“Queen Sugar” Episode 9: Next to Nothing (RECAP)

One the toughest parts of weathering a storm is picking up the pieces afterward. In the latest episode of Queen Sugar, the Bordelon family may have survived the storm, but they’ve just begun to put their lives back together.

The episode starts off 24 hours after a hurricane touched down, and Aunt Vi walks out of her house only to be greeted by torn down trees, a destroyed garden and tons of storm debris.

Nova is the voice of optimism, trying to convince Aunt Vi that what has been uprooted can take root and grow again. So Aunt Vi, Nova, Hollywood, Micah and Blue start cleaning up the debris and replanting the garden.

Charley, Ralph Angel and Remy go to the farm to see how it held up in the storm. The farm seems to be in pretty condition as they walk through the land, but then Charley comes across something horrifying. The dead bodies of two of the farm’s workers.

Apparently, they had been killed on their way home to take shelter from the storm. As the police begin to investigate what happened, the Bordelon siblings realize they knew nothing about the men they employed and the guilt becomes overwhelming; especially for Charley, who didn’t even know their names.

Charley can’t help but feel like a bad person as she realizes how much of a “monster” she’s become living life in a bubble with Davis. She even admits to leaking Goldie’s name to the press because she wanted to ruin her life.

Charley is starting to recognize that no one is perfect as Nova comforts her about her transgressions.

However, the most intense scene of the episode is when the Bordelon siblings, with the help of Blue’s teacher (she speaks Spanish), have to break the news to the other farm workers. An honest picture of life for migrant workers is created as the men grieve for their friends, Alejandro and Miguel.

Both men were married with families and understood that a path to citizenship was all but impossible. So working as a planter was the best way for them to provide a better life for their families.

With all the political rhetoric of the past year, Queen Sugar once again cuts straight to the heart of the issue. Immigrants are people trying to live the best life they can, just like everyone else.


Nova decides to write an article to show this point, and Charley wants to have the remains of the two men returned to their families because, as she puts it, “it’s the right thing to do.”

On a brighter note, Micah gets a taste of southern hospitality when a neighbor and his teenager daughter, KiKi, come to help clean up Aunt Vi’s house.

He is obviously sprung as he realizes that southern girls and California girls are nothing alike. KiKi is not intimated by his family’s fame and fortune, or afraid to make the first move. Micah is about to forget all about his break up with Stella.

He isn’t the only making a love connection as Ralph Angel and Darla continue to get close. After spending the day taking care of Blue, Darla asks Ralph Angel if she can come around more often and he says yes.

Aunt Vi is still not having it, but Hollywood is quick to remind her that Ralph Angel is way past grown and has to live his own life. Nova basically says the same thing when she warns Aunt Vi not to lose herself in the lives of her loved ones, and instead find her purpose.

We’ll have to wait to see what that purpose will be.

In the meantime, Charley and Remy are still giving us all the feels. Remy makes it known that being just friends is not enough and he will wait until she is ready. #Swooonnnn