“Gilmore Girls: A Year in The Life” Trailer Release Prompts Speculation, Fan Theories

Ever since news announced that Gilmore Girls would be revived for a four-part Netflix mini series, fans have been anxiously awaiting to find out the fate of the show’s beloved characters during the near decade-long hiatus. Promotional posters that released in October and other circulating pictures teased what might happen, but the release of the first official trailer finally gave us some clues about what we will see Nov.25.

The trailer packs seven seasons of nostalgia into less than three minutes, debuting the return of almost all original cast members, without feeling trite. Within the first few seconds, we see that the Gilmore girls are still their same old fast-talking, junk food-eating selves, but their witty pop culture references have been updated to current speed. The release has sparked rumors about what’s to come in Stars Hollow.

Here are the biggest things we learned from the trailer, and what they might mean:

Luke and Lorelai are together. And they’re “happy.”

Though it seemed likely, given the picture released earlier of them holding hands, the trailer itself confirmed that the show’s pivotal couple is still together.

Courtesy of International Business Times.
Courtesy of International Business Times.

However, just as we were celebrating the existence of true love, Lorelai potentially crushes our dreams. Her hesitation after saying that she and Luke are “happy,” and admittance that she feels a little lost might mean trouble in paradise. Why must bad things happen to good people? Also, who is that woman she was confiding in? A couple’s therapist, maybe?

All of Rory’s exes are back, in some shape or form.

Again, we knew that the actors were rumored to be returning, but seeing clips of Jess, Dean and Logan was a good confirmation that they’ll still be playing a part in Rory’s life. Just how big a part is the question. Jess was the only boyfriend Rory is seen talking to in the trailer. Could that mean the fan-favorite couple will reunite in their 20s? The description of Rory’s “vagabond” life suggests that she’s single when the show begins, but that doesn’t exclude the possibility of her getting back together with one of her former beaus during the year, or perhaps meeting a brand new guy.

The boys are back, and they’re all grown up. Courtesy of: tvinsider.com

Richard is gone, but definitely not forgotten.

The death of actor Edward Herrmann meant the Gilmore girls had to say goodbye to their beloved father, husband and grandfather Richard. The trailer shows Emily handling it as well as she can— meaning, she bought a larger-than-life painting of him and is wearing jeans. Jeans and a t-shirt. The cemetery scene left viewers speculating if the show will discuss how and when Richard passed away. Perhaps something related to the heart attack he had in season seven?

Courtesy of: bustle.com
Courtesy of: bustle.com

Other important things to note:

  • Many familiar faces will be back including Michel, Kirk, Taylor, Gypsie, and Sookie.
  • Rory’s back at Chilton, and so is Paris. Are they teachers there, or maybe returning for a high school reunion?
  • Lorelai and Rory are holding coffee cups from Al’s Pancake World, not Luke’s. The only other times the Gilmore ladies used to seek out coffee from alternate establishments were when Luke and Lorelai were in a fight, so this could potentially affirm that they’re having relationship troubles.
  • Lane still plays the drums. Good to know that being a mother didn’t dissuade her from pursuing her musical dreams.
  • Friday night dinners are still a thing. And Kirk is invited.

Though things don’t appear all sunshine and rainbows in the town of Stars Hallow, it’s good to see that the characters are, at their core, unchanged. Unless another surprise trailer is dropped, we’ll have to wait a few more weeks to find out which theories are real plot-lines, and which will be left to the world of fanfic.