Clubs try to stand out, expand at First Look Fair

Photo by: Courtney Williams, freshman English major

Last week, over 500 clubs, groups and organizations filled the McKeldin Mall with tables full of freebies, email sign-ups and fliers to attract new members to join them in doing what they love.

A lot of hard work goes into the fair.

“I am the volunteer coordinator, (my job is) making individual contacts with people who are part of a group or first look fairs or just individuals themselves – making people aware that we are an arboretum,” Meg Smolinski from the campus arboretum said.

A lot of opinions form by students based on what they see at the fair, it’s a determiner for what they get involved in for the next year.

“(The fair) was overwhelming but I am excited to get involved in organizations I care about and meet people with similar interests to me,” freshman art history major Emma Margolis said. “These clubs seem like a great way to get involved and expand your social circle.”

The fair is not only an opportunity for students to spread themselves out, but also for clubs to grow.

“We had 150 people sign up (on Wednesday),” Albert Kim from the Korean Student Association said. “We accept anyone, you don’t have to be Korean to join the Korean student association, and as long as you have a small interest you can come out to events. We don’t try to be specific.”

Because of the size of the fair, the various clubs and groups had to make sure they stood out to all the passersby.

“Everyone was bribing us with free stuff and candy, they would personally approach you, some clubs even shouted really ridiculous things to get people to stop and pay attention to them,” Margolis said.

For the most part, though, clubs just want people who are already into what they do to become a part of their organization and enrich all of the things they do.

“We just like to advertise our events, we don’t actively seek new members,” Kim said. “So whoever wants to come will come.

Featured image courtesy of Courtney Williams.