University of Maryland Students React to Jayson Blair

Jayson Blair gave a talk to journalism students last Wednesday at the Philip Merrill College of Journalism, his first time speaking to students since he left the school to work at the New York Times in 1999.

Shortly thereafter, in 2003, Blair was found to have plagiarized and fabricated at least 36 stories while working for the paper. In his panel discussion in Eaton Theatre, he discussed his experiences dealing with the outcome of his actions to about 50 journalism students and faculty.


Shannon Gallagher (left) and Jayson Blair (right) speaking about plagarism. Photo by Lindsey Feingold.
Shannon Gallagher (left) and Jayson Blair (right) speaking about plagiarism. Photo by Lindsey Feingold.


During and afterward, many students reacted to what Blair had said. The Diamondback wrote multiple articles on Blair, and other publications including CNS and The Writer’s Bloc did as well. Twitter was also a place where students commented on Blair.

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Blair even tweeted about one of the Diamondback articles:

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Listen to the full audio below: