“Queen Sugar” Episode 12: Far Too Long (RECAP)

As the last episode before the Queen Sugar finale, “Far Too Long” sets in motion events that will make or break the Bordelon siblings.

The night starts off as Too Sweet is having a violent nightmare and Nova tries to calm him down. Once again, we see the effects prison has had on a boy who once was known for his kindness.

Up at the farm, Ralph Angel is settling into the shoes of his father as he looks after the crop and runs the day-to-day operations. He even researched a way to drive the sugar cane to the mill in St. James without causing damage to the product.

Darla is also making a daily appearance at the farm as her, Ralph Angel and Blue become more like a “real family” every day.

But with Hollywood staying at the farm while he waits for his divorce from Leanne, Darla and Ralph Angel have to be on their best behavior.

Charley is doing anything but behaving, as she sets her eyes on buying an old mill to beat the Landrys at their own game. If she takes away their stronghold on the sugar cane, they can no longer have power over the Bordelons, or any other minority farmer in the parish.


The only question is, how will she raise the $9 million it costs to buy the mill?

Yet again, Charley pulls epic Olivia Pope-type deals to get what she wants.

This time she plans to use Davis as a pawn in her game to win the mill. If he signs with the New Orleans Stingers, then the owner, Frank, will help fund the capital Charley needs.

While Charley is morphing into business mood, Remy is getting left outside in the cold even though he lets it be known that he 100% supports her and plans their official first date.

With the wonderfulness that is Remy, Charley has the nerve to stand him up for their first date when she finds out there may be a hiccup in her plan to get the mill.


Davis might be going to New York to sign with the Knicks alongside his teammate Felix, and Charley can’t let that happen. So she sets up a dinner date with Felix’s wife, who used to be a friend before the Goldie situation.

Charley starts off being nice, but soon the dark side comes out and she threatens to expose the role Felix had in the Goldie scandal. Unlike Charley, Felix’s wife doesn’t know the whole truth and still thinks Felix is “innocent.”

Charley is holding no punches and will not stop until she wins. No one is safe, including Nova and Ralph Angel, both of whom are being left out of the loop.

With all this Charley drama, lets take a pause for the cause to mention how cute Micah and KiKi are.

They’re officially an item and KiKi lets Micah know that in the South, boyfriends have to meet their girlfriends’ fathers. I keep imagining Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, but with southern accents.


Okay back to the drama, but this time it’s Aunt Vi and Hollywood.

Aunt Vi seems like she’s ready to forgive Hollywood, but then she finds out he’s been staying at the farm with Ralph Angel for days and didn’t tell her, so she gets mad all over again.

Hollywood is in serious need of a guys night, but when he goes to the Juke Joint with Ralph Angel and KiKi’s stepdad, Bougie, he catches Aunt Vi dancing with another man.

Hollywood storms out and decides to leave the farm, but if he had waited until the end of the song, he would have saw Aunt Vi reject the creep and go home by herself.

The miscommunication between these two is actually becoming painful to watch.

On the other hand, Nova is becoming a strong voice in activism and makes a love connection.

Melissa Harris-Perry (aka MHP) holds a lecture about journalism and activism, featuring Nova. MHP asks Nova about everything, from her role as an advocate and journalist to the Black Lives Movement and her article on police corruption. As Nova begins to talk and scans the room, she sees Calvin in the audience.

The two basically have a whole other conversation through the intense looks they keep giving one another. Then Nova offers words of encouragement about working with the police, not against them. And you can tell that there is still something special between her and Calvin.

But even I fall in love with Calvin when he calls Nova later to announce that he left his wife AND got the charges against Too Sweet dropped.