D.C.’s Sugar Factory Delivers Both Hits, Misses (Review)

Ever since I saw that picture of Kylie Jenner posing next to The Sugar Factory’s signature Goblet drink, I knew I wanted to go.

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I went through endless Google pages to find out where the nearest one was located. Unfortunately, at the time, the closest one was in New York. But since I wasn’t old enough to drink then, I wasn’t too bummed out. I had forgotten about it for a while, until my friend said she wanted to go there for her 21st birthday. I fired Google back up and found that the franchise recently opened another restaurant here in the nation’s capitol. After looking through pictures and reading rave reviews, I was excited.

Location: 0/2

Courtesy: photography by Jennie Aguilar.

As we got ready to go, I noticed the location said Union Station. I hadn’t really thought anything of it until we arrived, but it is literally what it sounds like: A train station. Why did they choose to put The Sugar Factory there? I don’t know. But one thing’s for sure, I’m not a fan. The business itself is small. It is nothing like the pictures you see when you search The Sugar Factory through Google Images. When you look through the glass windows, you can literally see its entirety. The inside, however, is nicely decorated and colorful. But for a business like this, a D.C. location such as Georgetown or Dupont would have been much nicer.

Menu: 1/2

Courtesy: photography by Jennie Aguilar.

I’ve known about The Sugar Factory for a while, so I’ve looked through the online menu a few times. I was pretty disappointed when I realized that they don’t actually sell food at the DC location. It probably has something to do with the overall size and its inability to meet the demand, but it literally cuts the menu in half, leaving only drink options.

If you have never looked through one of their menus, you might also be taken aback by the price of the beverages. The Goblet drink alone is $39. But considering the size of the drink and alcohol content, it’s not too bad. A smaller option like a martini costs $17.

Service: 2/2

Aside from the terrible location (can you tell that was the worst part?), the people there were great. Everyone was friendly and wanted you to have a good time. They even gave my friend a free birthday shot (considering the price, that was greatly appreciated). There was hardly any wait time and the presentation of each drink was amazing.

Taste: 2/2

Courtesy: photography by Jennie Aguilar.

Now this was the best part. If you’re looking for a drink with a lot of booze and no trace of its taste, look no further. I had Ocean Blue and I couldn’t taste the alcohol, but most importantly the sweetness wasn’t overbearing. I also enjoyed the gummy sharks swimming inside.

Additionally, I had one of their famous chocolate martinis; the Caramel Macchiato Martini is to die for!

Experience: 1/2

If you’re looking to go out for drinks with your friends, I completely recommend this place. It’s lots of fun and the drinks are amazing. The only bad part I experienced at the DC location was the fact that they didn’t have some ingredients to make certain drinks. One of my friends was looking at the shakes, but the place didn’t have a lot of the ice cream flavors to make them.

Overall, I give The Sugar Factory DC a 6/10. The experience was fun but a lot of things could have made it better. If you’re looking to celebrate a 21st birthday, The Sugar Factory would be a great first stop on your list of places to go.