Thanks for the MEMEories: The Best Internet Memes of the 2016 Election

2016 will go down in history, among other things, as the first truly internet-based election. And boy, did the internet deliver. Amidst all the hard-hitting coverage of Tuesday’s election results, here’s a non-exhaustive list of the greatest memes and online moments of the 2016 election.

1. Mike Huckabee’s “Hello” by Adele parody: 

Not only is this incredible because it has the production quality of a middle schooler’s video project, but it also includes bonus footage of Clinton whipping and nae nae-ing with Ellen DeGeneres. Click here to watch it.

2. Bad Lip Readings: 

This YouTube channel gained traction during the 2012 election, but the creator upped his game this time around. These videos will simultaneously make you wish you came up with the idea yourself, and wonder out loud “WTF did I just watch?”

3. Leslie Knope vs. Bobby Newport: 

A woman who has dedicated her life to serving the public, only narrowly winning an election against a rich businessman who cares more about his own image than actual government policy— sound familiar? Parks and Recreation creator Michael Schur said that the 2011 arc was only parodying obstacles that women in politics commonly face, but there were definitely a handful of moments in this election that came a little too close to mirroring the Pawnee City Council election.

4. RIP Ted Cruz campaign: 

Just… watch this. The internet is an astounding place sometimes.

5. Donald Trump and Jeb Bush, How to Save a Life:

 It’s a tale of friendship, heartbreak and loss, all compiled into a neat 22 seconds and set to mid-2000s rock. The video description dubs this the “most touching video of all time.” You can decide for yourself whether or not that’s true.

6. Damn, Donald: 

It’s kind of like meme-ception. Frank Caliendo parodies the “Damn, Daniel” video that went viral last February.

7. Trump “Bing Bong” Vine Compilation:

Is your a cappella group in search of a new backup vocalist? Donald J. Trump may just be your guy. Vine is dead now, but we’re fortunate enough to live in a world where people make compilation videos of all the best ones. So at least we won’t have to live in a world without Trump “bing bong” remixes.

8. Ben Carson “Young Metro”:

The line made famous from rapper Metro Boomin’s “Jumpman” goes as follows: “If young Metro don’t trust you, I’m gon’ shoot you.” It could have boosted Carson’s cool factor, had he understood the reference. But he didn’t. Sad!

9. Frozen

After Trump tweeted something that may or may not have had anti-semitic ties, he threw Disney’s Frozen under the bus. Maybe he should have just… let it go?

10. Clinton vs. Sanders comparison chart:

He would be the type of kid who distracts the teacher from collecting last night’s homework. She would be the type to remind the teacher right before the bell rings.

11. Clinton and Trump’s debate duet:

They’re standing on opposite ends of the stage, each holding microphones, facing each other and looking passionate about whatever is coming out of their mouths. Sure, they were debating some form of policy— or each other’s scandals— but wouldn’t it be better if they were singing a duet? Twitter thought so.

12. Bad Hombres and Nasty Women:

They were comments by Trump in the third debate that translated into Halloween costumes, t-shirts and hashtags.

13. Delete your account: 

“Delete your account” is usually how a 15-year-old responds when his or her friend posts something dumb. Much less often does one presidential candidate use it to respond to another presidential candidate when he says something dumb.

14. Ken Bone: 


A living embodiment of the phrase “15 minutes of fame.” He went from the hero America didn’t know it needed, to a creepy Reddit-user in less than 48 hours. But at least we got some great– and also bizarre– Halloween costumes out of him.

15. Tim Kaine, America’s dad: 

Kaine’s speech at the Democratic National Convention sparked a barrage of tweets comparing him to a goofy suburban dad. Looking for an assistant coach for your child’s recreational soccer team? Tim Kaine has your back.

16. Pokemon GO to the Polls:

It was kind of clever, but in a really cringe worthy, parents-embarrassing-you-in-front-of-your-friends kind of way. Bonus: check out the guy on the left who rolls his eyes.

17. Ted Cruz as the Zodiac Killer/Grayson Allen/Kevin from “The Office”:

Republican senator Ted Cruz apparently looks like a lot of people. The list goes on further, but the ones above are some of the best.

18. DNC Balloons:

They’re some of the most educated and most powerful people in the world. But OH MY GOD THE DNC HAD A LOT OF BALLOONS!!!!

19. Clinton’s Mannequin Challenge:

Sure, she had a campaign to run this Tuesday, but Clinton also had millennial voters to appeal to. The result? The Clinton campaign participating in a meme that only just went viral this week— that’s a pretty fast reaction time considering that little election thing they had going on.

Did we miss any of your favorite memes from this election season? Let us know in the comments.