“Queen Sugar” Episode 8: Where With All (RECAP)

Take Cover!

In the latest episode of Queen Sugar, a hurricane hits Saint Joe as the Bordelons take shelter in Aunt Vi’s house. Yet, most of the real damage comes from the emotional hurricane that takes place inside the house.


The night starts off with Aunt Vi summoning everyone to her house as the news reports on the impending storm.

Charley and Micah are already at the house after their visit to a prep school was canceled, but Charley heads out to check on Ralph Angel and the farm.

In the meantime, Nova is helping some of her neighbors evacuate the lower ninth ward.

Aunt Vi calls Nova to make sure that she’s heading to the house and reminds her of how bad it was last time…during Hurricane Katrina. Images of people on top of roofs come to mind as Aunt Vi describes Nova being stranded.

Back at the farm, Charley arrives to pay the workers and finish boarding up the house with Remy, Ralph Angel and Hollywood. However, when she finds out the workers haven’t finished planting the seed cane, she explains (in broken Spanish) that they won’t be paid until they do. Her stubbornness is offset by the dark clouds looming overhead and Remy’s frustration.

As everyone is packing up to leave, Darla pulls into the driveway with a present for Blue. Ralph Angel tries to deter her, but the excitement on Blue’s face would melt anyone’s heart.

Then Hollywood announces that the hurricane has been upgraded to a category three and roads are starting to get shut down. Darla can no longer go to the shelter and has to join Ralph Angel and Blue at Aunt Vi’s house.

Eventually, everyone makes it to Aunt Vi’s and that’s when the real storm starts.

Round one: Charley vs. Nova


Nova arrives two hours late as Aunt Vi is on the verge of a heart attack from worrying. When she finally shows up, Charley isn’t very welcoming, but Hollywood throws down some cards and starts a major spades battle.

Everyone is having a good time playing spades. Nova and Charley are even partners, but then Nova brings up to Charley the idea of Micah staying with her if he gets accepted to the prep school close to Nova’s house and now all bets are off.

Nova wants to know why Charley is so against Micah being around her and calls her bougie. (she is kinda bougie though, lets be honest).

Charley counters and lands the final blow when she explains that she doesn’t want Micah living in the lower ninth, because then he might end up in a situation like Too Sweet or worst. Charley also brings up Nova’s relationship with Calvin, a married cop. She doesn’t want Micah in the lower ninth, but really doesn’t want him around people lying about love and marriage like Davis and her father had.

As always, Aunt Vi connects the dots and asks Nova how she could mess with a married man when she watched her mother get destroyed by her father’s affair with Charley’s mother.

Ding ding. Round one goes to Charley.

Round two: Hollywood vs. Aunt Vi

Hollywood is still on the outs with Aunt Vi, and being trapped in the house during a hurricane gives him a chance to plead his case. But Aunt Vi doesn’t want to hear it and even compares Hollywood to her abusive ex. For her, Hollywood lying was as much of a punch to the gut as anything she endured with her former love.

Round two goes to…NOBODY, because Hollywood and Aunt Vi just need to kiss and make up.

Round three: Darla vs. Aunt Vi, Hollywood AND Ralph Angel

Aunt Vi has made it clear from the beginning that she doesn’t want Darla anywhere near Blue. So when Darla, Ralph Angel and Blue start acting like a family again as the storm rages outside, Aunt Vi tries to warn Ralph Angel about letting Darla back into their lives.

Darla walks in on their conversation and thanks Aunt Vi for watching Blue as she dealt with her addiction. Then Hollywood walks in and Darla thanks him for saving Blue from her at her lowest moment.

In a scene too emotional for words, Darla stands there completely vulnerable and confronts her past transgressions while promising to make amends to the people she has hurt the most.

Round three goes to Darla…but only time will tell if she keeps her promise.

At this point, all the battles are over and the house is the picture of peace in the middle of a storm as everyone sleeps. Everyone but Charley, who decides to take her ring off and put it away in a sock drawer, symbolically accepting that her marriage is over.

Then she walks over to where Remy is sleeping, and without a word, he invites her to lay with him. They start to kiss and cuddle, giving us all hope for happiness in the midst of all this chaos.


A storm has subsided, even if only for the night.