College Park’s Kung Fu Tea Sweetly Expands Route 1 Bubble Tea Options

For all you bubble tea lovers out there, Kung Fu Tea is now open to the College Park area. Located between Big Planet Comics and Kiyoko Express off of Route One, Kung Fu Tea is a small and trendy tea bar with a menu full of options to meet your bubble tea needs.

The tea house’s opening is bringing business competition to surrounding restaurants that also serve the popular tapioca ball beverage, namely Ten Ren’s Tea Time and Wasabi, which are past fan favorites.

Courtesy of Yelp.

However, whereas those businesses also sell food, Kung Fu tea only sells tea.

Kung Fu Tea is a quaint space where you can go for casual hangouts with friends, do homework or grab tea on the go.

So, how does the tea compare to existing bubble tea bars? I purchased the milk taro tea and it was actually great. I chose to opt out of the bubbles since I am not a fan of tapioca, and adding bubbles is an additional 50 cents, but the tea itself was delicious! Not too sweet or overwhelming, and preferable over Ten Ren’s.

Over all, I would recommend trying the new place out for yourself. They currently have four and a half stars out of five on Yelp and are open from 12 pm to 11 pm every day of the week. Go check them out at 7313 Baltimore Ave!

Courtesy of Yelp.