Beyonce’s Pregnancy Makes Instagram History!

World-renowned pop culture artist Beyonce took to Instagram Feb. 1 to announce her pregnancy. Announcing that she was pregnant…with TWINS was a classic Beyonce move, too, as there was no prior forewarning or notification to the public. Though, fans should have expected that based on Beyonce’s lack of announcement concerning her past two album debuts: Beyonce and Lemonade.

Back in 2011, Beyonce announced her first pregnancy after a performance at the Video Music Awards.

The Instagram photo Beyonce posted literally became the most-liked image in Instagram history with 8.6 million likes and counting, and checked off all the points when it came to the fertility and femininity seen in maternity shoots. In the first picture revealed on social media, she is kneeling in a garden with a green veil draped over her head, hand holding her belly. She dons a pair of blue underwear and a burgundy bra with pink bows on the straps. There is some suspicion that Beyonce’s mismatch outfit is a sign that she will have both a boy and a girl.


Regardless of gender, once Beyonce gives birth to her twins, she will have three children. On social media, some fans are joking that Beyonce will even form her own mini Destiny’s Child group.

There are more photos of Beyonce under water, in different fabrics, surrounded by her hair, with her bare belly shining. Other pictures show her and her daughter Blue Ivy. Beyonce is in her undergarments again and covered in flowers, reaching out and exchanging them with her daughter. Blue Ivy is seen with long braids and beads in her hair, a change from her usual afro.

But the world still wants to know whether Beyonce will be performing at this year’s Coachella or not. Many think that the twins will be here by the time Coachella comes, especially since she has already signed a contract. However, Coachella representatives say they have yet to receive confirmation since the pregnancy news. The artist already confirmed her performance at the Grammys, so fans are curious to see how and what she will perform.

It’s pretty safe to say Beyonce will definitely give her all during the performance, though. C’mon, she sang and danced full force in stilettos when she was about six months pregnant with Blue Ivy.