I Meditated for Seven Days Straight and This is What Happened

This year, fitness has been revamped. It’s no longer only about eating clean and hitting the gym.

Group classes such as pilates, yoga, barre and spinning have been trending everywhere. People seem to be looking for new options when it comes to their health, and one trend that has specifically caught my attention has to do with zen.

More individuals are adding meditation to a regular part of their daily mental health routine. But what’s the appeal? This week, I sought out to find the answer.

Courtesy of: http://www.happify.com
Courtesy of: http://www.happify.com

The practice of meditating, is often used to reach a state of mental bliss, and bring balance to someone’s life day in and day out. Meditation can help people focus better and maintain a more positive outlook.

But to me, these were just words on paper. In order to really understand meditation, I was going to have to do it myself. But like many people, I didn’t know how. After researching, I found an app called Headspace. The app provides the user with a 10-minute guided meditation and mindfulness training practice.

So for 7 days, I decided to test it out, here are my results:


This was awkward, but okay. I’ve tried meditating in the past, and this experience was a lot better than I expected. The man speaking had a nice voice that didn’t take away from the experience. I kept wanting to open my eyes during the 10 minutes, but towards the end, it became a lot easier.


I honestly wanted to skip out on the session for today. I was having a really stressful day and I didn’t want to make time for it. But I did, and I’m glad. At first, I was hesitant. But three minutes into the session, I was really relaxed. It helped get me into a calmer state than what I began with.


Maybe it was because I was tired, but the 10 minutes went by quickly today. When it was over I felt calm, but nothing more than that.


I really made an effort to get into the practice today. As the week goes on, I’ve been growing more fond of the man’s voice. It’s getting easier to forget that he is even there. I really like the way he guides my train of thought.


Five days in and I really enjoy the 10 minutes I get to myself during the day. For the first five, I’ve noticed I’m thinking of what’s going on in my life, but then my mind truly begins to wander off.


So I tried meditating while laying down today. I don’t recommend it unless you want to fall asleep. It was really calming, but I’m not sure it helped.


Today the meditation felt a bit forced at first, but then I got into it. I can definitely say that towards the last few minutes I enjoyed it, but it was hard to get to fall into that point for awhile.

Meditation is definitely something you have to get used to. At first, if you don’t know how to meditate, it is going to feel awkward. I didn’t really know what to expect, but the Headspace really helped. As far as my mental state, I can definitely say that meditating helped bring a level of calmness to my daily routine. Usually, I’m always busy and a bit stressed, but when I meditated, I noticed that I felt a lot more at ease.

Final Verdict:

A hit! I recommend anyone who lives a fast-paced lifestyle to try this out.