“Saturday Night Live” is Making America Happy Again

Saturday Night Live is back on air and has been greatly missed during the election season these past few months. We almost forgot about how much of a joke this election is turning out to be, until the show’s first three episodes came out blazing with political satire.

Between its reoccurring debate sketches, “Melania Moments” and “Weekend Updates,” SNL is keeping its audience entertained and certain presidential candidates pretty angry.

Returning cast impersonators include Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton and Cecily Strong as Melania Trump. But to viewers’ surprise, Donald Trump isn’t being portrayed by cast regulars, anymore. Instead, 16-time SNL host Alec Baldwin, who absolutely nails Trump’s pursed lips, raspy voice and overall ego mimics the presidential nominee.

The first episode opened with a Hillary-ous reenactment of the first presidential debate, featuring McKinnon and Baldwin. They pulled out all the shots, covering Hillary’s laughter at Trumps claims (along with her infamous shimmy) as well as Trump’s “broken mic” and his constant sniffling at the first debate. The crowd was entertained with impersonations of Trump’s loud “Wrong”s interrupting Clinton, along with Hillary’s “trumped up trickle down” failed pun.

In the most recent episode, the cast was practically handed material to make jokes out of, considering Trump’s recent leaked tape, featuring TV host Billy Bush, as well as the second presidential debate.

One shining moment came when the second debate’s true star, Ken Bone, showed up. The man in the red sweater that stole America’s heart with this sweet debate inquiry became an instant meme was portrayed by long-time cast member Bobby Moynihan. Accompanying the “Bone-Zone” was Alec Baldwin once again, returning to portray Trump’s ridiculousness.

The real Trump showed his disapproval for the satirical segment over Twitter Sunday morning.

In addition to the returning sketch of “Melania Moments,” which just pans over Melania while she sits in her beautiful home and thinks about her husband’s actions, the most discussed moment from last Saturday was a parody of Beyonce’s Lemonade, titled “Melaniade.” The fake music video features the women in Trump’s life that are tired of his behavior.

In addition to Melania, women such as his “favorite daughter” Ivanka Trump, his wonky campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, his “forgotten daughter” Tiffany and his “one black friend” Omarosa. The ladies are tired of Trump taking advantage of the fact that they stick by his side no matter what, and let him know through the power of Beyonce.

With less than a month left in the race to become the next president of the USA, Saturday Night Live only has a few more opportunities to keep America smiling through the terror. Be sure to tune in this Saturday on NBC at 11:30 p.m. to see what else the cast has up their sleeves.