Choker Trend Still Going Strong This Fall Season

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As of 2016, the choker trend has once again resurged in its popularity. This style is just one of the many other ’90s throwback trends that have reappeared in today’s fashion.

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While the trend began on the fashion runway, it gained interest among celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Rihanna and Taylor Swift.

What makes the look so popular is its throwback to a particular time and space in ’90s culture. “I think they represent 90’s grunge, which is a trend that’s being brought back, and I really like it,” said junior criminology major Caroline Hecker.

Additionally, chokers are also extremely versatile. It is easy for any person to find a choker that adheres to their style and make it look trendy, from simple vintage black chokers to chokers with velvet, lace or dangling pendants.

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Even though more people are following suit of others by wearing chokers, not everyone feels as crazed about their style. People like graduate broadcast journalism student Faye Curran think this trend is too repetitive. “If there was…a newer feature or style to chokers, I would be more inclined to wear one,” said Curran.

According to BuzzFeed, one random college student decided to go against the norm of purchasing a choker, because she thought the style resembled more of a shoelace, or a piece of string.  The woman took one of her Nike shoelaces and decided to tie it around her neck and wear it out. She received a ton of compliments.


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Although some mock the choker trend, others rock it unapologetically. It’s all about finding the style of choker that best suits you.