Zayn Malik Continues Solo Career Takeoff (Review)

Zayn Malik just released his new album called Mind of Mine on March 25.

The album has 18 tracks and features three singles already released called “Pillowtalk,” “It was You,” and “Like I Would.”

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Most know Malik as a previously well-known member of the boy band One Direction. But his new music has taken a turn from One Direction’s strictly pop sound, featuring more alternative and R&B tracks.

Malik left One Direction on March 25, 2015, the same exact date as the release of his new album. His decision to part with the group came after he signed off for reasons of stress during the band’s world tour in 2015.

But one of the true reasons Malik actually left, was to launch his own solo career. He was ready to take his music into another direction entirely different than One Direction.

Recent graduate Sarah Sprink says she has only kept up with Malik’s music through his current relationship with American supermodel Jelena “Gigi” Hadid, but thinks Malik has potential with his decision to go solo in his music.

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photo courtesy: Digital Spy

“I like the song Pillowtalk but haven’t made the effort to listen to the rest of the album, but I have heard about it from friends,” said Sprink. “I do think its great he has a solo career now.”

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Photo courtesy: The Guardian

Freshman Civil Engineering Emily Palumbo says she hasn’t listened to his new album yet or taken much interest because only one of his songs is played on the radio. She does think that his career will take off in the future.

“I think he has already been so successful, so he’ll definitely have some degree of success while he’s solo, and this way he’ll be able to branch away from the ‘boy band’ thing which tends to be a fad. This way he may have a longer career than he would have if he had stayed in the band,” said Palumbo.

Currently, Mind of Mine is the top album sold on iTunes.

The album has a great variety of music, with already two Billboard Top 100 Hits. Malik’s sound is different; he is trying out new musical sounds that interest him and have sparked the interest of the public. It will be fascinating to follow his solo career and see where it may take him in the future.