Queen Sugar Episode 6: As Promised (RECAP)

After the latest episode of Queen Sugar, I feel like Charley deserves a Waiting to Exhale moment and Davis just needs to disappear without a trace. I don’t think anyone would be upset about that…I know I wouldn’t.


The night starts off with Nova appearing on a radio show to discuss her viral article about the justice department in Louisiana. However, the radio hosts turn the focus to what’s happening with her brother-in-law as Charley and Aunt Vi listen at home.

The interview quickly gets out of hand and Nova tries to refocus the conversation by asking the hosts to think about how the sexual assault accusers are too often automatically shamed and discredited. Her words rub Charley the wrong way because, to her, Nova is defending Goldie and calling Davis a rapist.

In addition to starting a firestorm with Charley, Nova also makes a potential love connection with a woman from the radio station.

Back at the house, Aunt Vi is fixing a southern meal fit for a king in effort to convince Prosper to be the farm manager again. Even Remy shows up to make sure Charley, Nova and Ralph Angel don’t mess it up.

After expressing concern about how dedicated they are to working the land, Prosper decides to give them a second chance.  The dinner is an even bigger success when Remy aka Mr. Fix It offers to let the Bordelons use a new strain of seed cane that he as developed – free of charge.

Ralph Angel is excited to start farming the land but problems a his job might get in the way.  The coworker that gave him the bad seed cane connection. This time he’s trying to force Ralph Angel to be a part of the scam at the warehouse where they take merchandise as compensation for the money their boss is taking from their checks.

He wants to say no, but since he took the “gift” of merchandise that was left in his locker, his coworker isn’t giving him a choice and wants Ralph Angel to hide the supply of goods up at the farm.

Nova is also feeling the weight of her actions as Too Sweet is released from the hospital and sent back to prison. A tearful conversation between the two shines a light on how helpless it must feel to be fighting a system set up against you.

In the meantime, Prosper puts the Bordelons to work and everyone gets their hands dirty. Right at lunch time, Davis and Micah show up to find Charley covered in dirt and Remy not too far behind her.

Davis drops Micah off, who has decided to move to St. Josephine after his fallout with Stella. But the awkward moment that occurs when Remy and Davis meet for the first time was priceless. Davis can obviously see that he has some competition.

The awkwardness is turned up a notch when Davis has the nerve to compare himself to Too Sweet and how says black men are presumed guilty until proven innocent instead of the other way around. Still reeling from her earlier conversation, Nova has no sympathy for Davis.


She educates Davis on how all black men are not treated the same and his status as a basketball star affords privileges that Too Sweet couldn’t even dream of. But just as I start to snap my fingers in agreement, the next scene shows Nova calling the bank to take out $10,000 from the farm fund for Too Sweets legal fees.

Ralph Angel, on the other hand, takes a final stand against his coworker and his boss that lets him walk away from the warehouse for good. Once again, my delight at seeing Ralph Angel finally winning is cut short when the police show up at his house. They’re looking for stolen merchandise from the warehouse and head straight for the barn.


In the most intense 30 second sequence of my life, the cops search the barn and I just know that Ralph Angel is about to be arrested. But they don’t find anything and then you realize that Aunt Vi is the best auntie in the world. She knew what Ralph Angel was up to and got rid of the stolen goods.

I’m still trying to catch my breath when Charley and Davis go to pay off Goldie. Before the mediation, Charley assures Davis that she believes he didn’t rape the girl and it looks like there may be hope for them going forward.

That hope is shattered into pieces when Melina reveals that she has been known Davis for three years before telling what really happened that night. Davis actually left earlier because of an emergency with Micah but told his friends that Melina was fair game. His teammates raped her but to Davis, she was paid for her services and shouldn’t have gone to the press.

A recording on Melina’s phone shows Davis as the unfaithful narcissist he is. Charley realizes she made a mistake in trying to help him and even apologizes to Melina. Davis tries to plead with Charley but in the line of the night she says “You’re a monster…you turned me into one too…We’re over!”

So far, Queen Sugar has held no punches when it comes to discussing all that encompasses blackness and critical social issues. The honest and raw portrayal is something TV has been in need of, I just may need a glass of wine or two so my nerves won’t be so shook.