Why Was A Girl Reading From A Bed Hanging On A Tree At McKeldin Mall?


The infamous case of the McKeldin bed caused pandemonium among students at the University of Maryland on Tuesday.

Twitter was abuzz with pictures and snarky comments about the stunt which will probably be infamous for the rest of the semester.

So why was this individual reading from a bed hanging on a tree, how did she get up there and were there any consequences?

We may have the answers to some of these questions courtesy of Reddit.

Sung-Min Kim/The Diamondback
Sung-Min Kim/The Diamondback

One Reddit user, CookieMolester, saw a cop on the scene.

There’s a possibility that she may have gotten fined by campus police for “disturbing the peace” with this experiment.

Reddit user lotusflower16 was also there taking pictures for The Diamondback and discovered the reasoning behind the bed:

Basically, what I know is that, she’s a Studio Art major and it’s her performance art thingy. They had a big ass ladder (not shown in the picture because it’s behind one of the trees) which I think helped the bed hanging up there.

We personally reached out to Ms. Fitzsimmons on Facebook and received no comment back.

UPDATE: On page three of today’s “Diamondback,” on the bottom right hand side, Fitzsimmons says it was all part of a performance arts project.

SIDENOTE: McKeldin Library posted a great social media capsule of this incident on Storify, click here to check it out.

MY TAKE: Here are 5 reasons this individual could’ve possibly decided to hang out on a bed hanging from a tree at McKeldin Mall.

5. She’s crazy. (which isn’t a bad thing, it takes one to know one.)

The Diamondback

4. She was trying to artistically showcasing the consequences of spending too much time on Route 1. If you get too wasted too often, you’ll be stuck in place with nowhere to go but down. (Yes, I purposefully thought this out way too in-depth like an English professor would)

3. She wants everyone to know that you can’t achieve your dreams unless you actually dream them. In other words, get more sleep.

2. She’s advocating for changes in school policy which would require desks all over campus to be replaced with beds. Or at the very least, nap time during class periods.

1. She is too cool for school.

– JMan

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