Student Spotlight: Daniel Parker

Freshman mechanical engineering major Daniel Parker’s skills on the Rubik’s Cube date all the way back to the third grade, when a friend of his threw one his way and told him to solve it.

Parker regularly sets aside an hour or two a day to practice on them.

“The first time it took me a week, because I had to go home and learn how to do it,” Parker said. “When I came back to school, I had it solved.”

Parker has 15 cubes total in his collection, and his fastest time for solving comes out to about 23 seconds.

“I don’t use all of them regularly,” Parker said. “When I’m bored, it’s just a thing to do with my hands.”

According to Parker, the key to solving a Rubik’s Cube is to turn it and move it using algorithms.

“You put the algorithms together until you have a finished Rubik’s Cube,” Parker said.

Video Courtesy of Hannah Yasharoff.