Student Spotlight: Christopher Hallock

Imagine being 18 years old and saving lives on a routine basis. That’s essentially what freshman and fire protection engineering major Christopher Hallock does. 

Courtesy: Facebook

Hallock applied to the Rockville Volunteer Fire Department in Montgomery County when he was just 16.

The Potomac native, who is also involved with the Gemstone Student Council, says a day of volunteering at the fire station typically consists of training, responding to emergency calls and maintaining the apparatus.

“It’s a lot more than just putting out fires,” Hallock said. “There’s a lot of community involvement.”

With the years of volunteer work Hallock has put in, he has grown accustomed to responding to crises.

“Being in the fire service has definitely changed my perspective about what first responders actually do, versus what they are thought to do,” Hallock said. “Most emergency calls aren’t for fires, but for medical emergencies or vehicle rescues.”

To anyone looking to go into the field of fire protection, Hallock says he or she should be willing to put in their all, no matter what.

“Make sure that you are willing to fully commit yourself,” Hallock said. “There is no such thing as 50 percent involvement.”