UMD Student Affected by Recent Terrorist Attacks

For the past few weeks, there have been numerous terrorist attacks around the world. From the March 22 Brussels airport and metro attacks to the March 25 suicide bomber at an Iraqui soccer stadium, the number of attacks in the last month alone is way more than what anyone could have thought possible.

For one UMD student, the terrorist attack that occurred March 19 in Istanbul, Turkey, was too close to home.

Junior anthropology major Noah Maghsadi was studying abroad in Istanbul when the March 19 attack occurred. At the time of the suicide bombing, which occurred at popular shopping district Istiklal Caddesi and killed at least five people while injuring at least 36 others, Maghsadi was at his apartment,  about 20 minutes away from where the bombing occurred. Rumors of an attack were rampant and many people advised him to stay inside.

Shopping District Istiklal Caddesi–Courtesy:

“The following Monday fewer than half of the university students were attending class,” Maghsadi said. “A lot of people – Turkish included – started avoiding public transport and crowded areas.”

According to Maghsadi, the university in Turkey told him and the other 90 or so study abroad students in the program to stay inside more frequently after the bombing occurred. He said that UMD officials were in contact with him and his family the entire time. In the end, “We all decided it would be best if I came back to finish my courses online,” he said. He arrived back in the United States March 24.

Maghsadi was one of five students from the United States in the program and the only one from UMD. He says most of the students ended up staying to finish out the semester.

The suicide bombing occurred just six days after another terrorist attack in Ankara, Turkey, transpired when a car laced with explosives drove into a busy transport hub and hit a bus, causing the bombs to go off.

The most recent terrorist attack reported occurred April 2 in al-Dalam, Saudi Arabia, when two bombs were detonated outside of the police building.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for many of the terrorist attacks in the past few weeks, including the bombing in Saudi Arabia.


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