Drug Cartel Drama “Narcos” Set to Move Past Pablo Escobar

The drug cartel drama lives! Even as Pablo Escobar’s life comes to an end.

Netflix aired its second season of Narcos this month and it received fantastic reviews. The streaming service didn’t take long to announce its renewal of the show for a third and fourth season.

But there’s a twist (spoiler alert). Pablo Escobar, the infamous drug kingpin and primary antagonist of the show, dies at the end of season two, which leaves fans at a precarious cliff-hanger.

For those who aren’t familiar with Narcos, get on with the bandwagon. The Netflix original true-crime series is based on real events that occurred within the drug-trafficking business, starting from the late 1970s.  The first two seasons of the show, which are narrated from the opposing side of the drug business, focus on the Medellin drug cartel and its leader Pablo Escobar.

So what does this mean with respect to Narcos‘ future?

From the start of the show back in August 2015, Narcos has shed light on the war-on-drugs. It has told a story that makes it easy for viewers to understand the domino effect of a drug business that spread all throughout Columbia, as well as the rest of the world. By continuing the story beyond Pablo Escobar, we can start digesting the long and complicated drug-trafficking business.

Pablo Escobar’s story was just one chapter of what the rest of the show entails. There will be many drug lords down the line and the overall drug war has gone through many phases. Narcos has a lot of room to grow, while going down different paths with regard to drug trafficking.

Who knows, if the show lasts long enough, we may even see its adaptation of the current drug war happening in Mexico and Central America.