horror of the ISIS beheading, I might argue, got just as much of a response as this. I think priorities in our society might be a little mixed up. Again, just my opinion.

    • So blame the person who committed the crime for this, not the media. If he hadn’t hit her, she wouldn’t have to live through it.

      Rape victims don’t come forward because they get blamed and shamed for what happened. I see the same victim-blaming going on here. You feel bad for Ray Rice-why? He made his bed-his decisions will now affect his career.

      Feel bad for her because she is an abused woman. The media didn’t make her one. Her husband did when he punched her.

  146. she should not have married him and it will happen again once a man hits you it doesnt stop. everyone is just looking at the money even his wife. now no big pay bet they divorce

  147. O shut this same sh*t up. Your just one of these women that needs a little bit more attention from the world thats trying to capitalize off of someone else struggle. If that woman or other women wanted your help they would have asked you. Instead you just barge your way in and mentally abuse these women and brainwash them to build a team that does more damage than helps. Why aren’t you out here playing both sides? Why don’t you speak of the physically abused men or children or animals? Thats right its perfectly fine for a female to assault a male because theres no way that she can win because she is physically smaller in size and strength. This joyride/bandwagon you and every other woman jumps on when convenient must end. Go fix the prostitution problem in the Black community, but thats right lets not talk about that because its about making money or you may get looked down on. How about some preventive measures before a girl or woman goes into a relationship. Like don’t keep pushing buttons and smacking him and talking sh*t to your mate, and then when he hauls off and stone cold knocks you out you run and jump on the DV bullsh*t.

  148. This tone deaf article entirely misses the point of the outrage. There is no logic behind, “oh well these other football players and celebs have beat women worse so it’s fine.” That mentality IS the problem and talking heads using this sentiment as a talking point, thinking it’s some how a legitimate point, is nothing more than another catalyst behind the outrage. This incident is more of a straw that broke the camel’s back, and finally something people can get behind to clean house in the NFL. Anyone defending or being a devil’s advocate of Rice is either an internet troll, or a soon-to-be pariah.

    • Please show me ANYONE that has said anything remotely close to “it’s fine that athletes beat women.” Please…I would love to see this because I haven’t read anything that anyone has said that condone’s what Ray Rice did to Janay. Please enlighten me.

      • Oops…LOL…I see that Jackie basically just said it’s “No big deal.” but I think that most of everyone here doesn’t think the same way. I hope.

      • Why is it your problem? Why should you care? If she wants to get her ass beat thats her problem. If she likes to beat his ass then thats his problem. Its none of nobodies business except for theres. Let God deal with it. Or hell let the devil deal with it, or buddha.

  149. The NFL has done a number on Ray. He is an extremely talented athlete with very high visibility, more so now, obviously. They are using him as a scapegoat when they should be using him as an example. Impose strict and harsh consequences with a huge fine but don’t take him out of the NFL. This is a potential PR opportunity of epic proportions for the NFL. He should not be incarcerated into the life of the general public ( we are all aware that incarceration does not equal rehabilitation) when the NFL can use him to promote programs for battered spouses. Yes, he will have to live with his mistake everyday this way but that will happen regardless. Have his wife start a foundation to heighten awareness of DV to teens and young adults! I don’t feel sorry for him one bit because what he did is deplorable but the NFL needs to take charge here and do the right thing!!! Show the children and public who hold these players in such high esteem that when you hurt someone or break the law it’s okay to get help. Use his powers for good!

    We live in a world where getting caught on camera can get you arrested or make you famous. Keep your personal issues at home. It’s called being discrete. And the fact that the author brought up the income. Really? Ray will land on his feet and he’ll still make more than 90% of Americans. The NFL should be proactive and not so knee jerk reactive here.

    And that’s all I have to say about that. ? I didn’t even know I had that much to say.

  150. Agree. It’s the HYPOCRISY of the process that annoys me. All I kept hearing was, “Burn the witch! Burn the witch!” If video of Ben Roethlisberger’s “incident” in that bar bathroom had been available, do you think he would still be playing? To say nothing of the players you mentioned in the article. Rice has essentially been banned for life for a first offense. He should sue the league.

    • And all I keep hearing is we have to stop the abuse of women like Janay whilst everyone has just successfully mentally and emotionally scarred her worse then her husband did. Soooo stupid.

  151. So let me ask this, is the proper reaction to this tape, no reaction at all? The public did not ask to see this . Should we all just turn our head and remain silent?

    • I personally think that this is a private issue between the couple, their families, the NFL and the authorities….the video should never have been made public because the public does not have the mental capacity to PROPERLY deal with this….just make assumptions, jump to conclusions and ruin their lives before they get a chance to make a choice for themselves.

      • I haven’t heard that the NFL or the Baltimore Ravens were asking for the publics’ opinion before they came down on him. They made those decisions on their own. Watching that video you can only make one assumption of what happened. It wasn’t too long ago that we saw another video of Beyoncé’s sister Solange Knowles attacking Jay-Z but Jay-Z didn’t reach out and punch her.

  152. Jessie, the public, and society, does have a say in what goes on in people’s marriages and their lives. This is why if someone stole from you, burned down your house, etc. they could still be prosecuted. It’s “the State” vs. the defendant, not John Doe vs. the defendant. It is why people can’t be married to more than one person at a time. I say that to emphasize that this isn’t about their marriage or their lives-it’s about a crime that was committed.

    Another part that I think was missing from your article was that abuse affects her and taints her response. If you had ever worked with abused females, you would know this. They defend their abusers, they refuse to press charges, they make excuses for them. Her responses are very typical of what abused women say-“it was always their first time, it’s always someone else’s fault, otherwise he is a great husband/provider.” What you say that her response is the only one that matters, this would be true if he wasn’t abusing her.

    We should be asking why the media and NFL went easy on the other players, not why they’re going “so tough” on Ray Rice. He hurt his marriage and career when he punched her and dragged her body for several feet.

  153. OJ was found not guilty in court for the murder of Nicole. I assume you think the public should have not changed their opinion of him either?

  154. I will start with this, IT IS NOT OKAY FOR A MAN NOR A WOMAN TO PUT THERE HANDS ON ONE ANOTHER!! I say that because regardless of whom hit whom first, you never know what may be going through the other persons mind at the time you strike them. You never know what their mental state is at that time. It could lead to something more permanent than a black eye, it could ultimately lead to DEATH!! Second, it’s being asked why do we as the public feel that whatever happens in Ray Rice and Janay’s marriage is our business? Well my answer to that is THEY made it out business! First when he became a professional football player that not only adults, but young children and teenagers alike look up to as a role model. Second, when they decided to take their problem(s) in their marriage out into the public arena. Let’s for just a minute put to the side what happened between he and his now wife and think about all the other celebrities that we as society demonize and judge because they choose to get on stage half naked and dance provacatively. I guess because they are married and now she’s calling for their privacy, we should give them what they want. If we can demonize and judge one celebrity for one behavior then why act surprised or shocked when we as society do it to all celebrities.

    • I totally agree Michelle. We shouldn’t be demonizing all celebrities for certain behaviors that involve their families and I also absolutely agree Michelle that Ray Rice’s actions are absolutely forcing me to get involved in their domestic disputes. In fact, he went one step further and came to my house and forced me (at gun point) to look it up, watch the video and comment on-line regarding his marital problems. Why does our society not take responsibility for it’s part in the cycle? Are we all innocent and not doing anything wrong when we engage in this road side accident peaking.

      Speaking of which, last year I rear ended a guy who slowed down and was checking out an accident on the side of the highway. The police has the balls to actually charge ME for hitting that guy when clearly it was the fault of the people who got into the accident. I mean, if they never got into the accident in the first place then I would not have rear ended that guy. I wonder why they didn’t accept my argument?

      Hmmmmm???? I wonder???

  155. I dont believe it was the first time he hit her either! What kind of human being would hit someone the first time…knock her out….and then drag her out of the elevator with a puzzled look on his face? If it was a single event, I cant help but believe after seeing he knocked her out, he would have been very concerned, bending down to see if she was ok, dead, fatally injured…something. Just another day in their life. Sad.

  156. To be honest I had never heard of Ray Rice or his wife Janay. But when I saw the video of what he did to her in that elevator, there’s no way in hell anyone should be able to do that to another human being, let alone a woman. What has now happened to Ray Rice, being let go from the Ravens and also being banned from the NFL is something that was not voted on by the public, this came from the franchise and from the owners of the team. Does the public have an opinion about it? Of course they do, no one wants to see someone get knocked out unless you’re watching a professional boxing match. I understand sometimes people make mistakes and can learn from them, but looking at the violence of that video, who’s to say that the next time he won’t just kill her!!

  157. God, this whole conversation is so circular and full of itself. I cannot believe that people are bemoaning the fact that “public opinion is scarring her”. She tacitly agreed to being “judged” by the public when she married a celebrity. The world over, people ALWAYS keep their eyes, ears, and tongues in the business of everyone from the local sheriff to the Queen. When you take a high profile, “celebrity” position, you ARE giving up certain rights to privacy and you know it. The incident in question happened BEFORE their marriage and yet she still married him. She was being stupid to go through with it because it has been proven generation after generation that if a man will abuse you once, he will continue to do so. She was most likely thinking only of the money. The actions taken against him will stop his multi-MILLION dollar contracts, but it will not KILL the two of them. With the money he made, they can both live comfortably for the rest of their lives and work out their problems as they see fit. However, this nonsense of “blame the public for having an opinion” is infuriating. The public is not a judge, jury, or the leadership of the NFL. The public is millions of chattering twits that all feel free to express their opinions. The first MADE these decisions… The second only voiced their feelings on the matter, nothing more. The courts/authorities do not make a final determination based on PUBLIC OPINION, they make it based on facts and laws. People seem to lose sight of the fact that he did this to himself and to her. She seems in the video to start the physical altercation herself, so she is also to blame in it. They both did themselves out of a lifetime of luxury, except that with that kind of money they can STILL invest it wisely and live more than decently for the rest of their lives. If he is banned for life, he did it to himself. If she is shamed by the whole affair, then she should ask herself very seriously why she went on and married him anyway? Victim, not victim? Greedy, not greedy? It really does not matter. They made their choices. Others are just reacting to what they see and leveling an opinion based on their perspective. She should have kept her hands to herself, and so should he. You HAVE to know that when you are a celebrity people are watching. You also HAVE to know that when you are IN PUBLIC nothing is private, even if you are a nobody. The persons so outraged by the whole thing should examine why they are outraged and then follow their hearts to do things like work against domestic violence, or perhaps (idiotic as it may seem) to work for the privacy of the celebrities in our midst. Personally, I think professional sports has been plagued by thugs and lowlifes, and it is time for all pro sports to clean house and stop accepting that their players will behave badly. It seems that honor is no longer alive and well in sports, which is much the shame. We now venerate a cadre of punks and overpaid miscreants. Such a shame…

  158. I agree with you Jessie. whoever released the video to TMZ must be one of those people that didn’t agree with the punishment given. That person played god for a second and made his home issues worse. How is he going to provide for his family with that stigma. . Hitting a man or a woman is wrong but we do not know the full events of that night and no one stepped in to prevent this from happening. But We do know that they were drinking. How do we know she didn’t hit him first and/or say some foul stuff and he tried to warn her to stop or walk away. People need to understand that if you hit someone expect a reaction of getting hit back. NFL should not have reissued a punishment after the first decision. They had to fire him once that video came out because their money will decline and the owners can’t have that smh. With this new rule, I think other NFL players that have domestic violence charges need new punishments.

    • With his hefty paycheck comes a sense of loyalty and responsibility to his employer(ravens and above them the nfl). His actions represent the league and the sport as a whole. You might be upset because your favorite team doesn’t have one of there best players but he deserves everything that is coming to him. How can a man who’s job is to be as big and as strong as possible ever even think of hitting a woman. By the way he hit and treated her after he hit her, it is obvious that he is not someone worth defending. So look above your great love of football and look to the message that cases such as this presents to our society.

  159. what he did was wrong, many people have problems in their relationship this dude just got caught. it’s the same thing as if I seen a man slapping a woman in public he’d probably lose his teeth if I’d seen it. but again look at Vick, he kicked dogs and is back to playing. taking his job? maybe little much but a suspension? hell no suspend his ass. but ray is a representation of the Ravens, if they let the shit slide then what do they look like?

  160. This isn’t about them anymore. If you allow him to come back your giving the horrible image that as long as the female is okay being hit around it is okay. In domestic violence cases most females return to the man after the abuse happens. Does this make the abuse okay? Hell no. So please look above football and realize that in a working society these things should not be condoned. Do not let profit destroy the morality of society. Morality is much more difficult to recover than some lost profit.

  161. You know, the last domestic violence case that got this much media attention was OJ Simpson, maybe we just found out before it was too late, before another Nicole? I think that’s what everybody should concentrate on, screw the football side of it for now…when I saw the video, first thing I thought about was that this was NOT the first time this happened…..any normal woman, for this to be the first time, would have freaked out when she came too….and the look on Ray’s face, should explain the whole thing….his wife is seeing, for the first time unless she actually viewed the video beforehand, seeing what Ray did while she was knocked out….this has happened before…that’s what is scary, perhaps they need to correct that problem before letting Ray return to the field…he could be the next OJ….I wonder how many of OJ’s close friends expected the scenario?

    • so he was suppose to leave his wife in the elevator unconscious listen to yourself, bottom line there cant be a double standard if he is banned then the other players named need to be banned too point blank period

  162. The public did have a right to be involved in a video of a public figure that went public!! That’s what I don’t think you get. This man is paid a very hefty salary to be a public figure as are most professional athletes and yes, the bar is higher. And yes, all of those other instances should be dealt with as harshly, but especially if their acts of violence and bad behavior go public because they are in the public eye and the public (yes, the fans) pay for those salaries. You want to live a private life? Then do so. You are not dragged into professional sports or the public eye – you go there willingly to make the big bucks and with that comes a responsibility. You don’t want it? No problem. Go get a regular job like the rest of us schmo’s and do what you want to do. It really is that simple. There’s a higher bar. You don’t want to reach for it – your choice. But if you decide to, then I have a right, yes, a right, to judge you on whether you are worthy of it, whether I want my kids idolizing you, watching you, learning from you. The public eye is a harsh world, but you asked to be in it – we didn’t force you! So put on your big boy pants and measure up or get out!!

      • There are a lot of comments here that are on point. There is no denying the logistics pertaining to the right or wrong of the action. However, this is first and foremost, a criminal matter. Ray Rice went through the process, and at the correction stage, he was diverted to a counseling program. Corrections is the key word here, as in correcting one’s behavior. The criminal justice system’s goal should be to rehabilitate, not simply punish. The greatest good for the greatest number of people is to reform individuals that can be reformed. If our system acts as a system of revenenge, then after the convicted has served his time, without treatment he returns to society as the same person or worse than when he left it. This usually means that another member of society is at risk to become that person’s victim too. It is in our best interest as a society to treat, not just punish. A person has to ask himself, how does taking Ray Rice’s job, changing his life and family dynamics, make society safer in the end? The systems ultimate goal is to reduce criminal conduct in order to increase public safety. From what I have seen on television, this has not been the goal. Instead the goal appears to be satisfaction political agenda’s and to exact revenge. At the end of the day, this correctional philosophy is more likely to impede Ray Rice’s efforts to change, than to aid them.

    • Your kids ought not to idolize any sports figure (or any man). What the heck for!? All they do so play a game.

  163. I had never heard of Ray Rice before the storm broke over his abuse of his wife. No reason that I should I live in the UK and he is an american ‘sportsman’, something I have less than zero interest in. What I will say though is that if you are a ‘public figure’ who acts out your abuse in public then you deserve every condemnation. I must say I have little sympathy or respect for a woman who stands up for her abuser. I recently retired after 30 years as a cop and have seen far too many women trapped in abusive relationships to have sympathy for a women who has all the resources necessary to protect herself and her children from her violent thug of a husband.

    It is unlikely that this was the first instance of abuse in their relationship and it is unlikely to be the last! Oh and your comment about Rice losing his income doesn’t hold water in any part of the real world. This is a man who earned more in a month than most people earn in a lifetime. I doubt they will be fighting to keep the wolf from the door

  164. This was not private it was caught on Tape in a public elevator, NOT in their home. It became public knowledge when he decided to let his temper get the best of him in an Public elevator. He wasn’t even smart enough to realize there might be a camera in there for the safety of citizens. So don’t give the readers your sappy story about staying out of the lives of others, perhaps we would if this hadn’t taken place in a PUBLIC Elevator smh…..

  165. Your opinion is asinine, for one I am sure the public would rather see anyone convicted or caught committing domestic violence to be shunned by the media, but the relevancy and facts are usually the media boasts only about news that can infuriate the public. Personally I call for McDonald to spend part of his life behind bars…as well as Chris Brown. Although Chris Brown didn’t make excuses like Jayne and Ray for the actions he committed. Brown didn’t expect to be reaculmated into the public, he was embarrassed and went to anger management before attempting to get back into our “graces” but let’s be honest no one trusts that he is a completely changed man. The Rice couple and you are acting like it is the media and the public to blame for Ray Rice’ actions. He’s to blame, if he can’t shut up and accept the consequences of his actions than he seriously is not a real man. I personally don’t care about a marriage to a couple who are so afraid to lose their millions that they are begging the world to forgive a barbaric action. Domestic violence is wrong and anyone who commits it deserves their consequences, I don’t care how famous they are.

    • Rayna Smith according to your logic then, all of the sins, mistakes, whatever you have made in your life, should also be held against you until the day you are no longer on this earth (condemnation)… don’t believe in grace/mercy for others, then no grace/mercy you should receive.

  166. Well the point you most definitely proved is that the NFL is a fucking joke organization. Actually disgusting. And those athletes… the same. I can’t with that whole organization thinking they can do whatever the fuck they wanna do above the law and get away with it. Its a disgrace to the American citizens.

  167. Not our fault the bitch chose to stay with that brute rather than leave him after the first offense. She is so desperate for attention she will do ANYTHING for It.

  168. This article is simply foolish. You can be sure I will never read anything else you write. I don’t see how anyone can attack the general public for taking a stand against domestic violence. You have laced your article with an “I agree” here and there but the moral of your story is. We (the public) are ruining their marriage because he is beating her up! Should we (the public), ignore just how hard he hits her? He is a man that my son would look up to, because my son sees him playing ball every week. He is supposed to be representing what an upstanding man is all about. Now I have to explain to my son, that the “Public Figure” standing before him is a coward who beats his wife. And his wife is typical of any victim saying stating “he loves me” “he loves me”. But we all can see him knocking her out and not caring enough to pick her up off of the floor. Now you tell me..Is this a marriage worth saving???

  169. Your issue is with the Ravens not the public. The Ravens are who let Ray go. The public is free to express their opinions about whatever the issue is, and let’s face it, they couldn’t have done this without the help of the media and the police publishing the tape. Your issue is with the Ravens, the police and the media. All of those examples that are listed in your article are just ridiculous. I’m sure they happened in different states that have different laws concerning domestic violence and the teams are different as well. It is sad that Janay had to relive this subject, and I can sympathize there, but not when you’re not making the accused responsible for their part. Maybe you should have wrote this article back when all of those other players commuted their crimes and then Ray wouldn’t be in this situation. The only person responsible for this situation is Ray Rice. What was handed to him was a result of HIS action, not the public.

  170. OK, Ray Rice drew back and punched his wife or girlfriend (whatever she is to him) in the face and knocks her out cold in the casino elevator which by the way is a public place and knowing they have cameras and it is the publics fault….NOT….Plain and simple, he is a grown man and knows right from wrong and I strongly believe this is not the first time this has happened. Public did not do this to him, he did it to himself . What goes around comes around and I truly believe that. If Mr. Rice and his companion do not want the public to know their business I strongly advise to keep their doings tightly behind close doors but I have a feeling she just may not walk away from this next time, it will be a bad ending and their poor child will be left with no parents.

  171. I guess I’m in the minority. There marriage is not my business, I don’t know what is best for strangers. Maybe I too have low self esteem, because I wont judge a situation without all of the facts. I’m not that b self righteous. A 3 minute video of an argument doesn’t define a relationship of ten years. Most of you are going to condemn me, but if I were Janay I would tell you all to kiss my “grits.” I won’t condone their actions and I won’t condemn them either.

  172. I would so love to learn about the context about 2-3 months before and after this incident but even then… I STILL MIGHT NOT KNOW THE REAL PICTURE!!! WAKE UP MORONS! Hello narcissistic morons but most people like to HIDE their flaws. So I would say that Ray was trying to hide any scant trace of domestic instability from the press… duh. I think that most people have a point at which they will snap… Do not and will not know if this was at play in that elevator. But really don’t we all owe it to everyone to at least CHECK THIS OUT???? I could name so many NFL “greats” who were TOTAL asses to their loved ones? Shall we start retroactively suspending them????

    • And I’m not apologizing for him. I think his behavior was disgusting. BUT. Look at what he stood for before. WTF? It does not add up. so either he was a fraud in total or we are hypocrites. I’ll frankly go with the latter. I hate what this has done for sports, football, the Ravens, and most Definitely the damage that this has done to their marriage( I wish him and his wife the very best!) Hopefully they can rebuild after this debacle.

  173. Thus argument has some string and pretty valid points but lacks some thought. Just because other people committed the same if not worse crimes and were not punished for it does not mean that rice should be handed a pass. What he did was utterly disturbing and regardless of the video or not, the NFL should have handled this much more better. I am a die hard football fan and I am also a woman. For years ongoing now I have felt that several NFL players have been given a slap on the wrist when it comes to the handling of all sorts of crimes. It is inexcusable and it’s time for some changes. Men who do these kinds of things should not be promoted on national television.
    Now to your point about their marriage. This is going to sound cold, but unfortunately this is how famous people live their lives. Once you open yourself to the public eye you must be prepared to deal with either praise or ridicule. No one is telling them to separate and no one is telling Mrs. Rice to end ger marriage or to no longer back her husband. However, it was her decision to make it seem that domestic violence is ok. As a society it is our choice to either denounce or agree with her point of view. Sadly for her most people think that domestic violence should never be tolerated.
    At the end of this I just hope that society as a whole begins to pay more attention to these kinds of initiatives and that people as a whole begin to think of what messages we a re sending out with our actions and choice of words.

  174. That was not domestic abuse, an attack, or anything like that. It was 2 ppl that were both drunk and in the heat of a passionate verbal fight of some sort. Since there is no audio, we really don’t know the whole story. He could have told her “back up” or “leave me alone” or “don’t hit me and spit on me”! What we do know is that they squared off in the elevator and ray took a step back and then janay charged forward. In an enclosed space, there was nowhere to run, so he could not walk away as so many have suggested. So when u have a wildly drunk aggressive person attacking u, the natural fight reflex kicks in which is coded in on a genetic level. She could have dug her fingers into his eyes and gouged them out or kneed him in the balls, or crushed his throat! All those things can take place in a split second. In a court of law I’m quite sure that the aggressor is the one who charges forward, not the person who takes a step back. She took it to the physical level. She had a choice! She is the smaller weaker person, and a normal thought should have been, “this guy can fuck me up, don’t do it”. That’s what runs thru my head before I get into it with someone way bigger. No one places and responsibility or accountability on the female ever. Before ray was forced to react to a crazy drunk charging woman, she had a choice to come at him or not to. She chose wrong and got laid out. She could have not attacked him. She could have not spit at him. She could have walked away. She could have not forgave him and married him. All kinds of choices she made. Bad one IMO. So will anyone here admit that she made plenty of mistakes too and should be held accountable?

  175. I love that this article is expressing my exact feelings on this. We making a big deal out of this for nothing. Yes he was wrong but what about the other NFL players involved in domestic violence why haven’t they lost their careers, they should be thrown under the bus too. Oh i forgot they aren’t black and werent caught on tape. Y’all need to leave this family alone, she a grown ass women who can choose for her self, she doesn’t need the world sticking their nose in to punish him. Besides don’t we still have the issue of michael brown, trayvon martin, and all the other young black men who have been wrongfully killed at hand. But most of the people who mad at the NFL for this ray rice issue haven’t even protest on the behalf of Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown but you mad at ray rice. They tried to send a message to the public right after this got out by getting married. But y’all ain’t see it. Let’s move on from this plz.

  176. There are many things that can be said about these two, but it’s simple: when you become a public figure, such as a NFL player; which is always in risk of scrutinization by the public eye, you just don’t make mistakes like the one these two have made. We didn’t potentially ruin their marriage. They did it to themselves by allowing themselves to behave that way, especially in public. Now they have to suffer whatever consequences come from their OWN actions. I could never behave like that as a mother, father. teacher, banker, police officer, or any other profession without being indicted with risk of losing my career..why should a member of a nationally known Leaugue suffer any less than I? I’m sorry that they must go through this because it’s hard, even if they actually love each other after he knocked her out cold and dragged her out of an elevator (which sounds stupid saying that out loud, and actually puts women’s rights against domestic violence back several years), but, again, Ray and Janay Rice put themselves in the situation they’re in now. We had nothing to do with those idiots.

  177. This is the issue I have with the world, we are all quick to past judgement on each other , but are any of us perfect? Some of you have done things you are not proud of, the only difference your dirty laundry is not aired. Goes to show you how crazy the world is, when the video came out with Solange and Jay Z the public critics made fun of him because he didn’t fight back. So many videos were made making fun of the situation. Now you have a man who hits a women and it’s off with their heads. Yeeeessssss, the hit was brutal and he should be punished, but who are we to sit here and past judgement as if our shit don’t stank. Just ask yourself where would you be without your second chance regardless the situation????

  178. How come the “alleged victim” has not been arrested yet for some type of conspiracy-charge as she was the ultimate reason for the assault to begin with. People quickly forget that the reason for most batterings is brought on by the alleged victim, and that person should be held accountable just as an offender should be held accountable for their despicable crimes.

  179. The reason I care, and the reason I feel we should all care is twofold. 1. Like it or not, NFL players are role models for our children. We watch football together, we play football together, and kids look up to football players as examples and models of behavioral norms. I care even if ray’s wife is willing to forgive, because it sends the message that that behavior is forgivable. Without all the media scrutiny, and public outrage that followed, children and some adults for that matter, are likely to see that as something with little or no serious impact on ones life. Based on the video, ray and his girlfriend/wife have been there before. Knowing the psychological consequences of abuse, the cycle is rarely broken with forgiveness, an apology, and a slap on the wrist punishment. She is a classic battered woman. Instantly defensive of the man that quite nearly killed her. One random snap in the wrong direction and at best she is quadriplegic.
    2. The mere fact that the full video was known to the NFL, and NFL leadership felt a two game suspension was adequate, is a disgusting study in deception of the public and misdirection for the sake of the almighty dollar. Although it would be nearly impossible to hurt the NFL or the Ravens in the pocket book with the suspension of one player, the NFL felt it necessary to evade full disclosure to the general public(those that actually pay the bill for the NFL to exist) and give an almost meaningless punishment to a man who disgraces the plight of abused women everywhere…..including his own wife. In so doing, the NFL likewise cheapens and insulted the truly horrific experience of a woman imprisoned by physical and psychological abuse. We as fans will get over it, and a suitable punishment could have been dealt and served, and treatment, therapy blah blah blah. But it wasn’t. And honesty with “us” was not forthcoming. That erodes trust. Trust between the fans and the organizations of the ravens and the NFL. Trust takes a long time to build, and an instant to destroy.

    THOSE are my reasons. And although you make some valid points regarding the hippocracy of decision making at the executive levels of the NFL, your conclusion that the rest of us are wrong to be angry and have a say I feel is misguided. Clearly, the NFL must get better at expecting high standards of behavior from their players. And I for one would be overjoyed to see Ray and Janay fix this broken part of their lives, and spend the energy to jump through hoops and prove it to the public. At this point, I even feel they are obligated to do so.

    • Them working on their problems is a better message to our children then just losing can make a mistake and learn from it and send a message to men in that type of relationship to get help if you really love your wife and want it ro work out..losing your job only hurts the wife and child more.

  180. I have been . Echoing this same oopinion. You are one point 100%..TMZ ESPN are just as abusive to Janay as her husband was that night…they invaded their privacy and forcing them to relive a traumatic event in their lives and trying to use their short comings to push am agenda regaredless of how much it cost them emotionally. ..they should be the ones to share their story with the world if they deem it necessary.

  181. I like how if someone has the guts to say this the majority of people commenting agree. But when the article is the reverse everyone agrees with that so it APPEARS that’s what the public wants.

    That’s why we shouldn’t put any faith in social media it’s manipulative at best and doesn’t show the true public outcry.

    I also think it’s stupid of obama to say “any guy who hits a woman isn’t a man” or what ever. That has nothing to do with being a man. NO ONE should hit anyone. Why generalize it and make it sexist. No woman should hit a woman no man should hit a man no woman should hit a man………..

    But it happens. No need to stereotype it and say someones not a man for hitting a woman. there are women out there who can knock some men on their asses. Some women deserve it. If they want to hit a man he has the RIGHT to defend himself with out social bias.

    • I love your comment. .we say we want equality and we want to play inthe NFL amd MBA….now we say treat us different …no one should be treated like that..if verbal turns to physical need take a step back and deal with the issues that are causes frustration and breakdown of communication in your relationship. .get help if you want to save it…I love Obama but he was dead wrong and signing bills on equality. works both ways ..equal. pay, equal ass whipping. .lol

  182. Taking away his income will present a financial situation? That’s a stretch. He was a professional football player. Those guys get payed more than we could ever imagine. I think he’ll be fine for a while.

  183. Well said. These self righteous people are a joke. Especially some of these women who will talk crap about rice and then shake their backsides to rap artists that degrade them. Spare me the self righteous rhetoric.

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