Rihanna’s Puma Creeper Shoes Take on Velvet!

Rihanna released the fourth model of her renowned Puma Creeper sneakers December 9. The Rihanna Puma Creeper model was the first shoe she released through her Fenty x Puma Collection, beginning in September 2015.

The new and improved creepers are a combination of Puma’s traditional suede shoe with an added “creeper” rubber heel, and a tongue label that showcases the Rihanna partnership. The shoes went on sale, and in less than an hour and a half, were sold out.

Courtesy: sneakerbardetroit.com

Rihanna has been spotted on multiple occasions sporting the shoe, and seems to often wear her new models before they release to get her fans excited. She also uses her Instagram to plug the shoes early and give customers enough time to get their pockets in check.

Rihanna was the first woman to win the Shoe of the Year Award for the Creeper at the Footwear News Achievement Awards in New York City this past November. The last release of the Creeper was a restock of the first three colorways of the “Original Fenty Creeper.” This restock is the only restock she has ever done with the shoe, and came about nearly a year after the shoes dropped for the first time ever.

However, Rihanna’s most recent release was a little different from past releases, because this time, the bodies of the shoes are velvet, and the soles remain rubber in their respective colors. There are three colorways in this release: burgundy velvet/burgundy sole, cement velvet/cement sole, and black velvet/black sole.

The burgundy colorway seems to be the most popular shoe of this particular release, as many fans voiced over social media that those sold out the fastest.

Some of Rihanna’s other collaborations with Puma include her fur slides, trainers, sneaker boots, headscarves and breakaway sweatsuits. Since Rihanna first began to release her Creepers in 2015, companies such as ASOS and Missguided have released their own versions of the shoe, along with Kylie Jenner, who released her own trainer-style shoe through Puma as well.

Rihanna’s entry into the world of fashion design has proven to be a success for both herself and her brand, helping Puma’s profits boost back up.