New Pinterest Feature “Lens” Gives Everyone Their Own Perspective

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Last Wednesday, Pinterest announced the creation of a new feature called Lens, which will allow users to take a picture of an object within the app.

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By snapping a picture of an object within the app, Lens is able to suggest objects related to the picture. This can expand Pinterest surfing for anything, from recipes to DIY projects.

Take a picture of a food item, and Pinterest will suggest a few recipes. Take a picture of a piece of furniture and Pinterest suggests home decor ideas.

According to a blog post on Pinterest, “Pinterest is built for open-minded discovery.” Pinterest wants to help its users see the world through their own “Lens.”

The blog post also explained that Pinterest aims for everything to be visual, and easy to recognize to develop around a person’s point of view.

Lens is very similar to another app called Shazam, which tells a user what song is being played from the app. Except this program includes a variety of objects: food, crafts, makeup, clothing brands and more.

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According to CNN, Pinterest says its technology can recognize over 1 billion objects.

However, Pinterest suggests that the app works best for home décor, clothing and food until more people use Lens. Then, its search and discover capabilities will expand to recognize more objects.

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The platform’s website offers directions on how to use Lens the correct way for best results.

Pinterest is still in its beta-testing period for the software but expects to release Lens on iOS and Android soon.