Future Drops An Album… 2X!

Atlanta rapper Future released both his fourth and fifth albums, respectively self-titled Future and HNDRXX within the last two weeks. Normally, artists tend to use self-titled albums for their first release. However, Future decided to do something a little different, especially when deciding to release two always only one week apart from each other.

A variety of popular producers such as Metro Boomin, Zaytoven, DY, Southside, Tarentino and DJ Tinz helped create Future. The album has no features from other artists. It’s all Future on the tracks, creating an 808 boom, warped synth and jittery rhyme type-sound. Future brings back the trap feel that many fans were scared he had lost. HNDRXX on the other hand, features artists such as the Weeknd and Rihanna, and includes slower, more R&B-styled songs. Fans have separated the two in saying that Future is good for parties, and HNDRXX is good for the soul.

Future opens with the song “Rent Money,” a fan favorite according to Apple Music ratings. The song discusses multiple tasks Future accomplished, and lengths he had to endure to get money to pay the rent in his home. It’s reminiscent of his older trap tone, which brings back memories for listeners. “Draco” is another popular song. The song goes into details about how growing up in Atlanta, Future’s weapons would protect him from dangers he encountered in the streets. “Mask Off” takes on similar themes, as Future talks about removing the mask that he used to cover his face while he committed crimes in his youth.

The majority of the 17 tracks on Future talk about measures or experiences Future had that brought him to the place he is today. For example, “When I Was Broke” talks about the rapper’s dreams before he became famous and all the struggles he went through,as well as a young woman who held him down through the process.

HNDRXX is a slower work, less focused on party atmosphere. A few of the top songs from HNDRXX are “Damage,” “Fresh Air,” and “Selfish.” “Damage” discusses Future’s relations with a special lady. “Fresh Air” emphasizes how the rapper takes advantage of opportunities in his life and uses them to capitalize on his need for independence. “Selfish,” again discusses relations with a woman, but adds an extra bit of star power with harmonies between Future and Rihanna.