Salisbury University joins “Black Lives Matter” Protest (pictures & video)


Salisbury University students protested in the center of campus, Red Square, on Wednesday afternoon, with the university’s NAACP chapter, in congruence with the rest of the country’s “Black Lives Matter” demonstrations.

Protesters arrived in front of Blackwell Library wearing all black and carrying signs with sayings such as “SU 4 Ferguson” and “This is not White vs Black, This is Right vs Wrong.”

“We are here for peace, love and justice,” NAACP SU president Julieze Benjamin told The Flyer. “The moment we say ‘F the police’, this is all in vain.”

The protesters stood in silence for 4.5 minutes to represent the 4.5 hours Michael Brown’s body laid on the street after he was shot. Later, they marched around the perimeter of the campus chanting “No Justice, No Peace. Hands up.”