The Woman Behind the Glove of FOX’s “Pitch:” Kylie Bunbury

2016’s newest fall shows have brought in a variety of concepts, but one show that stands out among them all is Pitch. The show gives viewers a look at what it would be like to have a woman on a major league baseball team, which could potentially change the game for future female players in real life.

As the saying goes, “With great power comes great responsibility.” So, who is the woman assuming the responsibility of playing Ginny Baker, pitcher for the San Diego Padres? Her name is Kylie Bunbury.

Courtesy: Bassike/
Courtesy: Bassike/

Bunbury, 27, is relatively new to the screen. She only has eight acting credits to her name, which include shows such as Twisted and Under the Dome. However, her lack of experience does not at all mean that she is lacking in talent, too.

If you haven’t watched her performance in Pitch, you are definitely missing out. Her raw and genuine portrayal of Ginny Baker will tug at your heartstrings, and you’ll wonder where this woman has been hiding all along.

Bunbury fits so well into her role, which might have something to do with the fact that she grew up around  professional athletes. Her father, Alex Bunbury, was a professional soccer player, and her brother, Teal Bunbury, currently plays for the New England Revolution. She might not be a professional athlete herself, but she knows the mindset of one, and it makes her character much more believable.

Off screen, Bunbury is just as enchanting. If you take a look at her Instagram, you’ll see that she is just like the rest of us. She loves Snapchat filters, throwback Thursdays and even the occasional Dubsmash. She’s also an incredible singer, which many of us can’t say of ourselves. If you scroll through and listen to her covers of “Gold Digger” or “Seven Nation Army,” you’ll ask yourself why she hasn’t gotten a record deal yet.

The White Stripes

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So, Kylie Bunbury is multi-talented, but that’s not the only reason why we should love her when she cares so much about the responsibility of playing Ginny in Pitch.  She realizes how important her character is for women. Never before has there been a show about the first female baseball player in the major leagues. Times are changing, and Pitch is ushering in a new age of television series’ featuring women who young girls can aspire to be. This is a role that many actresses would kill for, but Bunbury has assumed this position with such grace and charm that it is impossible to see anyone else taking her place.


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While the future of baseball is uncertain, Bunbury’s performance on this show gives us hope that the dream of having a female pitcher in the major leagues is not too far from our grasp. Yes, Pitch is only a few weeks into its first season, but at the heart of it is a woman whose incredible talent and humility can give this show an incredible future. One thing is for sure: Kylie Bunbury is a woman we should all be rooting for.