#NoneofMyBusiness Meme Spreads to UMD Campus


A hilarious tweet sent out by Twitter user @devro417 is spreading throughout the social media service like wildfire.

The tweet features a statue of UMD alum Jim Henson with one of his most famous creations, Kermit, who is telling Henson “and so I say to the guy, ‘that’s none of my business’.”

SIDENOTE:¬†In case you aren’t aware, this¬†statue can be found right outside of the Stamp Student Union.

The tweet is based on the popular “None of My Business” meme which started as early as January 2014 according to KnowYourMeme.com.

The meme is a “sarcastic expression” which is meant to make fun of hypocritical behaviors in “everyday social situations.”

Here are some other examples:

Courtesy: Know Your Meme
Courtesy: Know Your Meme