Make Way For Curves, They’re Here To Stay: How Iskra Lawrence Paves Her Own Way (OPINION)

I don’t know about you, but when I click on a lingerie ad and see a powerful, sexy and curvaceous woman staring at me, I’m going to stop and stare.

Luckily, her 2.5 million Instagram followers tell me I’m not the only one gawking over UK model Iskra Lawrence. Some of you may recognize her from the empowering #AerieReal campaign, but a majority of people keep tabs on her Instagram feed, where Lawrence spreads body positivity by sharing untouched pictures of her bombshell figure.


Regardless of what anyone thinks, her rise to fame didn’t come easy. After a modeling agency dumped her for feeling as though she were too big, she struggled to fit in anywhere else. Plus-sized agencies wouldn’t accept her either, because she was perceived as too small. Eventually, she found lingerie company Aerie, and she’s been doing her thing ever since.

Lawrence is unapologetically herself, so it’s no surprise that her trailblazing attitude landed her a spot in New York Fashion Week’s Runway Show. She walked the Spring/Summer 2017 Chromat runway  earlier this month, which featured some stunning athletic wear.

At age 26, size 14, this is a huge accomplishment for her and women around the world. Iskra is paving the way towards body acceptance, while slamming the body shaming that comes her way.

Women, for far too long, have tried to fit into an unrealistic mold of what beauty “should” look like. They have been flooded with millions of photoshopped images and given destructive (and unnecessary) advice.

Iskra Lawrence is just one among millions of others that are spreading awareness for this important cause. Zendaya’s body confidence, Demi Lovato’s body health awareness and Alicia Keys’ no-makeup movement are all showing the world what it really means to be a woman.

Something as small as showing the world your “tiger stripes” or revealing the ways in which people fake a thigh gap are breaking barriers. Not everyone will agree, but it only takes one to start a movement.