Student Spotlight: Aijha Byrd and Brittney Rose

Two UMD students with a vision have taken their passion for fashion to the next level.

Junior theater major Aijha Byrd and junior sociology major Brittney Rose recently kick-started their own clothing line, which they named Spur of the Moment. The line is intended to emphasize the importance of living freely, and primarily for the sake of oneself.

Photo by Shalom Sabwa

“We hashtagged #spurofthemoment all the time and people always asked what it was, so we decided to make it into something,” the entrepreneurial pair said.

According to Byrd and Rose, figuring out a name for their brand was the first major step they took toward their new project. Not long after, they deliberated over the type of clothing they would sell, the materials they would use, the designs they would highlight and the ways they would promote Spur of the Moment.

Photo by Shalom Sabwa

“The list goes on and on,” they said. “Every step is quite tedious because you want it to be right the first time.”
However, Byrd and Rose do advise that intended entrepreneurs be prepared for a different outcome than initially expected.

“More than likely, everything won’t be how you planned it to be the first time, but that’s okay,” said the two, who have no prior experience to running their own company. “It’s all a learning experience.”

The pair also emphasize the importance of reading up on starting a business, and claim that there is “no need to make the same mistake twice if someone is telling you how to do something.”

Photo by Shalom Sabwa


Photo by Shalom Sabwa

Surround yourself with people who share the same passion and values as you, so you can motivate one another and work together towards the goal of a successful business,” Byrd and Rose said.  

As for the future, the duo plans to open stores along the East and West Coast. “Be passionate about your ideas, because if you aren’t, no one else will be,” they said.

The company’s website is still under construction, but in the meantime, those who wish to place an order for a promo shirt can shoot Byrd and Rose an email at You can also follow them on Instagram @spurofthemoment.