Queen Sugar Episode 4: The Darker Sooner (RECAP)

Okay (sighs)…Ralph Angel is actually a little lost puppy and it’s starting to become painful to watch.

In episode four of Queen Sugar, Ralph Angel keeps falling short while trying to buy seed cane, Nova is about to spark a revolution and Charley is the WAG version of Olivia Pope. Side note: Remy is becoming BAE and Micah is an angel too sweet for this world.

The night starts off with Ralph Angel at a bank receiving access to the farm fund so he can purchase seed cane and start planting the farm. I start praying because Ralph Angel plus money and responsibility can’t be a recipe for success.

My prayers are answered as Remy pulls up to offer a helping hand but a stubborn Ralph Angel believes he has the situation under control.

Over in Los Angeles, Charley is at the doctor office. She’s pregnant…was the first thought that popped into my head but then she asks to be tested for STIs. Charley is taking no chances with her health or Davis’s career as she dominates meeting after meeting trying to prevent a suspension or trade-off.

In an Olivia Pope, scandalous type moment, Charley makes Davis’s agent have a lunch meeting with another basketball wife to see what the other players might be up to. Charley walks up in the middle of their lunch, pays and walks to the bathroom. The agent walks in and spills the beans about the other players hiring a well-known lawyer to help the situation. In that moment, Charley is the ultimate BOSS.


Meanwhile, Nova is a woman on a mission trying to expose the corrupt operations of the justice department in Louisiana. She has been interviewing several former inmates about their experiences. In every situation, there were excess charges for a seemingly minor offense and the use of coercion to force the acceptance of pleas. The more convictions means more money goes into a million dollar ‘for-profit’ prison system. Minorities are literally being rounded up like cattle for sale.

Since episode one, Queen Sugar has been a window into the ups and downs of the black experience. With all that has happened this week, episode four was no exception. A situation that seems tailored made for a TV drama, is actually occurring everyday in real-life.

Recent protests after the shooting of Terence Crutcher and Keith Lamont Scott
Sean Rayford/GettyImages. Protests after the shooting of Terence Crutcher and Keith Lamont Scott

For Nova, the gravity of the circumstances becomes evident when Too Sweet, the teenager who was caught with a single joint but charged with possession and resisting arrest, was beaten and held in an adult prison and is now fighting to live.

In the meantime, Ralph Angel is still trying to buy seed cane. He arrives late to the distribution place and all the seed cane for his parish has been sold. Fortunately, a co-worker at his new job has a cousin who farms sugar and offers to sell him some seed cane.

But what seems too good to be true always is and when Remy (see, he always shows up when you need him, #BAE) comes by to see the seed cane, he notices a fungus within the crop that makes it useless.

All the siblings are struggling at this point when Charley is called into Micah’s school. The mother of his girlfriend, Stella, is accusing him of sending a penis selfie to her daughter. The mother, who has had a problem with Micah throughout the episode, is convinced that Micah is following in his father’s foot steps.


However, as Micah realizes what type of picture the mother is talking about, he rushes out of the school because he has figured out that his ‘perfect’ girlfriend is cheating on him. Watching this scene, the big sister in me came out and I was ready to set both Stella and her mother straight.

But then I heard Maze featuring Frankie Beverley’s Before I Let Go, the official black family reunion song, and couldn’t help but feel like everything was going to be okay.


The episode ends with Aunt Vi, Hollywood, Ralph Angel, Nova and Blue coming together for a good southern dinner. Nova vows to help Ralph Angel more with the farm and a family in grieving is starting to heal.  Another retrospective of the black experience, food and music can be the glue that holds you together during the tough times.