UMD Grad Making A Difference In Baltimore

Photo: Elite Daily

Lamontre Randall is making history in the streets in Baltimore that he hopes will have a direct impact on youth in the city.

The Baltimore native is the chairman of Baltimore City Police’s first ever Police Youth Advisory Board which is responsible for giving law enforcement suggestions on how to make relations between the black community and police better. Randall is also in charge of The BeMore Group which hopes to teach young people lessons about accumulating wealth and managing their money.

Randall’s work was recently profiled in a mini-documentary shot by Elite Daily. The film already has over 100,000 views on Facebook and was also shared by the Huffington Post. The video is already receiving rave viewers from many in the community who have seen Randall work in person including Baltimore City Police’s communications officer T.J. Smith.

“I knew this young man before I came to the BPD. Wise beyond his years! He was scheduling strategic sessions with me as a teen!! He and his crew don’t just talk the talk, or should I say TYPE the talk, they live it!!!,” Smith said in a Facebook post.

Over the course of Randall’s journey leading the advisory board, the leader has commended his fellow board members and their work saying, “It takes heart to want to be the change makers for a police department. We took on the task.”

In the video, Randall describes how tough his task can be at times.

“Should I even be trying to bridge the gap between police and the community?”

But the community activist says that his work is necessary because social media posts complaining about events that transpire only go so far.

“All they wanna do is tweet about it, write statuses about it. I knew that it took more than that. It took some action.”

The board hopes to start a new program with Baltimore City Police that puts millennials on the ground with police officers in order to neutralize situations in order to avoid violence and bloodshed.