How to Spice Up Your College Park Nightlife

Being in college means a heavy workload, lots of stress and little sleep. But when the weekend rolls around, you finally reach 48-hour freedom and can have some fun!

It’s easy to get caught up in the same plans every weekend: bar hop, party at a friend’s place or a movie night in your room. Weekends all start to blur together and it can get old fast.

But fear not! There’s so much to do on weekends just beyond campus. Here are some great ways to shake up your routine and try something new in your nightlife.


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 A barcade is just as amazing as its portmanteau. It’s an arcade that’s also a bar, which is almost too much fun to handle. When you don’t know what to do with yourself at a bar, but you still want to go out, meet new people and drink a little, a barcade is the perfect solution.

What could be better than gaming with your friends while also enjoying a drink, or two? It’s the perfect place to get competitive and let off a little steam from the week. Whether you want to take away the awkwardness of a first date, find another group to challenge or just get buzzed and play Pacman for a couple hours, everybody wins!

Bowling Alley 

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On the same note of getting a little competitive, bowling is a fun sport to try! Many of the alleys have stepped up their game to include pool tables, a bar and a lounge-type feeling so you can bowl with just the big kids.

The College Park Lanes are actually awesome, too. The outside of the building is deceiving. Walking in, you’ll find tons of lanes with huge screens playing music videos, sports and other entertaining programs. It’s just down Route 1, and they’re open until 2 a.m. on weekends, so you and your friends can decide at any moment that you’re in the mood for a bowl.

Poetry Slam

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If you’re ever craving more creativity in your nightlife, poetry slams offer all the good vibes and late night revelations you need. Sit, relax, and snap for all the poets who will inspire you so much more than time at the bar or at home on your sofa with Netflix ever could. Busboys and Poets holds poetry slams, and the place is also right down Route 1 in Hyattsville. They also have College Night Open Mic. Give it a try if you’re feeling bold!

Escape Room

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Try a late night escape room to keep your mind sharp over the weekend. Escape rooms entail getting “locked in” a room with your crew as you try to solve riddles and puzzles that lead to making your escape. Most venues are open until 11 p.m., so you can tease your brain and then escape the room just in time to head out to the rest of DC, or crawl into bed to reward yourself.