“Queen Sugar” Episode 11: All Good (RECAP)

As always, Queen Sugar remains constant and relevant in depicting the experiences of both women and minorities.

In the latest episode, the Bordelon siblings learn just how far the Landrys are willing to go to take back the farm from Nova, Charley and Ralph Angel.

The night starts off with Charley telling Micah that he has been accepted into that private school that had previously thought his attendance there would be a “distraction.” So we all know Charley worked some Olivia Pope-type magic to pull this off.

The Bordelon siblings and Remy then have a business meeting to talk about how they’re going to harvest their crops without using the mills owned by the Landrys.

Remy suggests applying for a farm loan to cover the cost of driving the crop to another town and a different mill.

Charley, who has been bankrolling the cost so far, agrees without objection because it’s official…she’s divorcing Davis.

And that also means she can no longer use money from their joint bank account.

Everyone around the table offers their congrats, except for Remy, but we all can tell what he’s thinking. And when the two are finally alone, it takes all of two seconds before they start an intense make out session.


I’m jumping for joy and then Micah comes into frame. The metaphorical record scratches and Remy makes a beeline for the door.

Micah has no understanding of how Charley is moving on so fast and storms out the room. Welp…that was fun while it lasted.

Back at the farm, Darla is helping Blue get ready for school when he tells her that he’s being bullied at school. So she teaches him how to defend himself, because what could possibly go wrong.

Cut to Ralph Angel and Darla being called in for a sit-down between Blue’s teacher and the parents of the bully. Blue a.k.a baby Muhammad Ali took a stand against his bully and left him all black and blue.


And as their teacher explains that Blue could be suspended next time, I can’t help but wonder if Darla being around is such a good thing, especially when Blue’s teacher obviously has a crush on Ralph Angel.

Down in the 9th ward, Nova is still working to save Too Sweet. Although he has been released on bail, he is still struggling to recover from his ordeal.

Recently, his family was evicted from their home and when they had to stay in a shelter, Too Sweet felt trapped, like he was back in prison, and he ultimately runs away.

Then Nova returns home to see Too Sweet sleeping on her porch, and she is beyond relieved. As she comforts him, she tells him that he is far greater than his current circumstances.

Nova continues to heal old wounds but this time with Charley. After Micah caught her and Remy kissing, she goes to Nova for advice and walks away with a real voodoo priestess blessing.

In a scene that dives deep into the voodoo culture in Louisiana, Nova calls on the African goddess Oshun to free Charley from her feelings of shame and guilt for divorcing Davis, as well as her wanting to be with Remy so badly.

Women are often felt to be ashamed of their desires and in one powerful scene, Queen Sugar dismisses that ideal. #Befreeladies


The blessing must have worked, because Charley seems to be walking a little taller and takes her newfound confidence from the farm to a brunch at Micah’s new school.

But of course, the Landrys had to come and ruin it. At the farm, Ralph Angel is super excited that the loan application has come back and estimated the land to be worth millions if a good crop can be harvested.

Jacob from the mill shows up and starts making “threats” to Charley and Ralph Angel about what could happen if they don’t sell. Then he tells them that their loan application has been denied.

At this point, I’m ready to jump through the TV screen and join Ralph Angel- who looks like he’s going to break Jacob’s jaw.


But Charley steps in and makes a threat of her own, telling Jacob that the rein of the Landrys is coming to an end.

All the drama is put on hold for the moment as Aunt Vi reopens the High Yellow with one major addition: alcohol on Friday and Saturday nights.

Everyone comes together to enjoy a night of fun. Micah makes an effort to accept what’s happening between Charley and Remy as they dance next to a cozy-looking Ralph Angel and Darla.  Too Sweet is by Nova’s side, surrounded by love and Aunt Vi is continuing to make her dreams a reality.

All is right with the world, at least for the night.