Is Shonda Rhimes’ Newest TGIT Show “The Catch” Worth Watching? (REVIEW)

Alongside hit broadcasts such as Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder now comes ABC’s latest addition to the network’s ever exclusive “Thank God It’s Thursday” night lineup.

Earlier this year, ABC premiered its first episode of The Catch, a show centered around Alice Vaughan, an esteemed private investigator who finds herself bamboozled by her very own fiancee, a con man who steals millions from the former bride-to-be and then ghosts her without a trace.

With the help of her team, Alice starts working to backtrack her steps in hopes of catching her trifling ex and avenging a broken heart, while also protecting her clients and taking on new ones.

Conventional, yet all the while enticing, The Catch serves as official proof that Shonda Rhimes has a winning formula that never fails.

In perfect Shonda-fashion, the new show features yet another ironic career premise. Our red-headed heroine is a sultry and sexual boss lady who is pretty fantastic at her job, identical to the personas of Rhimes’ Meredith Grey, Olivia Pope and Annalise Keating.

But chaos soon ensues when our protagonist is forced to put back together the broken pieces of her life, as she becomes the center of her own workplace. For Liv, it meant “fixing” her relationship to the president. For Annalise, it was having to defend herself in court and cover up a murder. And for new-to-the-scene Alice, it means privately investigating what little history she knows of her criminal lover so she can put that dirty rat behind bars.

And to make matters even more familiar, the series is strung together by a collection of telling flashbacks, as well as a new client to attend to within each episode of an ethnically diverse world of people.

But don’t get it twisted.

Though the program maintains a currently popular premise, The Catch simultaneously manages to shine in its cliched plot line through fresh and complex characters, and honorable acting as many of the characters involved are well fleshed out, which carefully avoids a situation in which the show could easily have ended up parodying itself.

Not to mention that there are many dynamic aspects of the show that are interactive and fun to grasp, regardless of originality.

Take for example, con man Christopher. Although he lied to Alice for an entire year, the show consistently hints to the fact that Christopher is not entirely what he seems to anybody on the show, as there may have been some romantic truth to his proposal to Alice after all, a secret he hides from his boss/“kinda sorta” girlfriend.

In this way, audiences can expect to contemplate Christopher’s every move and every word. “Did he mean what he said in that scene?” “And what about that one?” It looks like we won’t know for awhile.

And as for Alice, she has somewhat of a softer personality than viewers are probably used to seeing on the TGIT lineup. Unlike past leading ladies who have had trouble becoming vulnerable with the people they’re closest to, Alice is already depicted as having confided in her colleagues on a consistent basis.

Poor thing, she willingly tried to give her entire life to another person by walking down the aisle with him, evidence of some good ol’ fashioned romanticism. What’s more vulnerable than that? Yes, he burned her in the end. But you know, baby steps.

Overall, The Catch probably isn’t making any history here. But it is an enjoyable “cat and mouse” game worth seeing pan out on television, particularly once you’ve already warmed up from the newest episode of Scandal. Sexy, sophisticated, and Shonda-approved, there’s no way this show can mess up.

Missed the first episode? Catch up on the series premiere here.