Celebrities React to Donald Trump Presidency

Last week’s election results created turmoil in many states of the country. Despite Hillary Clinton’s popular vote win, Donald Trump was elected as the next president of the United States. Because pre-polling projections overwhelmingly pointed to Clinton winning, much of the country, including many celebrities and public figures, were left in shock, disbelief and horror.

In such a polarized election, many celebrities, who may have remained silent about their political party in other elections, publicly endorsed a candidate. Miley Cyrus went campaigning at George Mason University to encourage some lucky students to vote for Hillary, for example. And Ellen DeGeneres had something to say, too.

Leading up to election day, videos of celebrities encouraging people to vote went viral on the internet. Aziz Ansari made one. Matt McGorry made one. Even Bill Nye made one. One star-studded PSA featured over two dozen actors and actresses, including Robert Downey Jr., James Franco, Neil Patrick Harris and Scarlett Johansson. Even the cast of Hamilton made a parody to a song from the show about the importance of voting.

“How many celebrites have made these stupid f***ing videos?” Aziz Ansari yelled during his version, urging viewers to vote in addition to all the other videos made by celebrities who are “way more famous.”

Once the election results were announced, many celebrities took to social media to express their reaction. Amy Schumer, who had publicly announced that she was #withher, posted a series Instagrams in response to the results, which encouraged others to donate to Planned Parenthood in Mike Pence’s name.

Done and done @ppact

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Other notable celebrities, including Shonda Rhimes, Ariana Grande and Rashida Jones, vented on Twitter.

While many were fearful, overall, famous and non-famous people alike have used this election to look towards messages of hope.