The Best Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for College Students

For college students, Halloween is one of the most important holidays of the year.

On all other nights, only a theme party would require dressing up, but Halloween gives us the freedom to put on a costume (or two or three, if you celebrate “Halloweekend”) and become someone else for a little while.

With the holiday only a few weeks away, many people have already started thinking about what they want to wear. However, college students are notoriously good at procrastinating and trying not to spend money. So, here are a few options for Halloween costumes that don’t require much preparation and won’t break the bank. Whether you want to coordinate with a group of friends, match with a significant other or rock your own style solo, we’ve got you covered.

Halloween is the perfect time to reference all trending topics from the past year, whether it’s a viral meme or your favorite television show. If you want something pop culture-inspired, try:

1. Robin Sparkles and Ted Mosby as the Hanging Chad

People required: two.

What you need: a large poster, a blazer, a jean jacket and all your ‘80s accessories.

If How I Met Your Mother is your most recent Netflix binge, go as your favorite Canadian teen pop star and her nerdy architect beau. Bonus points if you break into a rendition of “Let’s Go to the Mall” every few minutes.

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed
Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

2. Jake from State Farm

People required: one.

What you need: a red polo, khaki pants and a name tag.

If you’ve watched television in the past few years, you’re familiar with this commercial character. Just don’t be surprised if people ask what you’re wearing all night.

3. Jim Halpert as Facebook

People required: one.

What you need: a button down shirt and black eyeliner or face-paint.

While it may be a clever costume for those who aren’t familiar with the show, fans of The Office will get the biggest kick out of one of Jim’s very memorable non-costumes.

Photo Credit: The Huffington Post
Photo Credit: The Huffington Post

If you want to show off your sense of humor with a good pun, try:

1. Black eyed peas

People required: one or more

What you need: black clothing, black eyeliner or face-paint.

For a very simplistic look that will still get some laughs, just draw the letter “P” around both of your eyes. If people need help guessing what you’re dressed as, start singing “Boom Boom Pow” to give them a hint.

2. Ceiling fan

People required: one or more

What you need: pom-poms, and a shirt or sign that says “Go ceilings!”

Bring your best cheerleading spirit and root for your favorite “team” all night.


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3. Cereal killer

People required: two.

What you need: an empty cereal box, black clothing and a plastic knife.

Have one person tape an empty cereal box to their clothing, and the other will creepily follow them around all night looking sinister. MUAHAHAHA.

Everybody loves a classic, and you can’t go wrong with one of these Halloween costumes that are popular year after year. If you want to go with the tried and true, try:

1. Rosie the Riveter

People required: one.

What you need: red bandana, button up jean shirt and red lipstick.

If you want to use Halloween as an opportunity to channel your inner feminist, go as the iconic campaign poster to get women to join the workforce and remind girls, “we can do it!”

Photo Credit: Danielle Kiefer
Photo Credit: Danielle Kiefer

2. Three blind mice

People required: three.

What you need: sunglasses, mouse ears and black clothes.

Grab two of your friends and some black clothing and ta-da! You’re a mouse, duh.

3. M&Ms

People required: one to six.

What you need: a solid blue, green, yellow, red, orange or brown t-shirt and white paper.

If candy is your favorite part of Halloween, this is the costume for you. Just cut out a letter “M” from a piece of paper and tape it to your shirt. If you want to go the extra mile, add some white gloves.

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