Deadpool: A Movie For Non-Superhero Movie Fans

Within the first 15 minutes of watching Deadpool, I saw enough blood and guts to last me the rest of the movie.

Unfortunately for my squeamish gut, way more was to come. But besides the abundance of gruesome fighting scenes, I thought the movie was pretty awesome.

I’m not a person who watches many “superhero” movies. Sure, Christian Bale is one of the best Batmans and I did see the first Iron Man movie on a plane heading back from London, but I just don’t particularly care for them. Certainly not enough to cough up $10 or more each time one comes out.

Deadpool seemed to be the one superhero movie I should watch though, despite not knowing anything about him. I knew he looked kind of like Spiderman, but that was it. I had no real expectations going into the theater, beyond knowing it wasn’t appropriate for kids in the slightest.

Many superhero movies lack humor; Deadpool was an exception. He was funny, self-deprecating and made wildly inappropriate jokes that I will hopefully remember later for my friends.

The plot wasn’t exactly the most original: man meets women, man fights bad guys, man might win or lose his love in the end. I won’t give away everything, but it was everything I expected.

But even throughout all the cliches, I couldn’t help but root for Deadpool. He might not have considered himself a superhero or a good guy, but he still deserved a happy ending. Wink wink.

Rating: 8/10


Humor. There’s a joke just about every time Deadpool speaks.

Intense action. Plenty of graphic, fast-paced fight scenes.

Romance. Love conquers all.


Gore. Watching beheadings and stabbings isn’t my favorite thing.

Dizzying camera work. Sometimes the fight scenes were all over the place and hard to keep up with.

Cliched plot. If you’re looking for some interesting, out-of-the-box plot…watch something else.


I would recommend this for anyone who doesn’t mind gore and likes crude humor. This is not the movie for children or anyone who doesn’t like seeing blood. I want to add on there should be trigger warnings of torture in this movie as well.