New Campus App ‘Cluk’ Piques Maryland Students’ Interests

A new app called Cluk, created and launched by University of Maryland students and graduates, is slowly gaining campus interest.

Cluk, a participatory platform in which students can communicate with their dorm mates, allows college students to look to those in close proximity for quick tips, tricks and services.

According to Cluk’s website, the founders’ mission was to create “a virtual heartbeat for universities” and bring a different view to the various forms of social media currently used by everyone.

“A lot of people compare us to another yik yak…[but] directly comparing to yik yak is a mistake,” said co-founder and UMD alumnus Robert Rozenvasser.


Rozenvasser also says that Cluk is meant to be a fun, but useful platform. In addition to reading quick comments, users can also get advice, borrow goods, sell possessions and advertise campus club events.

The idea came to Rozenvasser after a night in which he didn’t have dry cleaning, or a working iron in his apartment.

He wanted to devise a way for everyone in his apartment complex to be connected, either through a website or platform, so neighbors could ask for favors.

Rozenvasser, senior computer engineering major Zach Mostowsky and their friend then put together the app, which officially launched two weeks ago.

Cluk also organizes posts by categories such as “Events,” “Selling,” “Asking Cluk” and “General Topics” so users can adjust their home feed and view topics based on interests.

Rozenvasser and his team’s aim is “to have every college campus in the country using Cluk, which is a lofty goal but we have time to get there” said Rozenvasser. “Our short term [goal] is to catch on at UMD alone, [which] would be really great.”


With 1,500 downloads in just the first two weeks, the app is only available on UMD’s campus so far. However, people should expect the Cluk creators to boost the app’s marketing fairly soon…and possibly with chicken suits.