Jordan Peele’s “Get Out’ is a Must See” (REVIEW)

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Jordan Peele took a major genre jump this weekend as his new comedy horror movie, Get Out, premiered last Friday and has proven incredibly successful.

Get Out’s plot is simple: an interracial couple goes to visit the woman’s (Allison Williams, Girls) family in an affluent area located in the middle of nowhere, and the man (Daniel Kaluuya) notices quite quickly that something is not right.

Cue dark music and eerie shots of wilderness. Then throw in a creepy, seemingly racist family and you’ve got the backdrop of Peele’s masterpiece.

The movie handles racism with satire as the protagonist, a black man named Chris, visits a community of white people and receives unnerving comments and questions about the color of skin throughout his visit.

Rose Armitage, Chris’ girlfriend, notices the racial undertones in her parents and family, but chalks it up to awkwardness, stating that her father would’ve voted for Obama for a third term if he could have. Harmless, right?

Not to mention that the only other black people Chris encounters seem to be slightly off, and incredibly obedient to their white employers.

Get Out will have you hooked from the get go. There are plenty of suspenseful moments that will make you jump, accompanied by a plot that is outright horrific; not because you don’t see it coming, but because it’s all you see and you can’t believe it’s happening.

The performances are haunting, notably Bradley Whitford’s and Betty Gabriel’s. Whitford plays Rose’s father, Dean Armitage, a neurosurgeon who appears to be goofy and loving. Meanwhile, Gabriel portrays Georgina, a black maid who insists that the Armitage’s have been very good to her.

Peele pairs the horror with comedic relief, specifically through Chris’ best friend, Rod (Lil Rel Howery), the TSA agent. Rod brings the laughs with his dialog and character, but the movie itself also has comedic moments of dark humor throughout.

Rotten Tomatoes gave the movie a score of 100% upon release, a feat only accomplished by four other horror movies.

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Jordan Peele has pleasantly surprised critics and viewers with Get Out, and hopefully there is more to come from the first-time director. For now, get out of whatever you’re doing right now, and see the movie for yourself.