“Queen Sugar” Episode 13: Give Us This Day (RECAP)

They say all good things come to an end and Queen Sugar is no exception…well at least until season 2. In the meantime, Ava DuVernay and her crew have left me stricken with sugar withdrawal after a heart-wrenching finale.

The night starts of with a S.T.E.A.M.Y shower scene between Ralph Angel and Darla the morning after they…

if you catch my drift.


I guess all is forgiven and they are going to try to start over as a family.

Ralph Angel and Darla aren’t the only ones reconnecting as Calvin and Nova finally reach a space where they can be together. After leaving his wife and getting the charges against Too Sweet dropped, Nova seems ready to let him in completely.

Yet when Nova and Calvin go on their official first date, the outside world isn’t ready for them to be together.

They go dancing at a local spot and while they’re all cuddled up, a “friend” of Calvin’s pops up. Everything is fine until the friend, who’s also a cop, realizes that Nova is the journalist behind the viral article on police corruption.

He calls Calvin a traitor to the uniform and grabs at Nova’s skirt. Calvin starts swinging and as they are being separated, the guy spits at Nova.


Their disaster of a first date proves that it’s going to be an uphill battle for the activist and the cop to find happily ever after.

Aunt Vi and Hollywood are also struggling to make the pieces fit, but they’re both SO stubborn.

After seeing Aunt Vi dancing with another man at the Juke Joint, Hollywood leaves town just before his divorce papers arrive. Ralph Angel gives them to Aunt Vi, and she finally realizes how much Hollywood wanted to be with her…DUH.

But now Hollywood is all in his feelings and has signed up to work for six months on the oil rig.


I really need this back and forth between them to STOP.

Charley on the other hand, is playing with fire as she uses Micah to get Davis to come to New Orleans and continues to push Remy away.

Believing that Micah is in trouble, Davis walks into a trap where Micah doesn’t believe a word he says, but Charley is acting like she still wants to be his wife. We know the truth, and eventually, Davis figures it out too when he calls Charley to his hotel room and tries to…reconnect.

Charley needs Davis to sign with the New Orleans Stingers so the owner, Frank, will give her 5 million dollars toward the 9 million it costs to buy the mill. Even though she needs Davis to raise the money for the mill, she can’t go through with it and instead, lets Davis know how deeply she loved him and how he took that for granted.

Although, it looks like Charley took a major L, she always has an ace up her sleeve. She goes to see Davis’s teammate Felix, who was also involved in the Goldie scandal.

In the number one BOSS move of the season, she corners Felix in a strip club and threatens to release Goldie’s deposition as well as testimonies from other women that Felix has slept with, unless he agrees to wire her $5 million and refuses to sign with the New York Knicks if Davis does.

Felix crumbs and agrees to the terms. As Charley looks at her bank account to confirm the transfer, the Stingers owner calls, and Davis has decided to stay in New Orleans.

Charley gets another 5 million from the owner and now she has the capital to buy the mill.

While Charley is busy being negotiator of the year, Ralph Angel feels completely left out. Once again, his older sister is making all the business decisions, while Ralph Angel is doing all the work at the farm.

As the episode ends, Ralph Angel finds a letter from Ernest that amends his original will and gives Ralph Angel full ownership of the farm.

As if by divine design, Ernest’s letter not only gives Ralph Angel ownership of the farm, but also reminds him that he has the capacity to do great things.

And just like that, season 1 of Queen Sugar ends, leaving me to count the days until season 2.