‘Queen Sugar’ Episode 3: Thy Will Be Done (RECAP)


The phrase of the night after another intense episode of Queen Sugar. The show has just started and already I’m completely addicted.

This week’s episode starts with the reading of Ernest’s last will and testament, which forces Charley, Nova and Ralph Angel to decide whether or not to sell their father’s farm.

Charley and Nova come to a consensus that it might be better to sell the farm, while Ralph Angel has his heart set on using the farm to provide for his son Blue.

With Aunt Vi stuck in the middle, it becomes older sisters versus baby brother. Charley and Nova decide to meet with Mr. Landry, the farm tycoon who can’t wait to get his hands on Ernest’s land, and he offers them only a fraction of what the land is truly worth.

Nova then goes to visit an inmate that may have been detained under false pretenses. The story of the young, black teen feels uncomfortably familiar given the current social debate regarding justice and police brutality. Once again. Queen Sugar is telling the important stories of the black experience.


To make matters worst, Davis (the cheater) is still in St. Joe and now he’s coming in between Charley and her son Micah. The cops want to question him and he “needs” his family to support him, but after he admits to hiring and sleeping with a prostitute, Charley wants no part. Micah, on the other hand, only knows that his father is in trouble and wants to help.

On a brighter note, Remy’s back and clearly interested in Charley, #TeamRemy. He’s also in favor of the three siblings not selling the farm, especially not to Mr. Landry. We learn that Mr. Landry has a habit of buying black-owned farms at rock-bottom prices.

The injustices that black farmers face becomes even more prevalent when men come to repossess Ernest’s tractor just days after his passing.

Ralph Angel’s reaction is the major OMG moment of the night.

While Charley and Nova are trying to negotiate with  the “repo-men,” Ralph Angel comes out the house with a gun! Yes, the same man who just met with his parole officer comes out the house with a GUN!


To add insult to injury, Ralph-Angel decides to sleep with his ex Darla, a former addict and Blue’s mother. Blue follows him out the house (to which I screamed so loud I probably scared my neighbors), and yells for his father to come back inside.

And I am brought to tears.

Fortunately, Ralph Angel snaps back into reality and a horrible situation is avoided. Seeing how much the farm means to Ralph Angel, Charley and Nova, they decide to keep the farm for a year and then decide whether or not to sell. And just like that, the Bordelon family is now back in the sugar cane business.