Queen Sugar Episode 5: By Any Chance (RECAP)

Oh lord! Just when I thought Ralph Angel was the problem child, Charley makes her case for the title in episode 5 of Queen Sugar. Side note: Remy is still and will always be BAE.


Even with all the drama between Charley and Ralph Angel, the night actually started off with major drama between Nova and Officer Calvin because of her article on corruption in the Louisiana justice department.

Calvin is worried that Nova is placing a huge target on her back by casting all officers as corrupt in her story, but Nova can only see the hundreds of minorities that have been suffering under an unjust system. So the battle of these two strong-willed people ends with a standoff to be resolved later.

Meanwhile, Charley’s tendency to think she knows it all is beginning to get her into trouble. While trying to save Davis’ and her family’s reputation, Charley decides it would be a great idea to confront Melina a.k.a “Goldie” the sex worker accusing Davis of rape.

We realize how bad of a move that was when Melina stands behind her rape claim and Davis’s lawyer confirms that Melina did request a rape kit soon after the “incident.” In one of the best lines of the night, the lawyer compares Davis to one of the most infamous criminal sports players, referring to him as “OJ without the knife”.


Life for Ralph Angel is still unraveling after buying the bad cane seed. He confronts the coworker who gave him the seed cane connect but just gets an ear full of excuses. Then Ralph Angel learns about the real reason why his boss is so willing to hire ex-cons: he’s skimming money off of the their checks. To make matters worst, Charley is back in St. Joe and decides to take over after his $15,000 mistake.

We also got to see a little more of Aunt Violet and Hollywood this episode. Working at the High Yellow Diner becomes a little harder for Aunt Vi when her successful friends come in for lunch and the younger manager Vance, eager to prove his authority, tries to make her work a longer shift. Aunt Vi resists the temptation to put the little boy in his place and I don’t know if I could have been that gracious.

In one of my favorite scenes from the night, Aunt Vi comes home to Nova and Charley after her bad day at work. To mellow the mood, Nova pulls out some of her product and the three proceed to have a puff, puff, pass session that leads to a whole lot of TMI moments. Aunt Vi spills all the tea on Hollywood’s “special skills.”


I guess Nova’s product is really that powerful because during Aunt Vi’s next shift at the diner, she quits after Vance comes at her sideways. If she didn’t tell him off, I would have. NO ONE talks to auntie like that.

On the other side of town, Hollywood is at the hospital to check on his…wait for it….WIFE! He is apparently separated from his wife Leanne, who suffers from bipolar depression and is on suicide watch. To make matters worse, Leanne is still very much in love with Hollywood and is having trouble letting him go. SO HEAVY.


Nova, however,  has no problem letting Calvin go after round two of their argument over her article. He comes over just as Nova realizes that Too Sweet, the teenager excessively charged for being caught with a joint, was actually caught with her own product.

When Calvin calls Nova a hypocrite for writing an article about corruption while also supplying people with illegal drugs, her guilt gets the best of her and she kicks him out.

Speaking of guilt, Charley has to eat crow after she loses her cool at the local farm auction. Mr. Landry, the sugar cane typhoon, is back and he baits Charley into spending twice as much on a piece of equipment, when the goal was to get their father’s tractor back. Now Ralph Angel is even more disappointed.

Charley’s need to prove to Landry that she’s not to be messed with leads her to ignore her new farm manager, but luckily Remy is there to save the day once again. Remy gets a friend to buy Ernest’s tractor and convinces Charley to trust the process.

Clearly these three are the most stubborn and strong-willed siblings in all of Louisiana. Hopefully that will translate when it comes to farming sugar cane.